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East LA 10.16.2017

Christine Comina

I am a native SoCal girl who loves adventuring with my boys, Tanner & Beckett. Before becoming a mom and founding Q Handmade, I worked in television as a camera operator, traveling all over the world shooting reality shows. Q Handmade was born in my living room shortly after my first son was born about 10 years ago. While he was napping, I was stamping. Read more>>

Anne Sommers

When asked why I became a midwife, I usually answer, ‘Midwifery is my calling.’ I love and enjoy working with mothers, babies and families. I had my own two children at home with the assistance of midwives, and I believe that homebirth is the safest and best way to bring children into the world. Read more>>

Michael Khachadoorian

As a teenager, I had the opportunity to work at my great uncle Papken’s camera stores, first subbing in for my dad’s cousin in Boston, then working full time 6 days a week up in Rockport, Mass at Camera Corner, for four summers straight. Read more>>

Shi Yanyi

I am a 34th generation of Shaolin monk from Shaolin Temple, China. Since young age, I was inspired by the teaching of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu, and so I attended Shaolin Temple China to learned both Chan (Zen Buddhism) and Shaolin Kung Fu. Read more>>

Kellyn Pak

I’ve been an ER nurse for 15 years and would have never expected to venture out beyond hospital walls. I’ve had a passion to teach ever since I was a child and have fond memories of my little sister and I playing “school” with our dolls. I was the school teacher and she would be the “teacher’s helper.” Read more>>

David Haffter

Working for another sign company for 12 years I looked at what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong, really wrong. Thought we could build a better mouse trap, so we did. 10 years later we have been able to expand our company into Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Northern California with over 130 full time employees. Read more>>

Jan Koren

Motivated to launch a family-run business focused on providing high quality exhibit solutions and developing loyal relationships with clients, I and my son, Todd Koren, established Absolute Exhibits with its first office in Tustin, California in July 2000. In 2001, our company opened a second office in Las Vegas, the country’s leading city in trade shows and conventions. Read more>>

Jessica Senteno

I have always been surrounded by and loved animals. Whether it be my giant tortoise I had at age 2 or the first dog I had at age 5 I named Michael Jackson, I knew it would be the four-legged life for me. Read more>>

Richard Lamas

The first time I ever performed live was when I was in middle school during a church festival. I remember my friends and myself practicing Metallica, Toy Dolls and Nekromantix songs in my buddy’s garage for hours to ensure that we wouldn’t fuck them up on the day of the show. Read more>>

Jami Nunez

I spent 15 years in Customer Service Management with the airlines and decided to open up a family operated automotive service business with my husband Steve Nunez in 2016. I am one of the very few woman business owners for an automotive repair shop. But it does make sense because most drivers are women and would prefer to deal with a woman professional in the automotive repair field. Read more>>

Heather Tucker

Since grade school, I have always had a passion for art. Illustrating and painting were always an outlet for me, so I decided later to turn my passion into a career by achieving my degree in Graphic Design where I could expand my creative skills. Read more>>

Roger and Kimberly Lino

We both met Spring semester in Mr. Mamey’s Musicianship class while studying music at Citrus College. I would be traveling in bands all over the US every weekend and would sometimes sleep in my car in the school parking lot on Sunday nights in order to make it to our Monday 8am class. Read more>>

Vicky Tosa

I decided to quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom after giving birth to my second child. Being a stay-at-home with two children is not easy, especially when they are less than 2 years apart. Read more>>

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