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Hollywood 03.13.2018

Cat Aldana

I started teaching Yoga immediately after college in 2011. I suffered from the typical, “I’m lost, I’m confused, I don’t know what to do with my life!” complex that happens to most people when they graduate. I quickly became a full-time Yoga Instructor running around teaching classes all over the city. Read more>>

Randy D. Rosario

Ive always been a creative kid but never really thought I can make a career out of it. It wasn’t until high school when one of my teachers saw my potential in digital arts and it made me rethink what I wanted to do for a living. Even after graduating I didn’t really know what my job was because I was freelancing doing various things. Read more>>

Denise Poole

For a long time, I was limited to the Entertainment Industry on my O-1 visa, it was just last year, summer of 2017 when I was granted a greencard and given the freedom to open my own business here in the US! I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart creating several businesses over the years, so once I had the chance, I jumped at trying something new. Read more>>

Heather Weisberger

I’m a third-generation psychic who grew up in a metaphysical family. Conscious of my intuition since the age of two, I became aware of the power of positive thought and my healing abilities after my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer and later cured using holistic practices. Read more>>

Jason Trotter

I’ve worked in publicity for nearly 20 years. I started in entertainment working with celebrities and moved into fashion publicity a decade ago. Separately, I’m a self-taught painter and have been painting as a hobby for over 10 years. It started with me creating pieces for myself and my home. Read more>>

Karina Dobra

As long as I remember myself I have always been fascinated by the visuals and beauty of the world. I picked up my parents’ kodak film camera when I was ten years old intending to tell a story about a little town I was going to on excursion. After I took photos of my dolls, arranging so they look real. Read more>>

Christine Celozzi

I was living in my hometown in Massachusetts, working a number of office jobs I wasn’t happy with, and I was slowly growing stir-crazy. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted, but I also didn’t know how to leave the position I was in. In 2014, I made the decision that enough was enough, and I needed to start following my heart. Read more>>

Jacob Raab

I originally hail from the flatlands of Indiana, and despite the relative lack of high-end outdoor recreation in the Midwest, I’ve always been drawn to exploration and adventure in wild places. I grew up hiking and backpacking, and I started rock climbing whilst pursuing a music degree in Indianapolis. Read more>>

Beatrice Balaj

After graduating from FIDM in 2010, I had A LOT of free time on my hands when I was not looking for jobs. One day while looking for interviews I discovered a fashion blogger and I was so intrigued by her personal style and her photos. After much google searches, I finally was ready to start my own blog. Read more>>

Jamie Miller

I grew up performing. My mother is a beautiful singer and I think my voice comes from her. After I started acting in local theater productions I realized how much I love acting and storytelling. I studied theatre in New York City and began writing short films. I used it as a way to express myself while I was auditioning and doing – what I found at the time to be – a tedious actor routine. Read more>>

Steve Albertson

Steve LaBate: Well, it was a long and sordid road to make it to this point. In the early days, it was a lot of starving ourselves, maxing out our credit cards, working in shitty warehouse spaces filled with rabid squirrels and poisonous spiders, and once even being indirectly shot at while the police were trading fire with some nut across the street from our office. Read more>>

Liz Hatakeyama

I have always been extremely interested in skincare because I struggled with Acne my entire life. I selfishly got into my career as an ethetician to fix my own skin. Being someone who has struggled with aging and acne skin I am able to relate to my clients. We are all in this together! Read more>>

Rayssa Gomes

I’d always wanted to be a singer but never actually thought I could. My family immigrated to Miami, FL from Sao Paulo, Brazil when I was five and it was inculcated into me that life in “Show Biz” was for those who could afford it – those whose parents could pay for voice lessons, talent agents, photo shoots, and the like. Read more>>

Rlina Martinet

My story… now that is a great question – what is anyone’s story? Anyway – my story is awesome so far and I look forward to what more awesomeness is to come. Geta2 began in a faraway place and time…not really – that just sounded good. Read more>>

Calvin Baines

My fascination with photography began at a young age while growing up in Durban, South Africa. I was the youngest in the family and I remember seeing my older cousin’s black and white film photography of squatter camps in the area ridden by extreme poverty. Those images from the local villages have always stuck with me. Read more>>

Serli Rastgo

While I was in high school I was taking ROP classes for cosmetology and when I finished I took my hours and moved to a different school to finish up , the second I got my state board license I was assisting a stylist for 3 years then I took my own clients slowly . Finally now I’m working on my own and couldn’t be happier . Dream big ! Read more>>

Eve McCarney

Growing up I always had a knack for art and creating things. I loved spending time sketching, sculpting, painting and shooting photos. At Villanova University, I studied Media & Film with a minor in Art History. It was here my love for architecture and design began. Read more>>

Mark Venchy

Mark Crawford, He is currently a student at Middle TN State University. He is planning on majoring in fashion apparel and acting. He loves to live a very lavish lifestyle. He doesn’t like to just sit around and do nothing. Also he like to sew, fashion blog, go to fashion shows and do a lot of creative photoshoots! Read more>>

Bex Barone

It’s been an unexpected, but very fun journey making my way into the food world. I’ve always been a fan of cooking and baking, ever since I was a kid. I think the majority of my birthday and Christmas presents when I was 10-12 years old were from Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table. Read more>>

Jamaal Lewis

Growing up I was a short overweight child that got picked on a lot. I decided I was going to gain popularity by playing the saxophone in my 6th grade band. My band teacher had a different Idea. He took a look at me and assigned me to play the Tuba. This is where my character stems from. Read more>>

Scott Hamm

Scott Hamm was born in Washington D.C. his father of Dutch/German decent was in the military and his Mother of Spanish decent an insurance agent. His parents moved the family to Phoenix, Arizona when Scott was young & then Fullerton, California where Scott attended high school. Read more>>

Federico Galavis

Federico Galavis, born in Caracas, Venezuela, is the son of architect Juan Francisco Galavis and physicist Martha Gonzalez de Galavis, Ph.D. Exposed to the beauty of architecture through his father’s work, and encouraged by his mother’s passion for fine art, Federico found inspiration to secretly and freely express his creativity from an early age. Read more>>

Corban Lundborg

I started my creative journey as a graffiti artist in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I was born and raised. I was near high school graduation with poor grades, no financial support and a desire to travel the world. I joined the Air Force at 17 and shipped off to basic training shortly after graduation. Read more>>

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