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East LA 05.22.2018

Leah Kercheville

I started practicing yoga in the 90s when I was in high school when my step dad’s chiropractor prescribed him three Rodney Yee VHSs. I was never one for sports as I didn’t like fighting for a ball or a goal, but I loved feeling my body in strength and release. Read more>>

Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is a Los Angeles-based fine artist and embroidery designer. In 2001 she independently launched the contemporary embroidery design company Sublime Stitching, offering modern embroidery patterns, updated educational resources, innovative tools, threads and textiles. Read more>>

Erin Beck

I didn’t think I would fall in love with LA. I’m a Midwest girl turned city dweller that still thinks it isn’t barbecue without the sauce. So I filled up a backpack and did 15 months around 5 continents with my husband and my camera, with odd homes and odd jobs. Read more>>

Jeffrey Prosser

I grew up in a little creative town four hours north of LA called Visalia, CA. As a kid I didn’t like to be bored, so naturally I got involved in whatever I could to avoid the perpetual central valley boredom. Of all the things I did, the one I did the most was acting and performing in theatre. Read more>>

Bonnie Shearston

My business partner, Tom Sanceau, and I moved from England to Australia in 2008. We had both worked in hospitality from a young age, Tom washing dishes in a local restaurant after school, and I started out changing bed sheets in a youth hostel in Newquay. Read more>>

Jade Mainade

I fell into photography by chance. I was living in Miami and got a little shitty point and shoot digital camera. During that time I was in school for nutrition and was feeling a bit aimless with my life. I started to play around with the camera for fun and that led me to start shooting my friends. Read more>>

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