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Michael Ng

My father, like many Asian fathers, was a hobbyist photographer and early on he taught me the basics of composition, film loading and basic functions of a camera. Fast forward to the middle of college a newborn daughter – I never thought making a living as a photographer was even a possibility especially as a very young father so as I’m studying to get into the health care profession my parents asked me if that’s what I really wanted to do. This was the complete opposite of what Asian parents would say. They said to just do what makes you happy. Read More>>

Warren Difranco

So much to tell. My first passion was the ocean. My degree in Marine Biology allowed me to work on the water, sailing the seas on tall ships and schooners, alongside sea shantymen teaching young nautiloids about ocean life and ecology and how to tie a bowline. Being among sailors, I immersed in their lifestyle where a trip to the grocery store on land was like visiting a foreign planet. Something in me wanted to capture that in pictures. Read More>>

Isabelle (SeoYeon) Lee

I was born and raised in South Korea until I moved to L.A. almost two years ago. I first moved to L.A. with the dreams of being a filmmaker. However, after evaluation, I realized my love for the visual storytelling aspect of filmmaking outweighed any other elements. This lead me to realize photography is where my heart was, as it is a fully visual platform. Read More>>

Jasmin Mieles

Photographs, movies, books and music videos were an obsession of mine as long as I can remember.. true escapist tendencies, to put it lightly. I was an actor for a very long time both in New York as well as in Los Angeles. But as time would have it, I changed so my dream changed. I received my first camera at the age of 19 but the photographs I made were the usual sweet & innocent but yet unremarkable photos. Finally, after much struggle and honesty, I retired from acting and found myself truly inspired in the world of photography. I came to understand, I could be an even better story teller through this medium. I am more strongly suited for picture taking. Read More>>

Amina Touray

I’m an adventurer and I’m a dreamer, who dream with my eyes opened. I believe in the power of photography and to share visual stories. Because of my parents, that has two completely different cultures I knew early on that the world was a big place. My mother always brought me on travels around the world, so that definitely plays a big part in who I am today. I’ve always loved cultures and diversity. Read More>>

Leah Moriyama

I had always dabbled in different types of art growing up, taking different classes and things. In high school, I got interested in film and thought that I wanted to become a filmmaker. After graduating, though, I attended junior college, where I took my first photography class. I fell in love with making still images. Read More>>

Matthew Sordillo

I started using photoshop in 2005 to create surreal and psychedelic artwork, and eventually started pursuing photography more seriously in order to have access to better source images. Although all of my work is ultimately photography based, the finished work runs the range from a relatively traditional model based images to pieces in which the original photo material becomes completely obscured, with the end result appearing far more like a painting than a photograph. Read More>>

Daniel Bergeron

After 6 years in the US Navy, I decided to become a photographer. I started in labs. Running the dip-n-dunk, and printing for hours upon hours. Soon after, I started assisting. In 2006, I moved from San Diego to L.A., where I continued working as a photo assistant/digital tech. I got my “break”, so to speak, in the world of celebrity portraiture. All those years of assisting made me very particular about lighting, and sizing people up. I’m rarely allotted more than 15 minutes with my subjects, so I’m at ease with working fast. Read More>>

Luba Salp

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and as long as I remember I have been passionate about beautiful images: paintings, photographs, films, music videos. I knew I wanted to create but wasn’t sure about a particular path to choose so I was trying everything: producing, writing, drawing and eventually photography and cinematography was what felt the most natural to me and what I was getting the best feedback for. Read More>>

Paul Beauchemin

I always wanted to be a painter but when it came time to apply to college/art school I changed my major to photography. I was given a camera one Christmas and quickly became obsessed with making photographs. Read More>>

Keith Hamm

I caught the shutterbug when I was about 11 after being selected to travel to Japan in a short, two-week exchange. For a kid from Independence, MO, flying in an airplane for the first time to a very different culture was a life-changing experience for me. I probably shot about 20 rolls of film. The experience of seeing those images for the first time, opening the envelopes and going through the prints, is something that is hard to reproduce in the digital age. Read More>>

Aaron Delgado

At 19 years old, I bought a used Canon Rebel XT from a friend of a friend, It must have sat in my room for about 2 years, only being used for big family events like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Prior to that, the only experience I had with a Digital Camera was during my Two years of Yearbook and Graphic Design in Middle School. By the age of 22 I had been working as a EMT for about 5 years in LA County. It was a great job, but I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I decided to explore other career options. Read More>>

Bonnie Jun

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in the creative world. Growing up, I was obsessed with fashion magazines and the artistic expression clothing can convey. My mother was my soul and inspiration. She was a creative whirlwind of artistic explosion; she played violin, piano, painted, made clothing, & reupholstered couches. She is the reason why I have what I’d like to call creative- add. Read More>>

Lika Brutyan

I was born in a family of scientists and artists in Yerevan, Armenia.

My training and work in psychotherapy has lead me to a deep curiosity in human nature. Read More>>

Alison Korth

I moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin a little over three years ago. I had been pursuing fashion photography in Milwaukee but was enjoying art directing the shoots more than actually being behind the camera. Thus, I decided to move to Los Angeles to try outset decorating and production design. Someday I hope to combine both of these skills and design sets for my personal series of photo art. Read More>>

Ken Koller

I grew up on a horse farm in rural Kentucky until the age of 10. Early on I was drawing cars and taking pictures with my disposable flash camera. It was one of those cameras with 8 flashes on top, and you would have to go the store and buy more flashes for your camera should you ever run out and want a flash for your shots, which was near all the time. I enjoy creating or capturing a reality, a moment. Luckily I don’t have to buy flashes from the store every other weekend. Read More>>

Rick Rodney

I was born and raised in Southern California. At an early age I got into punk music, eventually started a band called Strife, and at about that same time started taking photos. After about a decade of heavy touring, the band slowed down and I began working in fashion, but always stayed passionate about photography. Around 2008 I decided to jump into photography full-time and haven’t looked back. Today I am fortunate enough to have built an amazing roster of clients (which feel more like family) and continue to build through a strong work ethic and always keeping it fun. Read More>>

Erik Trujillo

My story of how I got into photography starts with my Father. My father is an “I’ll do it myself” type of person so when my family member asked my father to be a “Padrino de Fotos” for my cousin’s upcoming Quinceanera (Which meant that he would have to pay to hired the Photographer) He used the money that would have been to hired the photographer to buy an SLR camera. Read More>>

Steve Diet Goedde

Steve Diet Goedde (pronounced ‘die-it geddy’) has been a fine art erotic photographer for nearly 25 years. He is known for his subtle approach to photographing alternative fashion in a very ethereal, down-to-earth style. His attention to composition and black and white tonal quality has given him the title of the Ansel Adams of erotic photography. Read More>>

Shana Potts

As a little girl growing up in Southeast Iowa I was intrigued by photography. I use to follow around a family friend who was a professional photographer asking her tons of questions. She was so eager in teaching me to use my creativity to capture the beauty that I saw through the lens. Read More>>

Felipe Dupouy

I started taking pictures and printing my own photographs when I was 12 years old. I began my career as a commercial and fine art photographer, my body of work includes a large body about Los Angeles. I photographed downtown in the late 90s and early 2000’s when it was empty. From there my work has evolved to include Limited addition handmade coffee tables that include photography in them. I am currently working on a new line of coffee tables made out of metal. These are handmade Limited addition high-end furniture pieces. Read More>>






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