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East LA 05.29.2018

Jia Gu

I’m an architectural curator and designer who directs a small exhibition space called Materials & Applications, and co-founded a small design studio Spinagu with my partner Maxi Spina. My research work, whether in design or curation, is focused on the role of architecture in our world today — specifically in the city of Los Angeles. Read more>>

Portrait XO

I started my journey in music with classical piano at age 4. I quit piano lessons at age 15 to discover my own sound, moved to London for awhile, and came back to LA with new perspectives on sound. Living in London for 9 years was the boldest and best thing I’ve ever done. Read more>>

Sarah A. Wessendorf

I always knew that I was hard working and determined. I knew that whatever I would do, I would do well. I grew up acting on stage and it was my world, my everything. But my determination got mixed up with my parents ideas of life and I started to go down a road that my authentic self was not happy with. Read more>>

Como Chingas

It was pretty much an accident. Early February, I had moved into a new place and had a lot of vintage and name brand clothes to sell. I didn’t want to sell through eBay with listing fees, so I started my own online store. I texted my friend Justine how I named the store and domain como chingas as a joke. Read more>>

Jena Covello

I created Agent Nateur because of a history with endometriosis and adenomyosis, two estrogen dominant diseases. Aluminum in antiperspirant is an endocrine disruptor and mimics estrogen so I began steering clear of that ingredient and was on the hunt for a natural deodorant. Read more>>

Eliza Swann

My name is Eliza Swann. I’m an interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, educator, writer and community organizer – I am also the founder and director of the Golden Dome School. I grew up in New York City, and have always been a poet, artist, and mystic. Read more>>

Antreas Hindoyan

Growing up cardiovascular disease was very prevalent in the Armenian community, You saw the profound effect it could have on individuals and their families. This hit very close to home seeing my grandpa struggle with the disease and finally succumb to it. Read more>>

Matthew Kaner

I began my wine career on the retail side in my hometown of Santa Barbara, working at the Wine Cask Wine Store. At the same time, I was trying to crack into the music scene as a singer/songwriter so I was spending a lot of time in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Chad Sawyer

After graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design in 2004 – where I studied graphics and interactive design – I moved to Los Angeles after accepting one of the best first jobs a young designer could ask for designing concert posters for the legendary House of Blues. Read more>>

Martha Millan

I came to the US in 1978 as a 17-year-old from Mexico. Due to my age, I was placed as a junior at Valley High. The counselor from school informed me that I didn’t have enough credits to graduate so she was suggesting I quit school and get a job to help my parents (her words.) Read more>>

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