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Hollywood 03.27.2018

Galit Reuben

I founded Dogs Without Borders in 2006 after being inspired to help displaced dogs from Hurricane Katrina. It opened up a whole new wold of the homeless dog population, especially in LA. when I reached out to a local group to help a homeless dog, an unexpected twist happened when they gave me a foster dog from Taiwan. Read more>>

Lily Khuu

I saw a desperate need for spaces where women could gather together safely to connect. Especially for our main targeted demographics, which are feminists, lesbians, and metaphysical healers. I started producing events in Glendale, CA at a small bar in 2016 and since then I have hosted hundreds of events all over the U.S. Read more>>

Igor Kholkin

I started working in digital marketing while still attending college in 2005. My family’s luxury transportation business needed an improved presence online and I started looking into all things digital, including web design & development, search engine optimization, and paid search management. Read more>>

Eytan Moldovan

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Two of the coolest decades. I always wanted to create a functional snacking brand that combines delicious taste with nostalgic memories. I wanted to bring back that connection. I knew that it was important for me to work within a big category and create something that would appeal to myself and many others. Read more>>

Julia Peltier

I’ve always had a passion for photography, but I didn’t really get into it until 2014 when I graduated college. I got my Nikon D700 and went crazy. I started doing shoots with my friends in Washington DC and in my home town of Roanoke, VA. Read more>>

Athena WiseNrich

In this lifetime, I’ve been up and down and all around. From hitch hiking around the Midwest at the age of 17 to moving to LA at the age of 52, I’ve been a rebel every mile of the way. I’ve tried different jobs, spouses, houses, and personal creeds while I searched for my own purpose. Read more>>

Angela Babcock

I grew up in a very small town in rural Idaho where my parents were civically active. My dad, a high school Government teacher, was a fire commissioner and a planning commissioner as well as a leader on non-profit boards. Read more>>

Angie Ortiz

I started sewing at a young age when I spent time with my grandmother as she tailored her clothing. I became intrigued by all the varying shades of pink fabric and the attention to detail that was put into each garment. I went on to learn apparel design in depth at my university. Read more>>

Maria Prendergast

I had a very nontraditional childhood, I come from a big family, my siblings and I lived all over the world. Born in Hong Kong, lived in Macau, Italy and Switzerland before coming to the United States at 13 years old. Read more>>

Gary Soloff

As a native Angelino, I became interested in travel and tourism at a very early age. My first job at 15 was at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where I spent an 8-hour shift placing Thousand Island dressing, 2 pickles and shredded lettuce on hamburger buns. To this day, the smell of Thousand Island dressing reminds me of the food stand, “Time Out,” in the park. Read more>>

Peter Michaels

I started working for a club crawl over in Australia (i’m australian) where i quickly became a manager at age 18 in charge of the tour and later the sales team in a city called Gold Coast. I then started to travel on slow season to other countries were i worked for numerous other crawls across the world then working for a party bus in Cairns. Read more>>

Hugo Fernandez

I started Just Digital in 2012 with the goal of helping businesses make more money using marketing. As an entrepreneur, I was motivated by making connections with people in different industries and seeing how I could provide value to them. Read more>>

Andrea Quinn

I am grateful to have been able to be a Business and Life Coach for the past 12 years. Originally I can actually say that I am where I am today because of the people who believed in my work. basically, my clients built my business! Read more>>

Amanda Chase

Ten years ago, I made it my life mission to live a life of authenticity and integrity all the while creating something that would inspire others to fulfill their lives desires and dreams. I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. Read more>>

Tom Bercu

Growing up in Cleveland there wasn’t much to do, So when my parents went out of town, I’d either go cow tipping, or I’d have huge parties at my house. In San Francisco – where I moved after college – there were not as many cows, so I continued the party throwing and volunteering for non-profits on their events teams. Read more>>

Hailley Field

I started cooking at 10, using my mom’s well-worn copy of The Joy of Cooking. This truly was the cooking bible pre-internet! My mom is a great cook and I developed an interest early through watching her prepare delicious meals for our family. Read more>>

Wallace Hall

I have lived most of my life in Los Angeles where I began my career in the music business as a partner at both SE Entertainment Records and Global Infinity Records. Working at these labels and with various recording artists made it possible for me to see the need to research and create a nonprofit foundation that could use music to unite, educate and heal people and communities of all walks of life. Read more>>

Aneela Zaman

When I reached my 4o’s, I started to notice that my skin was dehydrated and lacked radiance. All of my friends were also unhappy with their skin. I wanted to create a skincare line dedicated to restoring that timeless radiance we all knew was within us.  Read more>>

Angela Izzo, Eric Zimmerman

We started Tiger Eyes Media for the purpose of creative multi media production. In 2014 we found a connection in our music documentary and video production backgrounds. We joined forces for the production of our documentary project “The Benders Circuit”, planned for release in 2018. Now we have become a diversified media company. Read more>>

Jae Trevits

I loved being a Mama the second I became one!…what I didn’t love was how ill equipped I felt on SO many levels when it happened. Ironic right? I wasn’t prepared for all of the physical and emotional changes that would happen to me. Read more>>

Carolina Cerisola, Sascha Escandon

We initially met in the salsa dance community in 1999. Carolina had just come from Argentina with a rhythmic gymnastics background and had already been touring with a salsa music artist, El Puma, before moving to LA. Sascha, an L.A. native, grew up as a trained ballet and jazz dancer and worked commercially in her youth. Read more>>

DJ Jiang

I always had a love for film and visual story telling. It might of been influenced by all the art and music classes my mom put me through when I was little. I was fortunate to go to a high school with a film & television program, that’s when I started to really get involved in producing contents. Read more>>

Dana Lee

After I got my bachelor’s degree in Horticulture specializing in flower arrangement, my first florist job was at the Hyatt Hotel. That is when I started my event decoration career and I immediately fell in love with it. Planning a Theme Party, creating stages, setting up walls in empty venues and putting up center pieces. Read more>>

Vitaly Koshman

I was born in Soviet Union almost 50 years ago. The country doesn’t exist anymore and the world I lived in seams like a fuzzy dream now. I don’t even have much pictures from that era….I needed to create a new world for me and moved to USA. I flew directly from Moscow to LA on a non stop flight almost 16 years ago and never left LA since. Read more>>

Noah Findling

I was a wannabe jock in high school. I say wannabe because I wasn’t incredibly athletic but I fit in with the real athletes by making them laugh. I love making people laugh. It’s so fulfilling to me. Writing and perfecting a joke fuels my soul. Read more>>

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