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Exploring Life & Business with Valeria Faberté of Beauty Beacon

Today we’d like to introduce you to Valeria Faberté.

Hi Valeria, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
As a kid growing up in the 90s, I was practically a nomad; I lived in several countries where I had an array of cultural experiences that partly helped me shape into who I am today. It was also at this time that I discovered filmmaking. When I tell you that I was OBSESSED with movies you better believe that I was! Until this day, I remember how mesmerized I was with the movie creation process. And then I started loving the idea of being in those movies because of the stories they told and how they made me feel. I wanted to be part of that process. (At that age, I had no conscious understanding that, although we have free will, we also have a higher purpose, and that is to live and pursue the things that our creator puts in our hearts). My mom has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader: She is one of those parents that never limited me in anything. On the contrary, she told me that if I tried really hard I could achieve anything (she is a living testimony of that). She supported my dream of being in my most creative element and that was acting, dancing, playing music, anything creative,
you name it!

So in 2007, I took off to California where I went to college to study theater. I got my little performing arts degree and moved to LA. “Ugh”, you’re probably thinking, “not another Hollywood story.” I know, I know, but stay with me here: The first two years I lived in LA, I don’t think I had a clear idea of what I was doing. But I do believe I was guided by a higher power. By some miracle, I woke up one day and I was working on a show called The Goldbergs, not long after I had seen it advertised on billboards. This was the show that basically introduced me to film and television making. I went from one show to another, and then it really hit me how big of a deal this was! I had the opportunity of working on many huge productions and met some major A-list stars that I grew up watching. Gah! *Pinching myself.* By working on set every day, I started learning about the process of how things are done. (So many film students pay money to learn these things, and here I was learning all of this for free). At that time, I didn’t realize exactly how fortunate I was, but I was like a sponge; absorbing everything! Not long after that, I got into the Sag-Aftra union, I got myself an agent, booked a few acting jobs, worked on set, and on and on it went on a loop. It got to a point where I had gotten stuck in the same routine of working my behind off on set with long hours, late night shoots, early calls, and yet I felt that I got literally nowhere.

I was overlooked and started feeling very unappreciated. I’m not sure how I appeared to the outside world but after a few years of this struggle, I started deteriorating on the inside from multiple curve balls and constant setbacks that I was facing. My own personal and financial life were falling apart as well. I had become so miserable and beyond jaded. I started questioning if this is really what I wanted to do. If it was really worth it. If this dream of mine was really God’s purpose for my life, or if it was implanted in me merely as a guide and inspiration to move to LA to do bigger and greater things outside of show business. I struggled with this question for a while. At one point, I got so sick of everything and of all the setbacks I kept facing that I got rid of my agent and started looking for other opportunities and a different career path. I decided that I would try to be my own boss with my own small business and put entertainment on the back burner for the time being. About three years ago, I started my own skin care business called Beauty Beacon, with the focus on selling organic, cruelty-free skin care. And of course, that didn’t come without challenges either. I have learned that getting through the hoops is part of the learning and success process. Besides loving to take care of my skin and sharing that intimate passion with other like-minded people, I started this business to gain independence in income from outside sources.

My hope was that this business would be able to provide me with sufficient income so that I could use it for good and focus on what I am starting to believe is God’s true purpose for my life: And that is taking care of the unwanted and abused: elderly, children and animals. I have always had a big, compassionate, empathetic heart and have no acceptance for pain and suffering that we see in the world. I truly believe that I am supposed to help the helpless. For what good is a compassionate heart if you don’t use it? And what good are your riches if you don’t help others in need? Financially I still have a long way to go before I can 100% put my focus on my humanitarian work, but with God all things are possible. I haven’t quite walked away from my dream in entertainment, but this time I have taken a different approach and have begun creating my own projects. Having worked and been on set has taught me how to write a script, how to tell a story, how to work with the technical part of doing television. With this background, my friend and I decided to write a mini-series that we had an idea for based on a true story, which coincidentally happened to me. (We believe it’s going to be quite something, and hopefully we will start casting for it soon). To me, it’s starting to appear that I am supposed to run the show and not just be in the show. And who knows. maybe through the combination of my skin care and my own productions, I can actually fulfill my higher calling, with entertainment being the great diving board towards God’s true purpose for my life.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
There were so many struggles that, even thinking about them now, I can’t believe I was able to survive and get past all of that. When I first moved to LA, I went through an extremely traumatic experience that took me a long time to ‘shake off.’ I actually developed severe anxiety from it to the point where I was in a constant state of paranoia. This is not something you want to experience because it rewires your brain and messes with you mentally. And yet, I hung on. I went to work on set every day. All the while, I was struggling financially and with my extreme self-doubt about if I should even still be in entertainment and try to ‘make it’. At one point, I became a very bitter and miserable person to be around because nothing seemed to be working out for me; all the while my friends were creating and booking jobs left and right.

I started developing anger issues that affected my friendships and personal life. I was feeling unnoticed and expendable when I was trying so hard to get that acceptance and acknowledgment of my existence in the business. In short, I was in my own personal nightmare. I hated my life and tried to figure out what horrible thing I had done to deserve to be this unhappy. But I have come to realize now that through these experiences God was working on my character and developing me into a stronger human being, whose purpose is to come up higher, bigger and better. It took me years to get out of this miserable, dark tunnel. I made it! As mentioned earlier, I haven’t given up on working in the business! But I believe that I am destined to create my own stories and indie projects that are relevant and speak to what’s important in life.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about Beauty Beacon?
I am so freaking excited to be a 21st Century woman, who is so fortunate to live in the west, where there is no end to possibilities to what you can do and create with your own life! I am surrounded by some powerhouse women who inspire me to do better and do bigger! The most prominent inspiration is my mom. She always tells me: “with big dreams come big actions.” Duly noted, mom! As mentioned earlier, I started my skin care business, Beauty Beacon, mainly because I want to make a huge difference in the world. What better way is there to make the world a beautiful place to live in than through organic, vegan and cruelty-free skin care? My business focuses on sustainable ingredients and products for you and the earth. I carry skin care that is plant and oxygen-derived and made in California. The goal is to branch out with the proceeds and start my humanitarian work, which has been on my heart for decades now. The road is long but I believe in this business and that it is sowing the seed for my purpose.

Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?
Thinking back – man, was I a Tomboy! I was super athletic, I was a fast runner, I did multiple sports such as Nippon Kenpo, basketball, badminton, swimming, gymnastics, you name it! I also really loved to read. I could have three books going all at the same time. Maybe this is why I was the best reader in class. I also learned languages really quickly. My brain was basically on fire for knowledge. I was obsessed with watching MTV and VH1 (when they were still playing music videos). I remember recording them on my VHS (yes, we had those when I was a kid, ha!) I remember being very aware of the world around me; always asking questions (mostly internally); what life was all about, and what my place was in this world (going back to my purpose).

Although I was super active, I was also super introverted. A trait that I have carried into my adult life. I learned how to play the organ when I was seven. It was a strange instrument to play but that’s what we had in the house so… I was also super creative and loved to draw, particularly Disney characters. I have been fortunate enough to have kept most of my ‘art’ from my childhood, and whenever I want a laugh I just pick up one of my drawings. Surprisingly I wasn’t shy. I didn’t care what anyone thought of me. When I was five years old, I had gotten lice. And without skipping a beat, I commanded everyone in my family to shave my head. So they did. While the rest of my five years old girlfriends had long hair, I was running around with a bald head. I was also very independent. I wanted to do everything on my own without anyone’s help. My mom told me when I got older that I pretty much raised myself because, according to my attitude, I had it all figured out. Go figure! In short, I was a badass kid! Thank you for reading my story! Thank you for reading my story! Cheers to 2021!

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