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Hollywood 05.22.2018

Camille Loftin

It’s funny to think about the question “how did you get you start?” Movement, in some capacity has always just been a part of my life. At a young age, I think as young as 2 years old, my mom put me in dance class and it stuck. There has never not been a time when movement wasn’t a central part of my life. Read more>>

Shane Chunephisal

My journey started when I turned 25, moved here from Washington D.C. after completing a B.S. in Business Management & Administration @ Virginia Commonwealth University. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Sound Engineering, attending the School of Audio Engineering in Hollywood in the fall of 2009. Read more>>

Arielle Salsa

My mother put me in sewing lessons at the age of ten, I always had an interest in creating things on my own. I stopped once I got into High School thinking I was too cool to sew anymore. Once I got to college I would see a lot of clothing I liked on different musicians but could never afford it. Read more>>

Belle Dankongkakul

My story is your classic, quit your corporate job to do what you love story. I was working at a large corporate company and was miserable because it was creatively draining. Most days I found myself in irrelevant meetings and twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to do. Read more>>

Ekaterina Grischenko

NuTemple was started by fitness professional Ekaterina, whose knowledge and passion for fitness inspired her to look into the natural ways of achieving a healthy and beneficial way of delivering peak performance and recovery levels for active individuals. Read more>>

Danielle Sykes

I grew up in a tiny town tucked into the mountains of northeastern Vermont. After college, I worked in an ICU as a Respiratory Therapist for four years. My daily encounters with life and death scenarios caused me to seek out an opportunity I had more passion for. Read more>>

Maureen Aladin

Fragrances of Wine is a family owned business. My eldest sister identified the company as a unique and amazing product from the South of France. My siblings and I fell in love with the scents and acquired the business from a wine expert who teamed up with a master perfumer in Provence, France to create the scents. Read more>>

Saint Peter John

I built my career as a reality television creative producer in Los Angeles, but have always loved fashion and been fascinated by the way people choose to express themselves through the art of style. So, one day I decided to apply my experience from documenting life on TV screens to the fashion world. Read more>>

Dora Herrera

When people land at LAX, and the first thing they do is head for YUCA’S, you know your dream has grown beyond whatever you imagined 4 decades ago over late night dinners at the kitchen table. That dream started with two immigrants who understood that the ‘roads paved with gold’ in L.A. were a parable for opportunities available to those who threw doubts by the wayside, and dared to make their dreams a reality. Read more>>

Michael Harbour

Mammal Studios began in 2013 as a response by several visual effects veterans to the rapid changes occurring to the vfx industry in California. Runaway production, due to several regional and foreign tax credits had made it untenable for the large vfx houses based here in California to stay, and several went bankrupt. Read more>>

Bo Lorentzen

We started with the belief that there is a need for a massage business focusing on quality massages at a reasonable price. The main concept is “all the massage, none of the fluff”, so we have removed most of the “spa” amenities, that customers are accustomed paying for, but really rarely use much. Read more>>

Eric D

I Grew up in the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene in the early 2000’s and was always a sucker for good band merch. Also I was playing in a band I and loved designing our own merch. Towards the end of that era I just decided to design T-shirt’s for my friends that were funny. Read more>>

Dina Amr

As an Egyptian-Belgian woman with a passion for the arts and sciences, following my dreams has meant overcoming many challenges along the way. My biggest passion was Film Making and the journey began with a degree in mass communication in broadcasting at the Modern Science and Art University (MSA) in Egypt. Read more>>

John Urena

I grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, about 25 miles from San Francisco, in a small town called Benicia. After 22 years of living in the Bay and attending Diablo Valley College, where I was a place kicker for their football team in 2008, I decided to head to Los Angeles to finish my degree in Broadcast Journalism. Read more>>

Jacquelene Harvel, Jazmine Harvel

The two of us are fraternal twins, and we have been entertaining since we were wee little ones! We recognized our appreciation for entertainment when one of us was gifted a keyboard that had a news broadcast music function, and we would have daily news shows for our family and friends. Read more>>

Kate Loesch

I began interning in NYC for UMG and then Epic Records from 2013 – 2015 while also going to college @ Pace University full time as well as catering on the weekends for money. I graduated Pace U in May 2015, where I then went on to accept a position as an A&R assistant to Chubbie Baby and Ray Daniels at Epic Records. Read more>>

Arden Leigh

I had started my band Arden and the Wolves and had published my book The New Rules Of Attraction while still in New York, but while I felt I was doing everything right in theory, my life still wasn’t feeling great to me and I was constantly seeking ways to gain control over my mental health, which I thought was the problem. Read more>>

Allie Schulz

I moved to NYC from Nashville out of high school to pursue a dream of being on Broadway. I was obsessed with musical theatre. I lived in a women’s residence in the village called “The Markle” and basically created my own training program: going to dance class, acting class, voice lessons, and auditions daily. Read more>>

Mirit Adler, Meirav Golan

In one of my visits to Israel I met a good friend that introduced me to an amazing artist name Yafit Riklin. Yafit has a concept of unique art on glass and other materials. She is a professional talented graphic designer. Her company “Tifa” is a brand name in Israel opened in 2001. Read more>>

Ravi Ajeet (Brandon Spratt)

Yoga and meditation is my medicine and to share the practicality behind spirituality is my path. Since I was in my mothers womb, I’ve been influenced by yoga. By the time I was about 4 years old I attended my first yoga class. Since then I have been on a journey of self-realization. Read more>>

Craig Campobasso

Fresh out of high school, California native Craig Campobasso found himself working behind the scenes for four years on Frank Herbert’s Dune. The father and daughter producing team, Dino and Raffaella De Laurentiis, and director David Lynch, were Craig’s mentors into the business of filmmaking. Read more>>

Lauren Poole

I’ve been training and performing in the arts since I was a little girl. Years of being told how to be, where to go, what’s “important” lead me to wanting/needing to explore life more. I stopped doing everything everyone wanted me to do, and started doing the fun things I want to do. Read more>>

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