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East LA 04.03.2018

Olivia McCallum

I didn’t necessarily set out with the aim of starting my own business, or at least not this one. After spending the previous eight years in the film industry, I decided it was time to move on from the grind of working on sets. I wasn’t entirely sure which direction to go next, but I knew that, eventually, I wanted to be my own boss, with the freedom and opportunity for a more hands-on type of creativity. Read more>>

Suzie Strong

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with photos. My mom would indulge my requests to take down the box of old family photos as much as she had time for. I perused National Geographic, dreaming of far away travels , picturing myself as a female Indiana Jones armed with a camera. I asked for a camera every year for my birthday and Christmas. Read more>>

Dominique Sheth

When I graduated from college in 2012, I like many millennials, struggled to figure out what comes next on the path to adulthood. The economy was only beginning to look up and getting that first entry level job with a B.A. in Sociology was brutal. Read more>>

Adria Baratta

I grew up with very passionate and divided interests. Both of my parents are involved in both the arts and physical expression. My mother, formerly a dancer and now a visual artist, and my father, a former athlete, who works in film production while nurturing his creativity as a jazz drummer. Read more>>

Julie Geller

As an ex-executive, I understand how it feels to cover up symptoms of being sick, tired and anxious. My experience is what inspired me to become a Certified Health Coach. I don’t want women to suffer in silence anymore. Read more>>

Sean Allen

Since an early age, the professional development field has always intrigued me. This interest has motivated me to relay my experiences to others to increase their professional skills that they use every day. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to learn about Corporate America, human resources, management, and leadership in the real world. Read more>>

Erin K. Smith

I began reading Tarot cards professionally almost seven years ago. I was introduced to Tarot as a teenager and instantly fell under the spell of this magical art. As a kid, I was prone to visions. My dreams were vivid and often prophetic. I intuitively understood the power that an image has to direct your thinking. Read more>>

Antonia Crane

It was the 1995 pre-tech, perma-fog, post-punk, home of Silence=Death ACT UP, Queer Nation, Food Not Bombs, underground lesbian sex clubs, needle exchange, San Francisco. I was moments from getting evicted. Each month, I begged the landlord for one more week until finally I came home to a note on my door from my roommates asking me to move out. Read more>>

Jeremy and Vanessa Swan

My wife and I moved to Los Angeles from the central coast of California in 2005 and by September of that year I had opened up Broken Art Tattoo in Silver Lake. In 2007, Vanessa had also opened up her third boutique (This or Die Boutique) in Atwater Village and was unfortunately not recession proof. Read more>>

Jen De Simone

I moved to New York City soon after finishing college. I was working long hours, always eating out or grabbing drinks, and functioning on little sleep. In between it all, I was training for half marathons. I thought by exercising in-between I was healthy. Read more>>

Lindsay Velez

From the Age of 3 I could speak with Dogs, Later I realized I was actually Listening to them. At 8 I developed tools to help me better understand, and communicate with animals including horses in 4-H, (“where young people learn by doing”). Read more>>

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