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Exploring Life & Business with Trevor Marca of Simple Life Delivery

Today we’d like to introduce you to Trevor Marca.

Hi Trevor, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I was the owner of a publishing business from 2016-2021, but COVID-19 brought about a lot of changes in the industry. During this time, I was on the Board of Directors at the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, and I had the opportunity to speak to restaurant managers and owners in 2020. I was surprised to consistently hear one of their major grievances during this time was the corporate delivery apps. They complained that their rates were high and their service was terrible. It gave me the idea to start a locally owned delivery service centered on lower rates and quality service.

I launched Simple Life Delivery in 2021. What I soon learned was how under served the locally-owned restaurants were compared to the corporate restaurants in the delivery space. While the delivery apps offered large nationwide chains lower rates, the one-off ma and pa restaurant were often charged up to 25% more. This is when I decided my niche would be serving the locally-owned restaurants in my community, and I would strive to close that gap to help the small guy compete with the big boys.

About two months into it, I learned that the software company I partnered with did not provide the functionality restaurants required for a full-service delivery company, so I had no choice but to start my business over practically from scratch. Three months later, in November, we relaunched and are currently working on scaling our business at a steady pace.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
There have been struggles every step of the way. Some small, some major. There’s no way to remember them all, but here are some of the major ones:

– Software company couldn’t fulfill the needs of the local restaurants, so I had to start all over again (biggest challenge!)

– Learning the ever-changing CA laws regarding independent contractors vs. employees. Ultimately, I learned hiring drivers as employees was the only way to go, but also an expensive route.

– Getting local restaurants to give us a chance. So many owners said they weren’t happy with their current delivery providers, but few were willing to spend the time to learn what I could offer or were just resistant to change in general.

– Finding an insurance provider to cover this rare niche.

– Balancing the desire to grow quickly with the knowledge that slow, steady growth is best for a business.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Simple Life Delivery?
We are a local restaurant delivery service. We deliver meals from locally-owned restaurants to homes and offices. We are known for the friendly customer service that comes with a small business and helping restaurants by offering smaller delivery rates to help them compete with the large corporate restaurants.

Our drivers are all employees that go through full hiring, vetting, and training process. They are trained in the value of customer service and to be professional when working with both restaurant employees and customers. They are paid better than anyone else in the industry, and in return we have high expectations for them and hold them to a higher standard.

We are proud of the relationships and trust we have built with several restaurant owners in the community and are tickled when we hear feedback from customers like, “What you are doing is brilliant. We’ve needed this up in the Foothills for a long time now. Many of the other delivery apps either don’t deliver up here at all or are limited in what they deliver.”

We have membership in various local Chambers of Commerce and service organization. We are proud of the network we have built and what we give back to our community in the way of service….and hopefully money down the road.

In terms of your work and the industry, what are some of the changes you are expecting to see over the next five to ten years?
The restaurant delivery service industry is still new and evolving. The COVID 19 lockdowns accelerated it considerably, but we are far enough removed from that to know that it is here to stay with it becoming a way of life for Millennials and Gen Z. Technology will play an interesting role in the future of the industry. Is it feasible for robots and drones to take the place of people, bikes, and cars? Though I wouldn’t rule it out, I believe it is far down the line and not something I am presently putting much thought into.

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