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Sequoia Emmanuelle

My stepfather, Phil, who I met when I was 3 years old, was a photographer. My mother was a costume designer and painter at the time, so we all were quite a creative family. I also was very involved with making art and clothing. We would all attend the Minnesota Renascence Festival each year as vendors, where we sold costumes, clothing, crystal and jewelry, etc. Read More>>

Andrew Quesada

I started at a very young age. My pops was a photographer and always had equipment with him. I have baby pictures with cameras and photos of me around 5 and 6 already taking photographs. I was the kid with the camera all through my school days. It wasn’t till I was 17 that I really pushed and focused my attention on really doing this. Like a lot of photographers, it’s a journey, and one I would never change. You actually learn a lot about yourself and your taste in things. Read More>>

Tatsu Ikeda

I am a Los Angeles based photographer. I started as a teenage Japanese kid came to the states with a big dream of making a movie, then I took photography classes in college and fell in love with it. A couple of decades later, I am still trying to pay my bill taking pictures. Read More>>

Robert Fabiani

Back in 2008, I owned a street apparel company. We had hired 3 different photographers to shoot the models in our hoodies and tees, and none of them were able to capture what I wanted so I decided to buy a camera and learn how to do it on my own. I took about a year to learn the camera, shutter speed, aperture, iso, focal length, etc. For the first 6 months I learned extensively about natural light, and then I took my experiments into the studio to deal with strobes, continuous lighting, hot lights, etc. Read More>>

Nicholas King

I’ve been pretty nomadic since 2013 when I dropped out of school to travel to Nepal for three months where I rediscovered a passion for capturing humanity’s truest, most vulnerable moments. Coming from a privileged upbringing in San Diego, I had no way of predicting the gravity of my personal transformation that took place there. Never before had I seen such suffering and such desperation, but behind each hardship, I also saw a profound sense of joy and contentment that shone through every crack from deep within. From that moment I was infected. Read More>>

Teresa Nuñez

I took intro to photography to fulfill some elective courses and I fell in love with the whole process. I changed my major, assisted to some great photographers in LA & continue to create fashion, wedding, and other personal works. Read More>>

Martin Ma

I studied Fine art Photography back when I was in college. After I graduated I can’t really find a job that gives me a chance to express my creative side alongside with learning and sharpen my technical skills. I was depressed for a while. Luckily, one of my teacher who happens to love my student works decided to pull some string for me and introduce me to a wonderful talented fashion photographer-Jeanne Lund. Read More>>

Arden Ash

I came to photography by walking two separate paths- one of art and one of science- and they both led to the same destination. I studied painting and drawing while pursuing my degree at UCLA in Cognitive Science with a Computer Science specialization. I made holograms on the weekends and hung out with scientists and engineers at JPL for nearly a decade. I was an adviser for the JPL Spaceset competition and served as the onsite authority for human factors. Read More>>

Kyle Monk

Assisting, shooting… more shooting and years of patience and hard work! Read More>>

Christine Yuan

My relationship with photography was born out of traveling. When I was 18, I traveled to Southeast Asia to visit my uncle in Thailand. There, I was amazed and shocked by what I saw — boat markets where people bought what they needed daily on a river, elephants painting with their trunks, kids dressed in decorative wear begging for money. It was a whirlwind of imagery and I desperately wanted to capture it all because there’s this surreal sensation of “I can’t believe this is real.” Read More>>

Jonathan Labez

I went to UC Santa Cruz for literature. As I was finishing up my degree, I picked up a prosumer digital camera. There was no way of taking classes, so I went to the bookstore a block away and just read up on photography. It was the pre-youtube and smartphone era, which meant dirty looks from the employees of Borders as I wrote notes in a notebook on what I was learning. Read More>>

Christine Doneé

After having studied fine art, drawing and fashion illustration for years, I fell into photography as a natural progression of artistic curiosity. And it was love at first sight! I have since been photographing weddings for over 5 years and am deeply enamored by the fusion of adventure, fashion, elegance and natural emotion created within these celebrations. Read More>>

Teresa Juarez

My first foray into photography was in high school. I began college with no real direction, and eventually came back to photography and transferred to art school in San Francisco. After I graduated, I took an internship in New York, and afterwards came to LA to visit some family and never left. Read More>>

Courtney Ventresca

My dad is a photographer. But that’s not really how I started. It is why I shoot with a Nikon. I’ve always had an innate attraction to vintage things, especially cars, bikes, anything with an engine. I started going to car shows with a friend frequently and would sneak off with his camera and prowl the cars. Read More>>

Minh Bui

I went to college to be a lawyer. Clearly, that didn’t happen. As a teenager I loved a man I shouldn’t have and decided the best distraction for a broken heart was a shiny new camera. Then I fell in love again, with photography. The rest was history. Read More>>

Sam Rosenthal

I did a lot of theater and acting back in Ohio where I grew up, however, I was always taking pictures and making stupid videos with my friends in my spare time. One of those stupid videos was my first short film, Professional Extras, a mockumentary about the lonely pathetic world of professional extras. I directed, wrote, shot, produced, edited and even acted in the film alongside a group of friends who were equally as clueless at how to make a film as I was. Read More>>

Eji Eustaquio

I was born in the Philippines. My love for Photography started in high school. I would always bring my camera to school to shoot the most random things (and a lot of selfies. lol). After high school, I went to pre-med majoring in Psychology but still continued to shoot. I started volunteering for different organizations such as the United Nations doing photojournalism which took most of my time so I decided to transfer to art school. Read More>>

Abraham Bascon

My little brother and I drove cross country from Boston 12 years ago. I’ve been involved in the film and tv industry from the beginning. Starting as a PA I quickly realized that directing was what I ultimately wanted to do. I spent 4 years studying acting at the amazing Actors Circle Theater with Arthur Mendoza. I wanted to learn every aspect of film. After some time on stage and in front of the camera I decided to focus my time behind the camera. Read More>>

Naheed Choudhry Caballero

Photography is my passion and for over a decade it has molded me every single day, through my interactions with my clients and during every photo session. Read More>>

Calvin Viana

I’ve been creative since I was a child. Had my artwork turned into a Holstein’s book cover when I was in the first grade. Drawing and painting is what I learned first. Got into visual design in high school. Pursued an education in graphic communications in college. Moved to Italy for half a year as a study abroad which expanded all of my creative horizons. Moved back to LA and became involved in men’s apparel and fashion. Now I am pursuing a career in visual design for the men’s fashion/ apparel industry. Read More>>

Jeremy Lee

I grew up near Seattle, Washington and first moved to California in December of 2010, a few months after graduating from the university of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. a girl I had dated for five years throughout college broke off our relationship for someone else…rewind to the last few months of college in the spring of 2010, where I was competing for the track & field team at UNM, training for the decathlon…one of our final meets was at cal-Berkeley and it was on that campus that I experienced an epiphany. Read More>>

James Bianchi

After spending most of my childhood growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, I moved to LA to attend USC. I studied film and business for 4 years, spent 2 years trying my hand in the film industry, and eventually got fed up and started freelancing so I could start doing my own work. I have been freelancing for over 2 years now, doing everything from studio fashion photography to video commercials. Read More>>

Jared Rubin

Growing up in New Jersey in the early 1990’s, right outside of the Princeton area, my upbringing was filled with rural farms and breath-taking landscapes. My father knew everything about nature and wildlife and from a young age taught me compassion for all living things and how to appreciate the world around me. Read More>>

Jeni Aguirre

My passion for photography began in high school but didn’t truly develop until my late 20‘s. As a young adult, I found the light of art to be so very fascinating and interesting. Being an artist already, through other mediums, it just made it that much sweeter to discover another amazing outlet to express my creativity through. In the beginning, I would shoot anything and everything….was a bit trigger happy…I must Read More>>

Gina Canavan

It all started at the age of 5 years old when I visited my great grandpa’s basement that was filled to the brim with complex photo equipment that I didn’t understand. Then teen hood – I started watching Americas next top model and every episode featured large budget bizarre photoshoots. Read More>>


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