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Frankie Rios

I Started off when I first moved to LA 2 years ago. I needed a way to discover the city so I would document my wonderings on Instagram so my friend back in Texas knew what I was up to. as people started to like more work on IG I invested in my first DSLR and it all really began. I capture a mixture of street, travel and lifestyle portraits. Read More>>

Aaron Needham

Started off in punk bands. We needed artwork so I started doing flyers, shirts, websites, all that junk. When to Otis college four years after High School. Majored in illustration. Started work designing posters before I finished. Read More>>

Jimmy Raymond

I picked up my first serious camera after college when I was finally able to afford my first DSLR . I started doing small gigs for extra money with high school senior portraits, headshots, and engagement photos. It wasn’t particularly inspiring just because everything seemed so cookie cutter. I wanted to challenge myself more beyond cute and pretty images, and I was getting so much inspiration from films by Fellini, Wong Kar Wai, Francois Truffaut, and Krzysztof Kieślowski. I love grittiness and neorealism, and I wanted to show that there is beauty even in the subtle details of life. Read More>>

Arturo Morales

I studied in Orange County my AA in Liberal Arts and a certificate in 3D Animation, short after graduation I worked for SoftMirage as a 3D Artist doing architectural visualisations, later the recession came together with the war on Iraq, it was really sad to see people that had been working there for years had to go… Read More>>

Justin Gum

Well, I’m originally from Miami, Florida. I went to an art and design high school where I had a chance to learn about film there. While I was there, my passion for film grew and from that point on, I knew what I wanted to do. So when I graduated, I moved to Brooklyn, New York and majored in Film in college. I ended up leaving a year into college and moved to LA to finish my degree in Philosophy. Read More>>

Eric Cacioppo

I’ve been really focusing on photography now for the past 5 years, but its always something I’ve done since I was in school. I went to College on a painting scholarship though, I mostly painted portraits. So for me the transition into photography was simple… composition is composition. Read More>>

Wood Simmons

Started off attempting to draw shirts for my band and others as a means of eating on tours, met a guy named Oscar Zabala on the road, he led me into the world of Art Direction. After being fired from my very first job working on Jack Daniels and Truth angrily packed my things from Boston the day of, and headed back home to Mississippi. Truth called asking to continue working alone, I called my dear sweet did not know he was a writer at the time Joseph Katool, and that gave birth to our freelance side. Furious ever since. Read More>>

Martasia Person

I started Bold Maniere sophomore year in my college dorm room. What began as a DIY Youtube channel, later on, transformed into a clothing line. At that time I was applying to FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. After I got accepted I left my life in the Midwest and transferred schools to the West Coast. Being around creative individuals, urban brands, and opportunities, it was almost easier for me to stay committed to Bold Maniere, which at the time was just custom denim. Read More>>

Breyden Moore

Well, I initially moved to Los Angeles in march of 2013 on a whim and had previous design & photography experience but when I moved to LA I really dived in and got connected with artists and creatives. My brother and I started our own production company which we do events and work with musicians making visuals with them so that just pushed me even more to network and create. Read More>>

Lynn Rossi

Born and raised in Royal Oak Michigan, Lynn began her creative journey as a flutist . Her interest in musical expression transformed into a passion for visual storytelling while attending Temple University in 1998 where she discovered the magic of photography and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Film and media arts. Read More>>

Andy Zhu

I was really into technology growing up. As I was transitioning from college to adulthood, I found myself preferring to work for myself rather than someone else. I studied Computer Science in school but later changed my major to Photography. I’ve always been really into hiking, camping, and exploring our world and wanted to share the great outdoors with those around me. Getting away from urban life and stepping into mother nature has always brought much satisfaction, peace, and joy into my life. Read More>>

Sarah Khan

I started drawing/doing fine arts when I was about 10, and also started sewing at the same age. By the time I was in middle school, I would sew my own jackets and things simply because there was a style I wanted and couldn’t find in stores. In high school, I went to Long Beach Poly and was awarded a medal by the fine arts department for my work and involvement throughout my high school tenure. Read More>>

Gabriel Sergent

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Granada, I began my photographic career with excellent references stemming from the exhibitions. I started very young, influenced by my father and my love for the simplicity of a world in Black and White. At mid-career, I traveled to England to achieve a higher degree in Photography, Video and Lens and I discovered the beauty of a Nude and Erotic photographic world immersed in the dark, contrast and macabre scene. Read More>>

Janica de Guzman

I was working as a fashion model to help pay for college so in between classes and fashion shows, I began interning at Ferroconcrete, a branding and design agency in Downtown LA. I worked my butt off to escape the fashion industry and prove myself for a job offer. Thankfully it worked. Read More>>

Jeremy Light

I’ve been playing with cameras since a kid and started editing in the 90s. I started working in vaults and tv stations. I keep ending up on my head in LA so looking up at the skyline I’m always wondering what’s next. It’s great to be able to work remotely and on-the-go. Often I offline edit on a MacBook and online edit it on the big system at home. It’s important to have a home screening room or office if you want more flexibility. Read More>>

Amy Jun

I graduated with a BFA at Art Center College of Design in 2013, focusing on editorial illustration. I finished my degree, unsatisfied with my major for the last two years of school. A month after graduating, I decided to switch my career path and have been working as a background layout artist. In my free time, typically on the weekends, I teach digital character design and background painting for high school students who are seeking to build a solid portfolio for college. Read More>>

Arthur Bryan Marroquin

My venture into the photography world first began with me in front of the camera as a model and actor at Missy’s Modeling Studio in the Rio Grande Valley, located in the deep south of Texas. While being in front of the camera, I also found a love for being behind the camera. I enjoyed creating my own art. Read More>>

Carolyn Barnes

I studied film and television in school, which led to a love of still photography. It is such a wonderful creative outlet and under certain circumstances can almost be like a form of meditation in the way it quiets and focuses your mind. Almost a decade ago I started taking headshots for friends, and along the way discovered my personal style, aesthetic, and what I love to photograph. These days I split my time between commercial video and photography work for businesses of all sizes and running a boutique studio specializing in newborns and families, weddings and couture portraits. Read More>>

Francesca Lake

My journey into the Fashion Industry started when I began making clothing for myself. After graduating with my BA in Entertainment Management in Kingston, Jamaica and working as a Project Coordinator, my longing to pursue a career in the Apparel Industry became more apparent. Read More>>

Justin Hennesen

I’ve considered myself an artist my entire life. I’ve always been very creative, excelling at anything art related. Originally in my youth, I intended to be a professional musician and you couldn’t have told me otherwise if you tried. It was my art, my passion, my entire world. I hadn’t actually much of an interest in photography at all in those days. Read More>>

Logan Havens

I was always involved in art, but always told it was impossible. I did it anyways, and it worked out somehow. I graduated from university two years ago, moved to la, and have been working full-time ever since. Read More>>

Joseph Briscoe

Joseph Rene Briscoe was born and raised on an island in Texas and knew from a very early age that he wanted to be a photographer. In 2003, he packed up and moved out west to Santa Barbara, where he attended Brooks Institute of Photography, before moving to Los Angeles in 2006. He has assisted many prominent photographers in the business, including Mark Seliger, Kenneth Willardt, and David LaChappelle. Loving nothing more than having a camera in hand, Joe currently shoots with a number of different clients throughout the advertising and fashion industry. Joe resides in Los Angeles with his wife Haven, their dog Roscoe and their cat Cow. He loves street tacos and misses film. Read More>>

George DeLoache

Discipline, diligence, and determination. Los Angeles County professional photographer George DeLoache lives by these three words—a credo that lifted him from the depths alcohol addiction to the coveted Kodak Gallery Elite Award grand prize winner. Read More>>

Angel Rivera

Received my first camera from a friend at the age of 10 it was cannon brand. Started taking photos of the neighborhood and random people 8 years later. Read More>>

Stephanie Klotz

The first time I ever want to sew I was seven years old and had just seen Cinderella for the first time. I was obsessed with the scene where all the birds and mice help Cinderella make her ball gown. I asked my mom for sewing lessons and first learned how to sew by hand. I got my first sewing machine when I was fourteen. Sewing, designing, and fashion became part of my identity. I studied Apparel Marketing and Merchandising in college at the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. Read More>>

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