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East LA 04.17.2018

Aline Shaw

My name is Aline, and I’m Brazilian by birth and a California girl at heart. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I ventured to sunny Los Angeles as a UCLA student and graduated with degrees in International Economic Development and Globalization Studies. Read more>>

Tona Ramirez

I started as a classical violinist playing in local orchestras and traveling internationally. I grew up around musicians and artists and in addition to studying classical music, I was also exposed to a lot of traditional folkloric Mexican music. Once I started high school, I began exploring other instruments and genres of music and also began writing my own music. Read more>>

Jeff Kleeman

Making art for artists and arts entities flows from a life-long passion for hand-craft coupled with a fascination with materials and processes. After moving to Los Angeles from Ohio to attend school at CalArts, crazy opportunities presented to work with many notable artists as well as institutions such as the Los Angeles Opera and Los Angeles County Museum of Art among others. Read more>>

Tina DiGeorge

I’m a musician and film composer born and raised in Southern California currently living in East LA with my wife and two dogs. I’ve been playing music since I was big enough to wrap my fingers around the neck of a guitar, around four years old. Music runs in my family and there was always music in the house, whether on the stereo or being played live. Read more>>

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