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TJ Fuller

Born and raised in rural Kansas. Always loved the countryside and animals. Studied Fine Art at the University of Kansas and painted Neo-Baroque compositions of animals. Graduated and did some traveling, lived in Costa Rica and hung out in the jungle chasing poison-dart frogs and iguanas. Read More>>

Amor Armour

After years of doing theater, commercials, and music, I pondered why others were not given the chances I had. That’s why I founded Amor Armour Videos to make music video and media services obtainable and affordable for artists from all calibers. Read More>>

Max Naseck

I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. When I was in high school, my passions for photography and graphic design began to blossom whilst taking art classes and participating in school publications. Additionally, I had been playing the piano since I was five, and I began to discover and become passionate about playing jazz and blues. I applied to USC and was accepted as jazz studies major. The following year I decided to add a major in the School of Cinematic Arts called Media Arts + Practice as I wanted to continue to develop my skills in graphic design and t take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities that USC offers. Read More>>

Francisco Flores

Growing up, I was very shy and a bit of a loner. it was very hard for me to socialize with my peers because we did not have common interests and I refused to pretend to like or do things that didn’t feel were very “me”. so I would find ways to entertain myself such as: creating my own Pokemon hoping that one day it will appear in the actual show & video games, in fact, i did that with almost every show I watched, I would create new characters and stories hoping one day they would all exist to the public eye. it wasn’t until my eldest sister became a fashion follower that I began to take interest in fashion. I would sketch new clothes hoping that one day my sister would wear one of my designs. Read More>>

Keith Alva

Keith started visual design at the age of 17, making websites & flyers for bands. He studied illustration at Fullerton College with a passion for printmaking & graphic design. Over the decade, Keith’s visual work gave him the privilege to work with clients such as Tidal, Converse, Jay-Z, Elliott Evan & more. With a primary focus on UX/UI, he enjoys creating interactive design while applying realism into digital products. Keith also enjoys recording music, riding mopeds & hanging with dogs. Read More>>

Tuna Bora

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to Los Angeles to study at Otis College of Art and Design and started interning in various fields while I was in school. I got my first start in working for commercial production companies, and within a year of graduation, my client list had spread amongst games, feature animation, and apps. Today, I work as in illustrator/art director for clients including Google, Disney Japan, Nike, Toyota, Sony Pictures Animation, Buck, Nickelodeon, and New Line Cinema. Read More>>

Nicole Liang

Born in an art family, I’ve always been interested and passionate about art, design, and creativities.

After I finish my college in Beijing, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream as a designer. I started as a graphic designer, then found my sweet spot in product design later on. Read More>>

Elizabeth Arriaga

My story is one of destiny (God) leading me places that I never expected. I’ve always been a creative. As a child, I loved to draw horses and landscapes. Through middle and high school I learned to paint and the basics of art. Though I did not have the slightest notion that art would become my profession. I wanted to become a math teacher or a musician. After high school I found myself working as an assistant to a successful realtor in Vista, CA. Read More>>

Yura Kim

I only decided midway through my undergrad at the University of Virginia that I wanted to devote myself to art and storytelling, so I’ve always felt like I’ve had a late start – the original plan was denial and pretending I was good at math. After getting my degree, I hopped on a plane to Cali and was fortunate enough to have friends willing to let me stay on their couches and in their closets. I landed a job in graphic design, something I had taught myself and had done mainly for fun, but soon left when I realized I should probably learn how to draw. Upon making that decision, I have taken various courses at Concept Design Academy and have been working on personal projects to develop my portfolio. Read More>>

Danielle Garza

While thumbing through my parents’ vinyl record collections as a young child, I always knew I wanted to design album covers. I was instantly attracted to art and devoured books, both while reading and cutting out as many images as I could that drew me in. From those images, I began collaging and painting, covering the walls of my bedrooms over time. Once you find that creative bone in your body you can’t stop… I later started playing guitar and bass in bands, taught myself how to sew, and then at the age of 20, made the best decision of my life (!) in moving to Los Angeles to become closer to culture and international-city-life. After a few years, I started showing my artwork publicly- through exhibitions, album covers, and this incredible and weird world we call “The Internet.” Read More>>

Cassandra Manna

I always loved to draw and paint and be creative, as a child, I used to draw on my mom’s arms with pastels and give her “tattoos”. After high school, I attended college in Long Beach but I left after a year to pursue a career as a makeup artist which I did for many years. While I was still doing makeup I bought a sewing machine and I LOVED going to the fabric store to look for cool prints and interesting fabric for my projects but then I would hate actually sewing it lol I started to think about going back to school for design. Read More>>

Down the Street Designs

It all started with an assignment. The two of us were accepted into the Graphic Design program at Cal State, Long Beach and as such were both attending our first class of the program – Advertising. Our first assignment required that we be paired up with someone that we didn’t know and to get lunch, dinner, or coffee with them. It just so happened that one of those duos was the two of us. After a brief chat, we both decided that we’d connect over Ramen. Read More>>

Jackie Chang

As a kid, I loved to draw and illustrate story booklets. I was also a computer nerd making websites, digital art and animations for fun. Not much has changed! From Toronto, I moved to LA and majored in Animation and Digital Arts and worked as a graphic designer. During those college years, I learned by experimenting a lot with different mediums and collaborating with others. I’m now part of a creative team at Disney creating captivating content for Disney’s online and social platforms. All of us have our strengths as artists and bring it into our jobs so we’re constantly inspiring one another. I’m drawn to animating mixed media and playing with style. Read More>>

Kiki Chen

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 16 and the longer I live in this city, the more I am in love with it. After graduate from Cal Poly Pomona as a graphic designer, I have been working in the fashion industry for many years. Before working at Simon G. Jewelry, I worked at Robbins Brothers as senior graphic designer. Both jobs gave me many interesting challenges. I love my job because this is what I love to do. I never stop making artworks. I have designed a bee character with television head named “CharmBeeOn” and a home decoration stationary named “Scenicalendar”. Both series were published to the public and they received a lot for positive feedbacks. I am glad that I grew up in a city that is flooded with beautiful arts with a variety of cultures. Read More>>

Neph Trejo

I got into design because of my love for music. Packaging, merch, I love it. I cut my teeth at a screen print shop in Glendora, CA. I was there for a few years while I was doing the band thing. It afforded me some great deals on t-shirts. I met a girl and thought about life after the band, and I decided to go to school for design. I went and got myself a BFA (graphic design) from Art Center in Pasadena, CA. I graduated in one of the worst times to be looking for a job, Summer 2008. I was lucky enough to land a gig right after working at Biola university, then did some work for my buddy’s shop. There I ended up doing a lot of work for John Mayer, along with some other artists like Sheryl Crow and The Orb as well as a couple of Management companies. Did a ton of work for Vizio. Read More>>

Jessica Owen

I’ve been drawing since before I could talk. By drawing, I mean scribbling all over every page of single Dr. Seuss book in my house when my mom wasn’t looking. Drawing and painting was all I wanted to do growing up. When I was seven or eight, my stepmom gave me some scraps of fabric and some needles and thread from a project she was working on, and I started trying to sew dresses for my dolls. They were frayed and fell apart a lot, but I fell in love with trying to make clothes, too. I’ve always liked making things more than I’ve liked anything else. Read More>>

Samantha Lopez

I recently graduated from California State Northridge with a Bachelors degree in Art, emphasized in Graphic Design. I am an Illustrator by heart and a graphic designer by trade. My style could be described as American Traditional, which pay’s homage to the tattoo culture I’ve grown to love while living in Los Angeles. I’ve designed custom illustrations, branding and packaging for various corporations to small independent businesses, most notably my local coffee shop Civil Coffee, in Highland Park. As a child growing up I never would have imagined my constant doodles would have developed into the passionate career and world-wide friendships I’ve created as a Graphic Designer. My story has just begun… Read More>>

Megan Hunt

I first discovered my interest in makeup as a young child doing theatre and dance and found myself always loving getting everyone ready for performance. From doing my fellow dancemates glam before a game performance or drawing in more defined wrinkles on the actor playing Santa in our local city play– I loved it!  Read More>>

Dan Madden

I grew up in Whippany, New Jersey until I went to college in Notre Dame. I’ve always loved design, so I moved to Chicago to become a famous graphic designer. Read More>>

Giselle A. Zelaya

I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Honduras. My parents always worked hard so that my big sister and I would always have every single thing we needed to be happy. My mom is a university professor and my dad is a pilot. They have taught me that I can have pretty much anything I want, even reach the sky as long as I keep working hard, learning as much as possible, and always give the best of me in whatever I do. Read More>>

Stephanie Dillon

I was always a crafty creative kid but really started to consider the possibility of making art my life in high school. I did not come from a family of creatives so I really have to credit some of my art teachers in high school for giving me the nudge and the vision that art could be a way of making a living. I moved to Orange County to pursue an education in Fine Art, eventually changed my focus to Graphic Design, and received my Bachelors of Science degree. I started working full time as a graphic designer upon my graduation from art school. Read More>>

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