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Jeremiah Gardner

I started interning for a marketing firm in Beverly hills during my freshman year of college. This gave me the experience needed to land my first job within the industry by the age of 18. The work that I produced during my time working with Urban Outfitters, Crooks & Castles, Nike, lead me to my first Creative Director position at 23. In my current role of Creative Director with DNA Design Corporation, I focus on amplifying brands through experiential campaigns, product launches, press, partnerships and digital marketing strategies. Read More>>

Siyan Ren

I was born and raised in China and I started to draw from kindergarten at a very early age. Child dream was to be an artist or a painter or something really traditional, until later in 6th grade, dazzled by an application called Flash introduced in a random computer class, I paved my first step into the digital world. Read More>>

Krislam Chin

I am originally from Ontario, California (yep, all the way over there!) I graduated from FIDM – Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2011 with my AA in Graphic Design. Shortly after, I started my career at a Market Research firm in DTLA – not too far away from FIDM. It was at the firm that I developed my love for infographics and dove deep into the research studies. It’s really interesting to see what companies are up to and how they plan on expanding their current products – and the cool part was being one of the first set of people to know! It was also during that time that I finally decided to pack my bags and move to DTLA with two other roomies sharing a 1-studio loft. The commute just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore – nearly 2 hours BOTH ways! Read More>>

Sarah Shreves

After finding myself at the age of 19 photographing former child soldiers in Northern Uganda, I knew that photography had the power to change the world around me. That images moved people, money, and large cultural norms. I knew if I could use photography as a tool to have those types of conversations that moved the world with more compassion, generosity, and health that I needed to keep photographing people, places and products that I believe are a part of that shift. Read More>>

Leva Ann Schneider

I began documenting my life through photography in my adolescence. My earliest influence was my mother who documented the first 12 years of my life. I began my first formal training in photography in high school. I always wanted to be a photographer, whether professionally or not. My high school teacher once told our class that “we’d be lucky if we became wedding photographers”. Read More>>

Christine Terrisse

I trained professionally as a stage actress. However, in 2008, I found myself at a crossroads. I hadn’t really pursued an acting career full force. I have always been and am still in love with the artform, the craft but acting is notoriously difficult as a profession to break into and I was starting to wonder if there was some other way I should try and make a living. Twitter was taking off at the point, and I joined under the handle @thelatebloomer (that should give you some insight into my mindset at the time). As is easy to do on Twitter, I made a few friends. I could tell that one of the women I struck up a friendship with was successful, traveled a lot and seemed to be a writer. One day bored, I sardonically tweeted “Death by desk.” She lol’ed and a short time later privately messaged me to ask if I would be interested in writing for her. Read More>>

Armine Tadevosyan

I started my profession in Theatre in my 2nd year at Glendale Community College. My former dance instructor also recorded music and was given an opportunity to be a guest performer at an artist’s concert at Microsoft Theatre in LA Live (formally known as Nokia Theatre). Read More>>

Curtis Moore

I became interested in photography while I was a college student at CSUSB. I was studying business at the time. Five classes away from graduating, I decided to take a photography class and fell in love with it. The next thing I know, I changed my major and spent an extra two years in college and the rest is history. I now own my own fashion showroom/photo studio in downtown LA with two other designers. Some notable clients and credits include L.A.Sparks, America’s Next Top Model winner Naima Mora, Christina Milian, Beyonce Dancer Kim Gringas, MiMi G, Simplicity, and Singer Terry Dexter to name a few. Read More>>

Nahal Shad

Fashion design and illustration have always been a sort of therapy for me, instead of channeling my feelings into diary posts I created and conceptualized clothes. For as long as I can remember I have been scribbling down pictures of clothes and voicing strong, stubborn opinions about what other people were wearing, whether they liked it or not. My mom always said it was impossible to buy clothes for me and it was annoying to ask me how she looked because I always wanted to change something about her outfit. Read More>>

Yolanda Martinez

Growing up in Los Angeles, my mother encouraged me to express myself. She would buy tons and tons of Crayola’s and paper to draw and create whatever I wanted. Being in a household of hardcore Disney fans, it’s such a cliché to say, but watching Disney films is what brought my interest into film-making specifically, visual development and illustration. Due to my passion for cartoons and films brought me to San Francisco, CA to study Illustration at the Academy of Art University. Having had a year out of school due to financial circumstances that life of a student brings, it led to an opportunity to self-discovery and having the great guts to apply for positions that I might not even be qualified to do so. With great luck, I landed a short term job in Daly, City with the studio Ghostbot, Inc. Read More>>

J. Fernando Diaz

I started playing music at the age of 11. I had always been exposed to a vast array of music and knew I wanted to make it an integral part of my life. This coincided with a strong imprecation for technology that was instilled in me by my late uncle at an early age. He was a broadcast engineer and often took me to work with him as a child. After high school, I continued to study and play music at Pasadena City College where I am now part of the instructional staff for several percussion ensembles. It’s also at PCC where I studied audio and graduated from the Commercial Music program in May of 2015. Read More>>

Drew Melton

I started as a self-taught web designer in high school. I transitioned to graphic design in college. After dropping out during my third year of college I started my little design company, just lucky. I took on all kinds of clients and designed everything logos, business cards, and websites to trade show booths and installations. I found myself more and more enamored with typography. Read More>>

LaDonna Davis

I started And She Saw Stars in 2014 after I completed my Associates in Fashion Design from FIDM in Downtown Los Angeles. I started as a blog and included topics such as my photography and fashion design. Today I’m designing and have been showcased in 2 Fashion Weeks. Read More>>

Michael Maples

I began my career as a model/actor and through the years I gradually moved behind the camera until it became my life as well as a full-time job. While assisting in all aspects of the business, I was able to grab knowledge from all depts – styling, makeup/hair, set design etc, which has helped to bring all full circle with my photography/directing career. I’ve been a professional photographer for 17 years. Read More>>

Heather Mclintock

I grew up in a very creative family that loved music and art. I was taught to sew by my mom and grandma at 8 and continued to use that skill throughout my high school years where I loved to buy vintage clothing and re-work and re-design them. That’s when I knew I wanted to work In fashion in some aspect. In high school, I had the opportunity to work on an internship with a costume designer. Which only helped to confirm that I would love working in the creative field. Following high school, I attended The Art Institute and received a degree in fashion design and merchandising. My first design job was rough. It really shed a lot of light on the not so glamorous side of fashion, with a boss that would fly off the handle if he saw a plastic hanger and working in a cold cement warehouse under the freeway in Vernon. Read More>>

Kari Evans

I grew up in an extremely small town in South Eastern Ohio. Art wasn’t widely accepted there and I think due to lack of exposure, the majority of my hometown saw art as a very limited and useless dream that wouldn’t come true for me. That was a huge push for me to go out and prove myself. Read More>>

Judith Contreras

When I was younger, I wanted to be a plethora of things. I enjoyed playing doctor, pretending to be a teacher, and even help nurture animals like a vet. It had never come to my mind that I wanted to be an artist, even if I enjoyed doodling from time to time. Ever since elementary school, I was always told by my friends, teachers, and family that my art was amazing, so that was one of the reasons why I kept on drawing. The people I was surrounded by kept supporting me, so I’m grateful for their nice comments. Looking back at my older drawings (Yes, I still have them!), it’s embarrassing looking back at my sloppy, energetic doodles, but they still manage to bring a smile to my face. Read More>>

Han Yu

I came to the US in 2007 as a college student and graduated in 2011 winter. I started my first job as a look development intern at Disney Animation Studios. However, I had to return back to Korea due to visa problems which were devastating for me. However, I resolved this problem and returned to the US and got a position back in Disney as an actual artist. Even as a student, I was extremely interested in the start-up the industry and always wanted to start my company. Read More>>

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