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Hollywood 04.03.2018

Alexander Marasco

I’d pretty much say I have been an artist since birth. From a very young age I found myself fascinated with the process of creating. From Play-Doh to Legos to Crayons to watercolors…I loved it all. I had extremely supportive and encouraging parents when it came to the exploration of art. Read more>>

Lori Battle

I always dreamt about owning my very own business, ever since I was in elementary school. And, after seeing my my mother and her sister start a small cafe when I was just a young girl, I became even more passionate about making my dream a reality of becoming a business owner one day. Read more>>

Luca Ellis

I first started singing professionally at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Costa Mesa California in June of 2006. I was working as a Food Runner for them at the time. They hadn’t had a musical act for their Sunday dinner service for a few weeks. Read more>>

Chris Walowski

Ten years ago, craft beer wasn’t that available so I took matters into my own hands and started to make beer at home while attending college and grad school. I began to enter a lot of competitions, won some medals and received a lot of good feed back about my beer. Read more>>

Andromeda Edison

I was very fortunate to grow up with a family that instinctively knew and understood human rights. I was surrounded with people from all sorts of cultures and religions and it was completely natural, we were just all friends. I also attended a school in which there was never a thought about people not being people because of their differences. Read more>>

Anabel DFlux

I began my artistic journey at the age of ten, upon being gifted my first camera. This newfound passion quickly turned into a skilled endeavor, and by the age of fifteen, I had opened my own photography service, Deliquesce Flux Photography. By seventeen, my photography service became a full-time profession. Read more>>

Anna Lundgaard

I had already started producing my own curation of Elevated Conscious Events/workshops collaborating with incredible talents within the Health and conscious wellness world, when a friend introduced me to this very premature idea of developing a pop-up event series in the shape of panel discussions where people could gather information from our modern day influencers from this powerful industry. Read more>>

Alexandra Malek

We met at a low-key gathering at a friend’s house February 2016. Within an hour of meeting we were naked in the hot tub declaring our love for one another, and a couple weeks later the friend who introduced us invited us both to join his photo booth company. Read more>>

Tige Charity

I am probably one of the most ordinary women you will ever meet, but one who had an encounter with destiny that guided me to my purpose: to do extraordinary work with foster youth. However, prior to that encounter, I was working a corporate job handling insurance claims for over 16 years, and was completely burnt out. Read more>>

Laurie Freitag

As a photographer my roots are in street photography. I document children and babies in their natural surroundings. But during a good part of February I felt drawn to shoot in the night, which for me personally was a big no-no. Read more>>

Kenneth Stipe

My mother was a photojournalist in the US Virgin Islands while I was growing up. I was always infatuated with her old Minolta camera, not that I was old enough to know how to actually take a photograph with it. I would just peer through the viewfinder and frame the world around me. Read more>>

Tim Davies

I am a bit of a musical jack of all trades. As a student I liked to do everything, play, arrange, compose, conduct, anything to do with music. In 1997 I had finished my Masters and was lecturing at a university in Australia, I had my own big band and did some freelance arranging, but teaching was where my main income came from. Read more>>

Jacqueline Joniec

I was a Michigan transplant living in Las Vegas and not loving it. An opportunity presented itself to buy Body Builders Gym with my nephew and I jumped in with no reservations. That was in 1999. Fast forward to 2o17 and I have bought out my nephew and am the owner 100%. Read more>>

Laura Powers

Ever since I was little, I have seen and sensed ghosts. This was very confusing growing up as I thought that I was crazy since others did not see what I did. It wasn’t until I was in college, that a family friend described a ghost that I had seen but not told others about that I realized it wasn’t all in my head. Read more>>

Amy Paliwoda, Alicia Buszczak

I (Amy) am a prop stylist in LA, who moved here from Chicago in 2001, and wondered why there were no photo driven prop houses here. You can find anything for movies, but not a proper, curated house for smalls and surfaces. I had been thinking about it for years, and when Alicia moved here from New York, and we were introduced by mutual friends, we discussed this idea in detail, and decided it would be a great partnership. Read more>>

Charissa (DJ Rap) Saverio

My first record was in 1990 and I have never stopped since, I own two labels, PROPA TALENT & IMPROPA TALENT and I was the first female DJ in the world to play on the main stage with the boys and get paid the same as them. I fought hard for equality and battled sexism and always did my best in the studio and in my productions in order to be taken seriously. Read more>>

Sarah Lessire

My parents told me I was singing before I was speaking. I haven’t really stopped singing since… My father introduced me to Jazz, and my mother was a big hard rock head. So, when it came time for me to have my teenage rebellion, I took up classical singing. Read more>>

Ashton Flores

Hi My Name Is Ashton “No Cence” Flores, A Artist Out Of Los Angeles that happen to start a clothing brand by the name of (Run N Tell Apparel) Inspired By a single that was released EARLY 2016 by “No Cence” which talked about life experiences/situations that took place in his life in his previous years that later on down the line built up a certain type of hype that is continuously growing day by bay. Read more>>

Mark Dennis, Ben Foster

Ben Foster and I met in film school at the University of Texas at Austin. We were paired up for a class project and found we worked really well together. Ben was always very organized and had amazing visuals in all of his solo projects and I was the guy with a script. Read more>>

Georgie Leahy

I have been performing since I was 5 years old, mainly in the theatre and then moved into tv and film. At 21 I graduated from University of the arts and the tv show I was on song pictures ‘Sofia’s diary’ got cancelled after the third season. So I went from the busiest person alive to watch the fu*k do I do now?! Read more>>

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