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Hollywood 04.17.2018

Melissa Celikovic

It all started when I was 6 after I watch the Lord of the Rings. After watching this film, I wanted to create my own universe with my own characters. So I started to create stories and to write at a very young age. I then grew up with a passion for the cinema and rapidly knew I wanted to be an actress. Read more>>

Scot Nery

I’m 39yo. I’ve been entertaining professionally since age 11. I started with magic shows. Going door-to-door in my small town of Columbiana, OH and letting people know I’m available for hire. After Highschool, I started performing on the streets across the country. Read more>>

Nico O’Connor

I grew up in the Bay Area. Born in Redwood City son of 2 Nicaraguan parents, my father had some irish in him as well and we carried that with our last name. I was surrounded with music culture food and love and lots of siblings. Read more>>

Angel Cross

Latrease Style started off as 22 year old Angel trying to graduate from college. I always knew I wanted to go into the Fashion Industry, but I thought as a Merchandiser or a boutique owner. Wardrobe never entered my mind until a close family member said “hey you should be a stylist.” Read more>>

Danielle Perza

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I attended a charity event to support a friend who had recently lost a son to cancer. Towards the end of the evening, I was introduced to Elle. She looked fun and full of energy. She was lively and easy to talk to. She looked so happy and full of positivity. Read more>>

Kelly Lee

My work reflects each moment’s sentiment. I capture the emotion of everyday life. Grew up in three different cities, Seoul, Santiago and Los Angeles. Each city is divergent in language, culture and ethnicity. In my photographs, I attentively include sounds, smells, and faint memories from childhood. Read more>>

Monique Chavez

I grew up in a pretty musical family in a town called Sugar Land, TX right outside of Houston. Both of my parents have been in the music industry since before I was born; My dad was initially a DJ/radio personality on various radio stations across TX. Once we moved to Houston, him and my mom started their own record label called Latium Entertainment, which helped launch the careers of Frankie J, Baby Bash, Chamillionaire, Pitbull, etc. Read more>>

Ari Frenkel

I’m a professional actor, writer, producer, and painter! I know, it’s a lot, let’s get into it! I’m originally from New Jersey, the youngest son of Israeli Scientists. I’ve been doing some kind of art for as long as I can remember. Acting has always been my greatest passion and focus, and the main source of my professional successes. Read more>>

Andreea Radutoiu

I was born in Romania and moved to Chicago, then NY and finally fell in love with Los Angeles. I find the diversity of locations here – mountains, beach, desert, fab houses -that I need to create freely. I have worked in fashion all over the world for more than 20 years. Read more>>

Claire Elizabeth

I began acting in workshops and school plays/musicals when I was 9 and fell in love with the artform instantly. I took private coaching classes in highschool as well as summer intensives at UCLA. I earned a Bachelors degree Cum Laude at UCSB for film studies and participated in a few student films while at school. Read more>>

Ericka Abrams

As a social worker for 3 years and a police officer for 11, I’ve heard countless stories during the course of my career. What I’ve realized is that everyone wants someone to hear and care about their story. This is why I pick up my camera. To tell your narrative through portraiture because every grin, smile and tear has an account of who you are today. Read more>>

Albert Melera

The idea of Kooshi was first conceived while Albert was employed as a personal chef for celebrities such as; Bill Gates, David Geffen, Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore, Arianna Huffington, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Ovitz, Francois Pinault, Cassie Wasserman, Robert Downey Jr., Kevin James, Kobe Bryant and Adam Sandler. Read more>>

Jessica Andrews

I’ve always loved beautifying and growing up with a Mum in England that is not very girly at all, I was searching for makeup, or anything beauty. Not even finding a tinted lip balm my search continued. I had a skin routine even at a very young age and had friends, one of them having 2 sisters, who were well stocked with makeup/products! Read more>>

Rob Kleiner

I’ve been writing and producing music since I was a teenager. It was an evolution from producing albums for my indie rock band, to other local talent, and then eventually to A list artists. Moving to LA was step #1 into the big leagues for me. Read more>>

Kasey Hartman

Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 20 in her home state of Kansas at Kansas State University in 2009 with a focus on fashion marketing and business. Soon after kasey sought out to receive her Visual Communications degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising completed by 2010. Read more>>

Anastasia Koklamanis

my dream as a little girl was to work in a bank in a high rise building downtown Chicago, I loved numbers …I thought I was working my dream job until 19 years ago a cousin of mine who owned her own hair salon wanted to expand and I was helping her with the numbers for the loan. Read more>>

Graeme Hinde

I moved to LA in the summer of 2009. I’d been a bartender in New York the past four years so I thought it would be easy to pick up a similar gig out here, but I soon found that to be a bartender in LA you need an agent, a headshot, and an IMDB page. Read more>>

Danielle Cuccio

Introducing Yogahhh! by Cuccio Somatology, a new line of luxury yoga preventative wellness based products to help bring balance, calm and mindfulness to every day experiences and help enhance your daily experiences and relaxation. Cuccio Somatology is making waves in the wellness & yoga world, now offered to studios, spas and salons worldwide. Read more>>

Dana Middleton

It was my own creative journey that led me to the coaching work I do with creative people today. I moved to Los Angeles after film school and worked for years in production, always writing on the side. I had some great highs and lows in Hollywood, but whenever something good happened, it was often accompanied by something rather spectacularly bad. Read more>>

James Picard

I started to draw at the age of 3. I always knew I’d be an artist and drew and painted throughout my childhood. I did not have much support from my family when I wish to follow my creative dreams, except for my older sister who was one year my senior. Read more>>

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