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Exploring Life & Business with Jack Haynie of Audacious Mind

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jack Haynie.

Hi Jack, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
A little over three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage four cancer right after a very stressful period of a difficult divorce, relocating, and starting my own business. It was the most difficult chapter of my entire life. I felt disoriented and defeated. Instinctively, I went into the same fight mode that I had relied on for more than 49 years on Earth. It felt like an endless fight. Every new development was bad news. The warrior inside of me wasn’t helping. In fact, “fighting” cancer was working against me.

The Universe had sent me a colossal wake-up call. I had to learn how to accept my state and actually appreciate the awakening of this moment to not just heal but grow and thrive. How to navigate the turn from defeat to wellness was my new mission.

After several surgeries and a brutal bout with chemo, I went to Mexico for some alternative treatments in the hopes that a stronger body would triumph. While the treatments did not seem to move the needle, the experience changed everything. With nothing to do but look at the wall for the 6-8 hours of daily treatments, I decided to make those five weeks in the clinic a time for personal and spiritual growth. I began reading books and meditating for a few hours everyday using all kinds of different techniques.

Even before I was diagnosed, I was a struggling meditator. Every meditation program I tried left me wanting more. Now, here I was experimenting with meditation techniques aided by modern science or practiced for millenia around the world to find something that would work for me. But not much did. Nothing met me where I was emotionally — defeated, scared, and angry. All the happy talk of practically every meditation program just alienated me. I was not healthy, vigorous, and beautiful. I was weak and bald with a giant surgical scar on my belly.

That was when inspiration struck. Why not create a new kind of meditation app that meets people where they are, no matter whether in crisis like I was or living large and wanting to find more meaning in life?

I felt a pull to take my blue chip consulting experience and apply it to something extraordinary for humanity. But first, I had to rediscover who I was and realize my purpose in life to fulfill this new mission. I worked with life coaches and therapists. I calendared daily “me” sessions.

Once I stepped into the work on myself and the product concept, everything started to change and momentum took off. The experience allowed me to discover, test, prove and develop the personalized meditation tools that I needed in order to accept, heal and start creating the life that I wanted to live. Because meditation took me from fighting cancer to being grateful for it — yes, grateful — I’m now healing and living not as a victim or patient, but presently and more audaciously than I ever did.

Now, anyone who wants more from their meditation practice than just settling down their inner-chatter has a new option. Anyone who wants a way to marshall more creative energy to become something greater in their life has a personalized tool and supportive community available to them — Audacious Mind.

Audacious Mind is a new, more advanced, personalized meditation space for those seeking to Become Boldly! We released the personalized mobile app on both Apple and Android in May of 2021 on Mental Health Take Action Day. We’ve also launched our official community forum called Seeker Space on Facebook and are publishing new content all the time on Instagram @myaudaciousmind. With Audacious Mind, seekers can now deepen their meditation practice and transform their lives like I did.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
As an analyst and consultant, I felt well-equipped for entrepreneurship. It’s been a challenging growth experience for sure! All the startup obstacles that plague founders like “imposter syndrome” and sleepless nights were alive and well. However, there was something pretty magical about starting up a business that was inspired by such a deeply personal and transformative experience.

In meditation, we talk a lot about surrendering to the Universe. Counter to the hustle culture that’s synonymous with entrepreneurship, surrendering is letting things happen for you. Like my early experience with cancer, instead of fighting those obstacles, I started to embrace them as notifications for something greater to come. When my first business partner and I ended our working relationship, an introduction to my current business partner came two days later, unsolicited. When we were over budget with development, we were awarded a startup grant that I had nearly forgotten about. Today, we’re building on that. Audacious Mind’s company culture has become one of manifesting positive human impact and constant growth.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
Over the last few years, thankfully, the stigma around mental health has begun to crumble. Before the pandemic, we were already becoming much more aware of our global mental health crisis and, in turn, becoming more open and accepting of mental health products and services. Covid has turbo-charged that trend.

Today, there are more meditation apps in the market than most people know about. For meditators who want to go deeper in their practice and experience results, finding the right app is overwhelming. In fact, many meditators need to use multiple apps to get what they want from meditating.

Audacious Mind is different. It’s not built only for you to take the edge off of a bad day or to calm your headspace. Audacious Mind is designed to inspire our members and to support them with personalized meditations, a supportive community, and life coaches available to help them over the speed bumps in their journeys. So anyone can become (boldly) what they yearn to be inside. We built a creative force, not a meditative sedative.

The app is built to personalize your meditation practice so that you can improve your overall state. We don’t take the word “overall” lightly. The app allows you to input how you feel within each of your Audacious Aspects — Spirituality, Health, Learning, Profession, Money, Relationship, Emotions — so that our unique system can deliver personalized meditation tracks from over 600,000 options to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Audacious Mind also makes meditating easier with sound technologies that help you go deeper more easily and make the experience more impactful.

Audacious Mind was my calling while flirting with death, so it’s not just about having the better product. We’re helping people change their lives and those people aren’t “users” or “consumers” or “followers”. They’re seekers, like us. Therefore, we don’t “target” them, we help them in everything we create. In fact, everything we’ve curated around Audacious Mind has meaning — down to our name, color scheme, and logo. We’re committed to bringing clear intentions to everything we create.

Alright, so to wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
In this first year, we launched the Audacious Mind app and published our first major content program called TransformaThon. Our next major initiatives include continuing to enhance and optimize the advanced personalization features of the app and to officially launch Seeker Space with live Q&A’s hosted by some really special life coaches who have gone through their own personal transformations. There are some other tools in our pipeline, but we’ll save those details for closer to launch.

Right now, our focus is finding and connecting with Seekers to help them deepen their meditation practice with Audacious Mind’s resources. In essence, our priority is building a genuine, nurturing community. This is what motivates and excites us, but it’s a major feat and it will take time. Good relationships take time and we’re also very aware that we can’t build our Seeker community alone. During these next few months, we’ll be looking to form strategic alliances with the right wellness and business partners to help us expand our community. In the spirit of being open to the possibilities, we’re listening to all ideas —


  • $14.99 monthly – first 30 days free
  • $99.99 annually – first 30 days free
  • Free promo codes for healers and coaches who can help grow our seeker community.
  • Access to all content and the Seeker Space group on Facebook are free.
  • All download proceeds benefit healing causes through the Audacious Mind Foundation.

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  1. Pam Altizer

    November 1, 2021 at 00:38

    You are so inspirational! Its an honor to know you and am so proud of what you have done for yourself and the new business! I expect to hear you on TED Talk soon!
    All My Best,
    Pam Altizer

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