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East LA 04.24.2018

Erin Lally

Gingerly Witty all began from my love of personal style, but my path to opening up a shop was far from linear. I studied TV in college and moved out to LA (circa 2010) immediately after to pursue writing and acting, but quickly realized that fast-paced, little to no reward world was not for me. Read more>>

Victoria Birch

I have studied and practiced many types of yoga for almost 20 years! I was drawn into Kundalini Yoga because it gave me this tangible experience of the infinite timeless self — the sacred and expansive self. I had tasted this inner expansiveness practicing other types of yoga, but there was a new idea—of honoring and communing with your most inner self — a completely foreign concept to me before Kundalini Yoga. Read more>>

Megan McCulloch

After many years of designing for other brands, I decided to start my own. I wanted to create something with purpose rather than more of the same. I also had a desire to work with local manufactures, to support the apparel industry here in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Rudy Espinoza

I was born in East LA but grew up in West Covina. My father was an alcoholic and early on, my Mom decided to leave him and raise my brother and I on her own. As a waitress, and an undocumented immigrant for a time, she struggled to take care of us. Growing up I remember her stressing the importance of education so I didn’t have to “work as hard as her.” Read more>>

Christina YR Jun

When I was younger, I knew I wanted to tell stories. Though I didn’t know exactly how I knew my career would somehow revolve around this. Then during my undergraduate years in Chicago, I discovered the film and theatre scene and I instantly gravitated towards them. Read more>>

Élan Delgadillo

As a fellow poet, Brian Johnson, recently recited, “That’s how it starts; that’s how they get you hooked, on the small stuff. And before you know it, your 4th-grade haiku about a tree by a pond is stapled to the classroom wall framed by piss-colored construction paper.” I have always been a quiet soul. Read more>>

Nick Garcia

In 2011, I started making my own xerox zines of old disposable shots, stories and other weird stuff I scanned, just trying a new creative outlet. I met a lot of people through trading zines, then I started pooling together their photos and writing to make a group zine. Read more>>

John Brantingham

I teach in the English department at Mt. San Antonio College where I specialize in creative writing. When I first started, I and some of the other department members went to creative writing conferences. They were great, but they would often cost $1000 or more. Read more>>

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