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Perry Gallagher

I purchased my first camera after clipping 6 box tops from cereal boxes and getting my dad to supply the $5. I was in 3rd grade. My first subject was an 8th-grade girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that always greeted me eagerly with a big bright smile when she would say “come sit with me, Perry!!”. Read More>>

Karen Chen

I’ve always had a passion for picture and art making but I didn’t think I could do that as a career until I first picked up a camera in my junior year at UCLA. Once I realized that I wanted to pursue photography, I graduated early and went straight into getting work experience. I’ve always believed that the best way to learn (especially in photography) is to just throw yourself into the fire. It’s the best way to learn. Read More>>

Sean DuFrene

I was introduced to Photography while attending Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. I gravitated towards the gritty reality of photojournalism. That’s what led me to study it further in college. Read More>>

Emily Sandifer

I studied film and darkroom in highschool, then college. I got a job during college with a local boutique photography studio as their lead retoucher before started my own business in 2005. Once I moved to California in 2008, I started specializing in fashion, editorial portraiture, and headshots. Because I am also in the entertainment industry as an actor and filmmaker, I click really well with other artists. Read More>>

Analyssa Benedict

In 2005, Analyssa received certifications in both Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing while working as an Assistant Showroom Representative at the California Apparel Mart located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Fashion District – all at only fifteen years old. The following year she worked on multiple fashion show productions including the Teen Vogue Fashion Show and Macy’s Passport with the Beverly Hills Style Firm. Graduating high school with honors, a diploma and two certificates in hand, Analyssa went off to pursue her career goals. Read More>>

Thomas O’Brien

I’ve always been around cameras. My Dad was a hobbyist photographer who took pictures of our rather huge extended family. He had a darkroom for developing black & white prints, so I learned all of the background and fundamentals at a very early age. Read More>>

Eryn M. Brydon

Water has always been a part of my life. I learned to swim at a young age, overcoming an irrational fear of the water, adapting it into my daily life as a competitive swimmer. The water feels like a natural play for me to play and create and it expands my creative limits to practically endless bounds. Read More>>

Michael Julius

I had always shown interest in photography, but never truly invested any time into it until about three years ago. I always like the idea of having this timeless work that could potentially live on forever. I am self-taught, started out on film cameras and for the past two years, I have been working with digital. Read More>>


I moved to LA 8 years ago and worked in event production and coordination while doing freelance photography. Before moving to LA, I worked as a wedding photographer in Turkey. Now, I have a studio in Downtown LA where I do headshot sessions and fashion/editorial work and I also work as an e-commerce photographer in the fashion district. Read More>>

Stefan Schaal

I grew up west of Los Angeles and have had an affinity to interesting visuals and aesthetic since I can remember and the desire to create. As a self-taught artist, I have been working internationally as a photographer since 2012 with a lot of my work commissioned in Europe. I specialize in fashion, conceptual and commercial work for commercial clients and magazines. Read More>>


My love for makeup started at a young age. Growing up in a household with 4 older sisters , I was always surrounded by makeup, fashion, and beauty which had a big influence on me becoming a makeup artist. I’ve always loved makeup and giving people makeovers. One of my dreams has always been to become a makeup artist and I was going to make sure that fulfilled my dream. Read More>>

Nicholas Iverson

My grandfather, who died when I was very young, was a pediatrician but had a love for photography. During the 50’s, he had a small darkroom in his basement and shot, processed, and printed all the photos he would take of family and life. He had a very artistic eye and a love for life. Read More>>

Kevin Lam Seck

I started photography 5 years ago. I bought a DSLR ( Nikon D5000 Kit) just for have a better quality than a compact ( I had a power shot from Canon ), and especially no latency between the time I press the button and the picture is taken. And then, I started to take a picture of everything and a lot of my friends. I began to make a portrait, some staging with.. And It’s that at the moment that people started to call me for make pictures of them. Read More>>

Jace Dean

As a former Police Officer, who always was pulled toward creative hobbies and passions, I saved up and bought my first camera. Having no experience with photography, other than working as a model at the time, I began shooting anything around me, but usually people. I often took photos of landscapes and objects but the end result never inspired me. Read More>>

Sophia Flores

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and was always inspired by fashion, music, and art. Originally I wanted to pursue a career in fashion but beauty always had my calling. I enrolled in Makeup Desinory in Burbank, CA and that gave me the stepping stone to pursue the industry. I started assisting top makeup artists in an MMA agency in LA and was sent out on top gigs. After I gained my skills and learned how to work with high profile clients. Soon I was sent out on jobs on my own and started creating beauty looks for top clients. Read More>>

Nogen Beck

I think traditionally this section is filled with life’s stepping stones like degrees, accolades, influences…a brief impersonal depiction of the road a photographer took to arrive where he or she is today. Part of me wants to take part in these pleasantries. The better part wants to push the reader right into something more personal and meaningful. Something beautiful and true. Read More>>

Russ Quackenbush

Started my business in 1995 a few years out of school. Photographed mostly product photography for the first 3.5-4 years of my business. Found myself shooting this one ad for an ad agency that took two days to complete. I was on a train to see Pearl Jam in NYC. It wasn’t until after the show. Read More>>

Garret Suhrie

I went to school in Philly for art history and painting. As soon as I finished, I moved out here and fell in love with photography. I took and job for David LaChapelle for a few years, working 100+ hr weeks, so the middle of the night was my only free time to shoot, so I became obsessed with nocturnal photography. Read More>>

Brandon Andre

When I was in high school, I was convinced that my passion and future would be in filmmaking, so in order to prepare for that, I was practicing my cinematography through developing my eye with photography. Photography in high school also opened me up more socially. It was fun hanging out with people and taking pictures. Read More>>

Brandon Showers

I was born and raised on a farm in Ohio. The arts were not something that most people pursued as opposed to working on the farm or in a factory. My parents though were never discouraging about anything that I wanted to pursue. As a kid I was very much into drawing, comic books, model making, playing guitar, movies, monsters, and dabbling in photo and video with anything I could find. Read More>>

Anyes Galleani

I am an Italian-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist who uses photomontage and collage to create images and mixed media art exploring pop culture and urban landscapes. Read More>>


I have always been interested in Art and Photography – I started shooting Models and head shots about 10 years ago . Eventually, I set up a studio and word got around that the images I shot were liked by the models I shot and it just turned into a referral of models telling other models and it kept me very busy shooting pretty ladies and models in the City and on location elsewhere. Read More>>

Kristyna Archer

Archer is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer with a knack for telling stories through her images. Her body of work is conceptual and compelling, highlighting setting as well as narrative. Read More>>

Mark Gantt

I’m what you might call a late bloomer when it comes to my creativity. As a kid, when I was around seven or eight years old, a girl down the street and I created a neighborhood newspaper that we made using colored markers. We had a sports section, local news and a lifestyle page. We spent hours every day after school drawing pictures and writing stories. Read More>>





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