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East LA 7.10.2017

Kevin Phelps

I was pursuing Photography at CBU when I started my career as a creative. Towards the end of the undergrad program I found my love for cinematography and film, but I was still very interested in pursuing photography. Once I was out in the world with a BA degree, I realized that I needed to choose between photography and film or else I would risk becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none. Read more>>

Cissy and Larry Cabrera

Both our parents are entrepreneurs that instilled the values and drive to become entrepreneurs, ourselves. Larry and I started StudioFit because Cissy was an avid spinner and was looking for the boutique style of indoor spinning that is so popular on the west side. Read more>>

Tiffany Luong

This photography business came from an intersection of so many different aspects of my life – my love for traveling and subsequently, being invited into peoples’ homes; my fascination with National Geographic stories; my research into my grandparents’ immigration history; my interest in all things behind-the-scenes. Read more>>

Sean Ireton

I grew up in the Bay Area (Northern California), and went to college at the Art Institute of CA – Sacramento where I got a full-ride scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in Web Design. From there, I continued my career in web design only to find that it’s not what truly made me happy. So, I did something about it. Read more>>

David Wahlman

With my educational background in Photography and Graphic Design, I always knew I wanted to have my own company one day, but I always assumed it would be years down the road. After spending a few years on the Graphic Design path and in the print and signage industry, I came to a gradual conclusion that I didn’t want to settle for ‘someday’. Read more>>

Samuel and Elizabeth Santos

During our worst financial situation back on 2014, we asked God for a direction and that’s when God gave us a vision of what Suda Fit is today. We decided to start everything by faith and trusting him. As soon as we got that mentality, everything started aligning towards the right direction. 3 years later, we run a very successful business in which we also help many people in our community. Read more>>

Chris Rusanowsky

I started photography when I was a young man, I moved to California when my parents divorced and found myself in a place that I knew little about. I was surrounded by gang activity in my neighborhood and was a bit of a loner during those early years. My grandmother one day gave me an old film camera and took me out to photograph in Catalina Island. I was hooked instantly. Read more>>

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