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Hollywood 03.20.2018

Nes Gutman

Nes Gutman is the founder of Angels Bark Dog Rescue. In many ways, starting the rescue was the natural result of a lifetime of helping homeless dogs. Born and raised in Istanbul, with its large population of stray dogs, her affinity with dogs and passion for saving homeless dogs developed at an early age. Read more>>

Jamie Miller

I wrote CLUB RAT$ with my friend Danene Montella. We started writing the screenplay about a year ago which amazes me because it feels like it happened so fast. We had a lot of fun writing together. We always knew that we had a good story moment when we were on the floor laughing uncontrollably, which happened more times than you’d think! Read more>>

Adrian White

My photographic story started in the U.S. Navy. I was a photojournalist and television broadcaster for more than 10 years. One of the most memorable events during my military time was my ship’s response to the earthquake in Haiti. Read more>>

Jeneice Thompson

My story begins with my first school play back in middle school. That’s when I first realized that acting was my calling. In college, to support my dream of being an actor I got a job as a personal stylist. I used the money from that job to strengthen my skill at various acting classes. Read more>>

Jessica Rose Plaza

I grew up in North Philadelphia, with my mother, Lisa Matos and my siblings, Lauren and Christian Plaza. My mother was pregnant with me when she met her now husband. He adopted me, and I learned to rewrite my last name in the first grade, forgetting altogether that I had three older siblings and a biological father. Read more>>

Cari Hah

My first experience in a bar was working as a cocktail waitress in a busy high volume club when I was 21. My managers stuck me behind the bar because security was tired of having to intervene when customers would try to pick me up. I just did it for fun and it was such great money for basically having a good time. Read more>>

Barry Papick

After graduating from the George Washington University ( funny enough my degrees were in Political Science and Communications) I moved to New York City to study with the world famous Acting Coach Lee Strasberg. I had done some acting in college and decided that I would make it my life’s career. Read more>>

Aaron Henne

I have been in Los Angeles for 22 years, working as a playwright, director, and arts educator. I had considered starting a theatre company for quite a while, but wasn’t sure about the exact mission – I wanted to offer something unique to the city, with a particular viewpoint. Read more>>

Sara Swan

I’ve been an artist virtually all my life. I never seriously considered any other path or career. I began as an illustrator, creating images for magazines, newspapers and book publishers. Following that was a decade of figurative work. I used pastel on paper to create large images of fashionable women in lavish dresses and vintage swimwear. Read more>>

Lilian Tahmasian

Born in May 1990, Lilian Tahmasian Graduated from her Masters Degree in Media & Journalism. An Australian, with an Armenian background, she began dancing since the age of 3; travelling to countries including Armenia and Los Angeles to perform. It was always a dream of hers to write and entertain audiences. Read more>>

Ava Cadell

My Dickensian childhood began with the Hungarian revolution of 1956. I was born Ildiko Eva Csath on June 15th that year in Budapest, only five months before a nationwide revolt erupted against the Soviet-ruled government of the Hungarian People’s Republic. Read more>>

Greer (G) Whillans, Calida (C) Kuzek

we’re G & C! we’re two canadian dancers who moved to LA to pursue our dreams… while we were at it, we created lymi. love you, mean it. what started as a silly way of saying goodbye in your best #valleygirl voice, turned into… HEY, I actually love you, and I really mean it. short & sweet, but it runs deep. Read more>>

Nayamka Roberts-Smith

I actually started out as a nail technician. My mom went to cosmetology school when I was five or six. In Cosmotology you learn hair skin and nails, but she was only interested in hair, so she would have me all her nail stuff to play with. Read more>>

Crystal Stasolla

I grew up in a small town in CT. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be everything. I loved the idea of being good at multiple things. Watching TV and copying the actresses was my favorite hobby. As I got older, I had to narrow down what I wanted to be and was told to pick one career and stick to it. I decided to study cosmetology. Read more>>

Keltie Knight

When we started our podcast there really were only a few women centric shows out there- the landscape was mostly sports and bro-talk. It was hard to explain what we were doing to publicists and celebrities because no one was actually doing it yet. That was a challenge. Read more>>

Nastassia Johnson

Hello! I’m Nastassia Johnson, a native Angeleno, true lover of cake, an enthusiast of pie, a donut fiend – and the sweet tooth behind the blog and Instagram Let Me Eat Cake. I was born and raised in LA, and I have always loved and been a part of the hospitality and food industry. I’ve had every food industry job you can imagine, from co-founding the first Filipino food truck in L.A. Read more>>

Hajja Barnes

I’m originally from the Bronx, New York. I moved to LA with intentions to grow my business as a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for fashion and entertainment. I have been in the beauty industry since I was 16 years old and I am dedicated to the empowerment of women as I use my gift to inspire and uplift. Read more>>

Tami Daylami

My parents are Iranian. I was born in Germany. Moved to the US as a refugee (just found this out recently btw). Grew up in Glendale and La Crescenta, CA. I’ve lived in LA my whole life and don’t know anything else. I’ve actually only moved once, to Vegas for about 7 months, and other than that I’ve been right here. Read more>>

Jordan Passman

When I started Score a Score in 2010, I set out to simplify the collaboration between producers in need of original music and the composers who create it. With nowhere else to go, directors were turning to Craigslist to find musicians and soundtracks for their projects. That void inspired a dedicated marketplace just for this community. Read more>>

Kelly-Jo Potts

Five years ago I begrudgingly moved to Los Angeles (Venice to be exact) for work and I never thought it would truly feel like home. Having grown up in the Bay Area and lived in Europe, there’s truly a love/hate with this city before one discovers just how great it really is. Read more>>

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