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Hollywood 04.24.2018


I am writer — first and foremost. I always have been. Even as a kid as I went from wanting to be an astronaut to a fireman to a teacher to Batman, I was writing about all those dreams and aspirations. And that’s what I learned over time — I just love to write. Read more>>

Faustine Hornok

Faustine is a hair and make up artist from Paris with over 10 year of experience in the fashion and celebrity world. Some of my clients include ELLE France, Glamour France, Lanvin, Dior, as well as Paula Abdul and Christian Slater. You can see her work on Instagram @fausthornokpro. Read more>>

Britt Sekulić

My first career was actually as a hairstylist. I’ve always been an artist in some capacity and doing hair was a fun way for me to be creative and help people. But after 11 years of braving the public and salon drama, I was just burned out. Read more>>

Sarah Hogan

I am an OG “Masshole.” Translation: I hail from Massachusetts. I’ve never “pahked my cah in the Havahd yahd,” but I do love my dunks. Translation: Dunkin Donuts. And sorry, but the one on Hollywood Boulevard just isn’t as good! Anyways… Growing up I had two very artistic parents. Read more>>

Ben Darwish

I grew up in Portland, OR and I’ve been obsessed with music for most of my life. I started piano lessons when I was six (thanks Mom) and have been playing ever since. I began to get serious about studying jazz piano when I entered college and since then have released several jazz albums as a leader. Read more>>

Knarik Arzumanyan

I was born and raised In Yerevan, Armenia. In 2012, with my family we moved to live in the USA. Before to move, I decided learn what I was always wanting to learn-doing makeup. Why makeup? Because I have always been in love with doing makeup and I have always been passionate to work with different types of people. Read more>>

Agnes Muljadi

I started as a full time ballerina while doing photography part time. From there, I opened my Etsy shop to feature my photography items in 2012. I quickly had to set up an Instagram account as a way to promote my shop. Read more>>

Henry Alberto

Movies have always been an obsession of mine. Instead of toys, I begged and cried for trips to Blockbuster. I’d wait around the store for hours until the movie I set my eye on had been returned. As a kid, I’d watch my first birthday or parents’ wedding VHS tape on repeat. Read more>>

Alyssa Kohn, Amanda Klein

Our story began when we were at a coffee shop. We both were going through some life changes and wanted to create a business where we could provide support and inspire others who also needed it. This business in a way brought us comfort and support. Read more>>

Joey Bothwell

I started dancing through my childhood and quickly knew that this life of mine was going to be on stage. I was a classically trained studio kid who wore the sparkles and false eyelashes at far too young of an age and competed across North America in dance competitions. Read more>>

John Sofio

I landed in LA in 1990, at the height of the recession. I struggled to find work in an architectural firm, so i started my own company. Initially focusing on residential, I designed and built hundreds of remodel and new home projects throughout Southern California. Read more>>

Alejandra Calvente

It all started in my college years while working as a fashion expert at different fashion retailers, I was always up to date on clothing trends, outfits, shoes and accessories. After graduating college, I got a job at a Media Agency where I worked on Digital Media for various brands like P&G and Microsoft, but It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to bring my love for fashion to life through blogging. Read more>>

Karl Pua

I can’t say I’ve always loved makeup; but I have always loved creating art although I never pursued a career in it, educationally. I was actually going to school to be a French teacher. It wasn’t until I had no choice but to drop out of SF State did I reconsider a profession in art. Read more>>

Marie Lafranque

Becoming a mother changed not only my personal life, but my life as a photographer. Once initiated to the wonders of childhood, I couldn’t get enough of it… I began taking photo after photo with my old, little, half broken, phone… my friends kept on telling me what a great eye I had… and the rest is history. Read more>>

Lauren Ziemski

oh wow, haha. I used to dance, do musical theatre professionally. In 2007, a movie theatre ceiling fell on my head (yes, while in a theatre watching a movie) which pretty much ended that and my life took a turn. Being an actress, I was always working in restaurants and have always been obsessed with food….cooking for friends and having dinner parties. Read more>>

Sherita Rankins

I studied Finance and International Business at Loyola University Chicago (Go Ramblers), after which I moved to NYC to continue my modeling career. After a few years, I transitioned that career into commercial acting and hosting while still working part-time in non-profit finance. Read more>>

Avi Davis

Two software engineers, I and my colleague had a dream of providing quality tech to the world at affordable prices. Before CodeMedia 360 we were both working at other tech companies who did not care about their customers and we just couldn’t continue down that road. We started CodeMedia 360 to make a difference and help our community grow as we did. Read more>>

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