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East LA 4.10.2017

Erica Clum

I’m going to blame this one on L.A. I “mysteriously” landed in Los Angeles in 2005 after spending my life up until then in small rural towns with lots of space & quiet & trees. I was overwhelmed. Through a stroke of luck, I landed a career in as a costumer/wardrobe stylist, which was exciting & fun but also very stressful & I am the sensitive type & I don’t cope with stress well.  Read More>>

Nericia Picado

I was born and raised in central LA. Raised by a single (immigrant) mom along with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. She refused to collect welfare and always had at least 1 job. Read More>>

 Lindsay Pasiuk

Having to plan my wedding really opened my eyes to the possibility of creating something very unique and special for many couples out there who do not have a need or want of a flashy, Pinterest style, big wedding. When I was planning my wedding all I kept thinking about was how nice it would be to just elope or have a really small wedding, with all the important people who we cared about to attend. Read More>>


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