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Hollywood 03.06.2018

Lauren Caruso

I moved to LA from the East Coast in 2011 to pursue my dream of working for Disney. I had always admired the company, the strength of their brand, their attention to detail, and their commitment to Guest service. For five years, I worked on strategy and business development projects for Disney Theme Parks. Read more>>

Megan Brotherton

I fell in love with filmmaking at age 17 when I was cast in a short film sponsored by the Seattle International Film Festival. After college, I moved to LA and (after a brief stint at a corporate job) I began acting in national commercials, independent films and on stage. Read more>>

Cecilia Sibony

Cecilia showed up in Israel in 2010, ready to change the world with her smile and positive attitude, and after an 8-year journey, she’s still working to build peace in the Middle East, only now through a tahini business based in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Michael Elliot

I grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia with an abusive family that was functionally poor, making home life quite difficult. When I was 16-years-old, I became a ward of the state and found myself moving from youth shelters to boy’s homes. When I turned 18, I was no longer the responsibility of the state. Read more>>

Reem Edan

Though my parents are originally from Baghdad, I was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO (a pretty white suburb at the time). I lived there until 2001, when my family and I moved to the Middle East… just a week before 9/11. After living in Bahrain for 4 years, I returned to the US and completed university in CO before taking the plunge and moving to LA. Read more>>

Cheryl Sutherland

I think my story isn’t very different from most entrepreneurs. You realize that you are unable to hide from your calling anymore. I knew that if I just left my current job and got a new one, this feeling would continue to haunt me. Read more>>

Kevin Tiernan

Traditional illustration was always something I enjoyed doing as a kid. I used to draw characters like Goku and doodle all over my notebooks. Playing in bands was my introduction to graphic design. One of my favorite things to do every weekend was to go to shows. Read more>>

Monica Lawson

I’ve worked in entertainment primarily as an actor in film, television and theater and began as a producer by investing in independent projects in feature film and digital content. Naturally, I arrived at a place in my career where I wanted to be more involved in the development process of filmmaking and more importantly creating opportunities for under-represented artists. Read more>>

Austin Melrose, Zach Patterson

We both actually grew up together in Bend, Oregon and worked as cart boys at various country clubs, dishwashers, bus boys, and servers. After attending separate universities (Zach @University of Oregon, Austin @University of San Diego) we both ended up living in San Diego for a stint before moving up to Los Angeles. Read more>>

Chris Cuffaro

Short version of a long story… I start shooting when I was 10 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. Move to LA when I was 21. Been based in LA since 81 and shooting all over the world. Made my name in the music world, but have shot everything in my 47 years. I love what I do, do what I love. Read more>>

Nancy Arteaga

It all started as a mistake honestly, prior to all of this I was a full time Compliance Manager for a very well known alarm company, and after 6 years I was laid off or fired haha and well I was left with no choice but to go full time with this. Read more>>

Monty Jameson

I Started working in restaurants when I was young so I knew I would get to eat one good meal a day and here I am 30 years later. As I got older I realized I wasn’t right for the corporate world, which seems to focus on removing as much personality and individuality out of you as they can. After graduating from University of Texas I (loaded up my car and moved to Beverly, Hills that is) haha. Read more>>

Lea McNamara

I went into college as a Vocal Performance major. Little did I know that I was about to take on a whole new realm of skillsets. As a sophomore, I got into Twisted Measure, my university’s first co-ed a cappella group. From then, I ran their social media and in my first semester with the group, we became viral on the internet with one of our singles! Read more>>

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