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East LA 05.15.2018

Nick Schreiber

Back in 2012 my now business partner and I were deep in a discussion about how there was a serious lack of stellar bagels in LA. So I started making them out of our apartment primarily for our own enjoyment . Then we started having these little brunches for our friends. Read more>>

Darcio Fao

My name is Darcio Nowitski Fao. I have had a strong passion for hair and styling ever since I was a child. Being that several people in my family are hair dressers, I was naturally exposed to the profession from a very young age. Both my grandfather and my mother are known and established hairdressers in Brazil. Read more>>

Camila Martins

Camila began her directing career with an award-winning short documentary entitled Chains – a look at the history of hip-hop from its Jamaican roots to the streets of the Bronx. Born and raised in Brazil, Camila is now based in Los Angeles, where she worked extensively in TV commercial production for clients such as Gatorade, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s with directors like Floria Sigismondi and Mark Romanek. Read more>>

Ben Eisenbise

As a lifelong classic car aficionado, expert, and journalist, I’ve always been in search of the perfect roads in which to enjoy my classic cars. California has a seemingly endless supply of driver’s roads combined with perfect weather conditions, especially here in Southern California. Read more>>

Linda Lieu

I like to juggle multiple things at once, because there is just so many things in this world that I love doing, and will keep loving more. To name the most predominant things, I am primarily: A fashion designer, costume designer, stylist, illustrator, textile artist, and a creative director. Read more>>

Ava Bogle

I went to UCLA undergrad for theatre. After graduation, I became a member of Pacific Resident Theatre and Rogue Machine Theatre, where I acted in many plays. I started acting in films and then started making my own films, which have played internationally and won awards. Read more>>

Guy Shahar

Basically Lauren Harkness and I started The Tantra Institute in New York last year (we’ve studied many many different modalities of connection), with the mission to foster more conscious connection. We offer classes and private sessions on relationships, masculine & feminine dynamics, anatomy and arousal… basically how to connect with yourself and your partner in a holistic embodied way. Read more>>

Sarah Svetlana

old I grew up as a refugee, immigrant child from Belarus. It wasn’t always easy understanding who I was or where I fit in but art gave me a chance to scream when I felt I had no voice. Painting was always a therapeutic process for me, from start to finish but the moment I saw that I was reaching others with my art and connecting on a soulful level I knew this would be my life’s work. Read more>>

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