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Getting Burbank in Shape: Meet A-Team-Fitness & Alexis Olerio

I’ve been in relatively good shape my whole life – that is until just a few years ago when suddenly what I ate started to matter.  I could no longer stuff my face with pies, cookies, fried food and saturated fat galore – instead I had started watching what I ate.  I’ve always been pretty active, but lately it seems like I am making less progress in the gym.  I think part of it is aging, part of it is lifestyle and diet and part of it is just that I’ve reached plateaus that are too hard to break out without a trainer.

So as I often do, I put pen to paper and started writing out all the things I imagined I would do to get back in shape, from running a mile every morning to only eating non-processed foods. I had 20 items on my list in no time; it felt like I had just run a 5-minute mile.  Alas, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint; after a week, I found that I wasn’t able to maintain any of my daily goals and, as usual, I gave up without any noticeable gains (or losses?).

I called my chain-gym and asked about personal training rate and they were sky high.  I had spoken with some of the trainers before and their skill level didn’t seem to match the price tag.  So then I hopped on Yelp and tried to find some trainers – no luck.  Then I tried Google – no luck.  I tried Craigslist, but it was hard to shift through all the ads.  I realized that part of the reason why so many of us don’t take action regarding our fitness goals is that it is far too hard to find a reliable, vetted and affordable fitness trainer.

I pitched the editor on a guide profiling all of the best personal trainers in each neighborhood of LA and after securing his approval got started on what has become the dominating task of my life over the past 8 weeks – finding, researching, evaluating and ranking all of the independent fitness trainers in LA.  I tried to take a semi-scientific approach – using as much data and structure as possible to make the comparisons apples to apples.  I created a weighted set of ranking criteria; the three most important factors were client results, affordability, and uniqueness of approach. After researching thousands of fitness professionals from all over the city and spending scores of hours debating the merits of various trainers, I’ve built a list of the best options in LA.  We will introduce many of these talented professionals to you over the next few months.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexis Olerio.

Alexis had a very bad injury back in 2005 and had no use of his right arm for over 2 years. Doctors told him that he would not gain full mobility.

“I fought hard to get back to where I was, proving the doctors wrong. Through multiple surgeries, intense rehab and a ton of self-education and hard work, I got my arm back and realized that I had a love and passion for health and fitness. That fall brought me to where I am today. It was the hardest years of my life, but the most beautiful. So now I take what I have learned and I pass my knowledge and education to others to help them come back from adversity and reach their goals to a healthier self and keep them on track to the best version of themselves.”

Not only does he run his own business as a fitness professional, but he is also the Fitness Director for Ferrigno FIT, where he works with Lou Ferrigno and his daughter Shanna. He offers a unique Mobility Training service that and notes that they don’t calorie count at Team AOF, they eat from the earth and they view food as our fuel and as our medicine.

Alexis shared his two mottos with us:

Focus = Strength

ABC’s to Health & Fitness are to Aspire, Believe and Conquer.

He says, “I am a true believer that everything begins with the mind. My program builds confidence and helps you to keep a positive attitude and outlook on life. You won’t just change physically with my program, but mentally as well. Many aspects of your life will change because you learn to shift your focus onto to what you are grateful for and what you want in life.”


  • Intro HEALTH Package: 2hr Health Consultation along with your first 3, one on one private, 1hr sessions at only $33 each for a total of $199
  • Your first boot camp class is FREE, and $15 after that or 10 classes for $120
  • $65 per 1hr Private Session

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @AlexisOlerio

Alexis has a true passion for fitness because of his history and the pain he has been through.  We are inspired by his optimism, positive outlook and desire to help others.








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