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East LA 03.20.2018

Jenny Walters

It’s been a circuitous path. As a girl I spent a lot of time alone playing make believe. Looking back I see that the things that I found interesting were relationships. I never watched cartoons, they weren’t real enough, but I lived for after school specials. Read more>>

Alyssa Olinger

Lamp Vibes was manifested through my desire for more and my love for creating. I feel the most myself when I’m working with my hands. There’s something about painting that holds me to the earth. Since I was a little girl my mother would take me to art festivals, shows and markets on the weekends. Read more>>

Jolynn Braswell

Growing up I was surrounded by killer music. My pops is a punk rocker at heart, but has quite an eclectic taste in music. I grew up rocking out in our living room to The Clash, The Ramones, Tom Petty, Devo, Nirvana, James Brown, etc. Read more>>

Jeffrey Guiducci

I was exposed to a large amount of art and architecture at a very young age, because my parents felt it was extremely important for us kids. However I didn’t really discover my true passion for both until high school. I was so fortunate to have attended a public Lincoln Nebraska high school which allowed my to be casting silver and bronze in a jewelry design course in one period and in the next be drawing building details, sections and elevations. Read more>>

Bonnie Hearn Hill

I had gone from a radio station copywriter (the San Joaquin Valley version of KHJ) to an editor for McClatchy Newspapers, all the while trying to write novels. In those days, there was no internet and few mentors for writers. Yet, when I finally connected in 2001, my literary agent negotiated a six-book deal with me for one of the largest publishers in the world. Read more>>

Brian Harwick

I grew up in a very arts oriented house hold, my mother constantly encouraged me to engage in creative outlets and always had music like B.B. King playing loudly in the house. I can remember one of my earliest birthdays my mom got me an play easel to paint on. Read more>>

Kyle LaLone

I was always fascinated and drawn to music since I was a very young. I started taking guitar lessons when I was 9 years old, started my own band when I was 12, and participated in all the music programs I could at my high school. Read more>>

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