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East LA 03.27.2018

Alissa Noelle

I am originally from Houston, TX (been waiting to bump into Beyoncé my whole life…) and both of my parents were born in Havana, Cuba. I remember that the first photos I ever saw were of my mom’s parents by what looked like the tallest palm tree I had ever seen! I remember thinking, “WOW! Is this place real?! Plus, look how in love they are!” I’m sure that’s not exactly what I said since I was probably only five years old, but you get the picture (get it?). Read more>>

Amber McCall

Creating a career around art was never my plan, in fact- I openly avoided it. I was born and raised in South-East LA (Cudahy,CA). Having been raised under extreme poverty, success to me meant having modest stability. Aspirations like getting a job at Bank of America, being a receptionist, or even In N Out Burger because they pay like two dollars higher than minimum wage. Read more>>

Melissa Monroe

After graduating college in 1991, I worked as a Research Technologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Although I loved my job, and am very grateful for the amazing opportunity I had at U of C, I became disillusioned with the business side of medicine. Read more>>

Albertossy Espinoza

I was born into poverty in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Soon my mother met the man I call my dad, and my life changed. My parents migrated to the United States when I was 4 years old. At age 5, I traveled by myself to Miami, where my dad met me, then we flew to what would be my new home, Chicago. By age 11 I knew that I wanted to be in the entertainment business, dance and acting were my calling. Read more>>

Carolina Adame

My start in photography came out of a need to let go of a life that was being lived for others. I had just gotten out of a long relationship, had let go of a home, called off a wedding, and found myself with an overwhelming need to spend time with myself. Photography felt extremely therapeutic. Read more>>

Mike Locke

I’ve always been passionate about emerging and independent artists and in 2004, while working at Warner Music Group/Rhino, I found a way to integrate that passion into my work. I had the ear of the head of the synch department at the time and pitched the idea to represent for synch licensing an independent label and artist I championed. Read more>>

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