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Exploring Life & Business with Aly Covington of Aly B Coaching

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aly Covington.

Hi Aly, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
Growing up, I had dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete. I thought there could be nothing better than standing on a podium with a medal around my neck, as I represented my country while the national anthem played. These daydreams were more like fantasies and a way for me to survive my childhood.

I lost my father to cancer when I was thirteen, my mother had mental illness and was in and out of hospitals and I have one brother with special needs, so I grew up feeling all alone and like I had no place in the world. Sports gave me hope and made me feel normal. Of course, I did not make it to the Olympics, though I realized that I could help others reach their goals and dreams.

To tell a long story short, I have a background in Sports Medicine and was a graduate assistant athletic trainer at Cal State Northridge, with plans of making that my career. But I didn’t love it and really wanted to work with and help all populations of people. After graduate school, I started my own fitness training business called fitnessAly and worked as an independent fitness trainer for many years, during which time I got married, became a mom and then a single mom.

Needing to supplement my income, I got a job teaching Physical Health & Mental Wellness classes at The New York Film Academy to college freshmen in the BFA program. I realized I had a great passion for teaching, and through teaching the Six Dimensions of Wellness, I also realized how important it was to train the mind as well as the muscles.

During this time, I was also deeply invested in my own personal development, immersing myself in Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Brene Brown……and as Tony says about himself, “creating this motherf—-r” And that is the thing about me…because I did not have an intact village growing up, I had to create my own. And I want others to know they can do the same. ANYtime.

I decided I wanted to reach more people with what I was teaching in the classroom and left to transform and rebrand my training business fitnessAly to what is now Aly B. Coaching. I want to help anyone interested in looking good, feeling great and living an extraordinary life filled with outrageous joy, but my focus is on moms. I lost my mom because like many moms, she was taking care of everyone else and not “putting her oxygen mask on first.” As moms, we often think it’s selfish to take care of ourselves, and I am here to say that in fact it is the most selfless thing we can do for the people we love. And we must be the role models for our children as well.

My name ALY means Always Love Yourself and I want to lead the way for other moms to love themselves so they can lead the way for their children to do the same. I believe that is how we can inspire change, and we do it together.

 Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Well, as I mentioned there were struggles from childhood. Having two sick parents growing up was very challenging and I often wondered how I would make it through life. There is no greater pain or fear (I think) than feeling all alone in the world. And growing up with a parent with mental illness, I grew up with a lot of shame (which is why I am so passionate about mental health and inspiring change) along with depression, anxiety…mostly social anxiety from the situation, and something I continue to struggle with. I just will not allow it to overcome me or stop me.

Of course going through a divorce and becoming a single mom with small children was challenging. It’s over ten years now, and I look back sometimes wondering how I did it. Especially without family support. That was and is the greatest challenge for me, and disappointment…not having family. But I also think that I was given my life for that reason. So I could truly understand the people I am helping and be that sign of strength and possibility.

We’ve been impressed with Aly B Coaching, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
My greatest passion is showing people what’s possible when they believe in themselves. And I understand how challenging that can be, so I offer the guidance, insight, inspiration, support and tools to help them look good, feel great and live an extraordinary life filled with outrageous joy!

While I offer one on one private coaching, I also have created an online program that includes movement, mindset and meals! It is called Foundation 26 because we must first have a base, a starting point from which to build. And there are 26 “exercises” (movement & mindset) and recipes (meals) from A-Z!

One thing I am known for is my creativity. I am teaching people to live what I call the S.U.P.E.R. life, which is Strong, Unstoppable, Passionate, Energetic, Resilient. I have been known to be called “the beautiful mind” because I am very creative and find very creative ways to teach the art and science of fitness and wellness.

And what sets me apart from others is also my mind. I was diagnosed with ADHD about ten years ago and at first, it made sense, and then it didn’t and I recently discovered I actually have PTSD. So I am very proud to embrace my beautiful mind and when I realized that it is helpful for me to remember and teach when I organize things alphabetically, I have now made that part of my brand….and I am known as the ABC coach, which makes sense too because my initials are ABC: Aly B Covington and my business is Aly B Coaching.

I want others to see that when we reframe the way we look at things and have different perspectives, what we may think of as our imperfections are our gifts, and I want to empower people to embrace those gifts and be all they can and are meant to be….Actively, Bravely and with innerCertainty!

We’d love to hear about how you think about risk taking?
I believe what “they” say about risk, that the biggest risk is taking no risk. I think without risk, there is great potential for regret. And I think at the end of life, I do not want to be there wondering “what if?” I have taken many risks, professionally and personally and A. while there may have been unwanted consequences, I choose to believe everything is always working out for me and got me here to… 2. I am still here! We get through all the moments of our life, and I believe they are lessons, experiments that teach us and lead us to our destiny

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