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East LA_11.12.16

Scott Myles

I started my creative career with art lessons from my great aunt Florence. She’d buy me art supplies as a young kid and teach me color theory, etc. She’d amaze me with her travel sketchbooks from China and other places—just blowing my mind with her rough sketches and incredible stories about people she’d never see again, but whom had become a part of her life and then mine. Read More>>

Genesis Lopez

I’ve always been a quiet and shy type person. As a child, I spend a lot of time by myself which I started to draw, a lot. I started drawing nature stuff such as trees and flowers. Then I got into drawing cartoons and anime (Japanese animation) characters. I was drawing a lot of Sailor Moon and Disney characters. I would draw once in a while when I was kid never thought about how this is going to help me in the future or actually be part of something more, it was a hobby of mine and nothing more. When I was in middle school I was getting more into video games. Read More>>

Ashley French

My entire life is on film and video. I grew up with a family who loved to document everything, and also with a Grandfather who was an amazing Photographer himself. He and my Grandmother gave me my first film camera at the age of six and I was hooked. My Grandfather would show me the best lighting, and how to get the best angle. He taught me to wait for the moment, and really pay attention to the world around me. Read More>>

Peter Hess

Every artist has to invent painting for themselves. For some artists, that need be done only once. They find a way of working which is serviceable, and which interprets the outer or inner world for them. That style defines them and how they are viewed. I am restless, and my work is often subject to reinvention. Read More>>

Ryan Grayson

After a stint in the 90’s playing Music in NYC when Brooklyn was still pleasantly sketchy, I went back to school. Read More>>

Dennis Roy Coronel

It is something that I find myself explaining whenever I meet a new client. A story I quite enjoy re-telling! I did not grow up thinking I would be a Wedding Photographer or wake up one day and just decide that I was going to dive head first into the Wedding Industry, but diving in is exactly what happened. How? Read More>>

Tyler Peck

I grew up immersed in fine art like drawing and painting but got really interested in design. I went to college at Cornell for Architecture, practiced as an architectural designer and professor of design in Boston for a few years, but ultimately realized I wanted to try out some other things. Read More>>

Eleonora Ghioldi

Discovered photography when I was 17 years old. I fell in love with the darkroom and since then it has been my form of expression. Over the years I have worked with fine art galleries, editorial magazines and record companies. Lately, I have been working with local designers and stylist. Last year I shot my first short film called “The Gasp”. At the moment I am working on two personal multimedia projects. Read More>>

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