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Exploring Life & Business with Kate Seiberlich of Uphoric Urth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kate Seiberlich.

Hi Kate, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
A MUSHROOM WOMANIFESTO FROM THE FOUNDER. It starts with energy. Back in 2015, I had none. In addition to what felt like perpetual exhaustion, I was getting sick all the time. My immune system was totally shot. How could this be possible…? I ate right, I exercised, I went GLUTEN FREE for goodness sake! After a series of blood tests, I was given the news that I had an autoimmune disorder, of which the cause was unknown, and it could be life-threatening if I didn’t do something about it. Some known treatment options for my condition included: steroids, blood transfusions, and removal of the spleen. I was convinced there had to be another alternative to giving up vital organs at this stage in life, which may only have been a bandage solution to my chronic issue. I desperately wanted to claim my health back, holistically, and on my terms. This inspired a holistic healing journey where my body was the test tube, the experimental vessel, and mother nature’s finest ingredients were the antidotes.

After a year and a half of visiting specialists, tinkering with holistic remedies and superfoods, and experimenting with diets on all ends of the spectrum from paleo to veganism, I felt much healthier overall but my autoimmune still persisted…until I discovered medicinal mushrooms. After several months of continued good diet and exercise, plus the integration of medicinal mushrooms into my daily routine, I felt energetically rejuvenated and to my surprise, I had healed my condition without pills or procedures. I got my most valuable asset back – my health. This sparked my love affair with the fungi kingdom and my holistic approach to health. Although, the downside was that I didn’t love the user experience along my healing journey. Often, I found myself lugging around heavy jars of mushroom powders (going through airport security was always interesting!) and constantly searching for hot water to mix my shroomy and often clumpy concoctions with. It was always a bit of a messy procedure. I sought to create a cleaner and more delicious means of ingesting these medicinal mushrooms, which ultimately inspired the birth of Üphoric Urth. Uphoric Urth officially launched in 2020, featuring six premium high-potency mushroom extracts made from some of my favorite healing mushrooms such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Turkey Tail.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
One of the most important elements when creating Uphoric Urth was to utilize only the most potent and ethically sourced ingredients available. I was hardcore about producing a mushroom tincture that was derived from the potent fruiting bodies of the mushroom, rather than the mycelium (the roots system) which is often cut with grains or fillers and unfortunately is very commonly used in the industry as it’s easier and cheaper to produce at mass than the fruiting bodies. Another massive obstacle for the company is the outdoor natural growing environment that we insist on utilizing.

Unlike most North American mushrooms which are grown indoors in a controlled environment on a substrate such as grain or oats, Uphoric Urth mushrooms are grown outdoors in the woodlands. This allows the mushrooms to reach a high level of potency with maximized bioactive medicinal compounds. This is extremely important — under these traditional (and challenging) conditions set forth by nature, mushrooms naturally undergo a degree of struggle to survive as they withstand weather and battle environmental factors. These challenges result in a more robust array of bioactive compounds and ultimately and a more powerful and healing when end product compared to mushrooms grown indoors or in a lab. These production practices may be more rigorous and time-consuming, but we believe this is the best course of action to take to provide our customers with the most clean, potent, and effective tincture possible.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Uphoric Urth?
WE’RE ÜPHORIC URTH — A SCIENCE AND RESEARCH DRIVEN WELLNESS COMPANY TAKING A MODERN APPROACH TO THE ANCIENT HEALING WISDOMS OF THE NATURAL WORLD. We are harnessing the power of medicinal and adaptogenic mushrooms to improve health and happiness for humankind. Join us on the journey to YOU-phoria. OUR PROMISE. We are hard core about quality and clean ingredients which is why our products contain absolutely no fillers – nothing to hide. There is no myceliated grain, no unnatural additives, and no unnecessary ingredients in our premium quality extracts. That leaves you with a completely pure and organic mushroom extract that is loaded with bioactive compounds to revitalize and modulate your immune systems and advance your cognitive function. ETHICALLY FARMED & AMERICAN MADE.

Üphoric Urth mushroom products are made following organic farming methods and sustainable practices from harvest to home. The farmers we work with are inspired by the principles of permaculture while working harmoniously with nature in all agricultural practices. EMPOWERING HOLISTIC HEALING. At the intersection of nature, science and human alchemy, we utilize the healing powers of medicinal mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps to reduce inflammation, fight disease, boost the immune system, and optimize cognitive performance. EXPERIENCE YOÜ-PHORIA. Our adaptogenic remedies utilize the healing powers of Mother Nature to provide you with a daily antidote to proactively protect your immune system and slow the aging process. We believe YOÜ hold all the power to holistically heal your body and function at your peak every day.

Where we are in life is often partly because of others. Who/what else deserves credit for how your story turned out?
My deepest gratitude and admiration goes to the mycologists, herbalists, farmers, magical tincture makers, and of course Mother Nature herself who have all inspired and breathed life into Üphoric Urth. Though this has been a solo founded venture since day one, there’s no way I could have pulled it off without tapping into the knowledge of many brilliant people whose lives are dedicated to studying and working with the natural world. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural Business, but I am not a mycologist nor physician. It took a boatload of scientific literature and research to understand the foundation of mycology. That being said, understanding the science isn’t enough — growing mushrooms in the most natural and beneficial way to create the best product possible is a whole other school of learning. And for that, I’m utterly grateful to the farmers I work with who have mastered the art of permaculture, from which our principles are inspired. Together, we hope to empower humankind’s holistic journey on the road to YOÜ-phoria.

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