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Alex Tupaz

I started taking selfies and eventually taking photographs of my kitties and my garden. My kitties, besides the flowers in my garden, were my first models/subjects. They were always beside me while I do gardening and they were easy to photograph. And love the dynamics of the community on sharing in social media. I’m very active on Instagram, Facebook, and G+. Read More>>

Sia Aryai

Born in Tehran, Iran, Aryai displayed an interest in art from early childhood. Finding himself in a stringent cultural environment. In the mid 70’s, Aryai left Iran for England where he received his formal education and was free to pursue his artistic passions. Later he ventured on to the United States where in the mid 80’s he immersed himself in the medium of photography. This gave him the perfect means and medium to capture the essence and the beauty through his own unique vision, approach, and style. Read More>>

Tiffany James

I received my first polaroid camera in sixth grade. It was a way for my parents to soften the blow of moving to a town with a population of more buffalo than people. The idea of being able to capture a moment of time left me completely enamored. At first, I wanted to be a model, thanks to Tyra Banks. Read More>>

Gustavo Loera

For most Americans families, photography is something that keeps a timeline and my family growing up was no different. Capturing those special moments on camera was mom’s specialty and she had a knack for album making. I also had an uncle with a fancy Polaroid camera and was always excited to see the instant results of his snapshots. It would be fair to say that they were my first early influences with photography. Read More>>

Marina BerBeryan

My styling career started in Los Angeles. With over a decade of professional celebrity styling experience, I styled music videos played on MTV, commercials, fashion shows and celebrity red carpet. My career has been a journey with many lessons learned, attesting that nothing comes easily and to never give up on goals or dreams. Read More>>

Arayna Eison

I moved to Los Angeles with the goal of becoming a model and actress but I found that I was constantly faced with the obstacle of not meeting the typical “standard of beauty” in the industry. Once, while at a shoot, I witnessed this well-known and well-respected photographer being negative and degrading to another model. The model was ridiculed for not being “beautiful” enough to meet his standards. Read More>>

Nicole Wittman

I was in college at UNLV studying Criminal Justice and I had plans to work in entertainment law. While finishing up college and studying for my LSAT I had lost my part-time job at a hotel restaurant. My mom and I were in the MAC store shopping for make-up when I showed interest in the brand. Read More>>

Ka Yee Kiu

Oone day I was talking to my grandpa, he told me he used to be a photographer when he was young! And he still own some very cool vintage film camera. I was so surprised when I first heard about it. And he gave me the camera, Canon QL 17 range finder. Read More>>

Reyna Khalil

I’m a freelance Makeup Artist & Hairstylist based in Los Angeles, born & raised in Nicaragua.  I moved to California a few years ago. Having a strong background in Professional Designer I decided to pursue my passion for makeup, I’m an artist by nature, love to create, so the beginning of my career as s freelance wasn’t easy, but I never gave up, I remember most of the work I did was for free, in order to build my portfolio. Read More>>

Heather Jean Lynch

When I was eighteen my passport got it’s 20th stamp. I was very lucky to be born into a family that loves to travel. I do not remember much of my earlier trips…until I look at the photographs. Then I remember the beauty, my thoughts, the interactions with my family and the people we met. The images from my family trips create many different emotions every time I look at them. After a while, my grandmother let me take the pictures. I’ve been doing so ever since. Read More>>

Jolisa Jackson

I’m a Southern California makeup artist who got started at MAC cosmetics. After graduating college, I decided to pursue my dream career, which was to be a makeup artist. After much determination and after 2 years of persistence, I finally landed a job with MAC. Read More>>

Kylee Parks

My first exposure to photography was in high school, using my aunt’s Canon Rebel SLR, and developing film in a darkroom before digital was really a thing. I only dabbled in it back then, but I had a real love for portraiture which was encouraged by my art teacher at the time. Most of my early work is portraiture of friends or classmates, not unlike most young photographers, I think. I went on to major in music with an emphasis in vocal performance but found my interest in photography rekindled by a classmate who happened to be a very talented self-portraitist. Read More>>

Lorenzo Or

Growing up I was always into cars and I wanted to just take photos of cars I would see that gave me ideas or inspo for my own car. I ended up buying my first DSLR a little over 2 years ago and haven’t stopped shooting since. I started by doing automotive photography, taking photos of friend’s cars, cars at shows, out at local gatherings, etc. My friend’s wife was modeling at the time and asked me to shoot and little by little more girls started to notice my work and wanted to work together to create! I was hooked and loved to create so I would shoot as often as possible, after work, on my lunch break, days off pretty much whenever I wasn’t working or had free time. Social media helped a lot, it gave me a platform to show others how I viewed the world, the people and places in it and my love for anything with a motor. Read More>>

Jessica Zepeda

I have always loved makeup. I started as an esthetician In Utah and moved to LA to go to beauty & SFX makeup school at MUD and begin my career. Read More>>

Vatche Karagozian

I started in Film and Television, working on USC student productions as a unit stills photographer and moving on to work on feature films and Union TV shows. I made a jump to work in Retail and Wholesale eCommerce for a company that I no longer am a part of. Read More>>

Melanie Ramirez

My love for makeup stemmed from the time I was a toddler indulging in my mother’s cosmetic bag. Once I graduated high school, I really didn’t know there was a career in makeup. I just started doing makeup for friends and family. One thing led to another and I began test shooting with photographers and models. Read More>>

Troy Tackett

Photography offers a unique perspective of beauty, imagination, emotion, and creativity captured in one precious moment. Several years back, during summer vacation, I thought it would be nice to get my daughter out of the house and go hiking or go on nature walks. Read More>>

Aliana Moss

My love of makeup started at an early age. However, I didn’t realize it was a career possibility until a bit later in life. Growing up in Cambridge, MA I was surrounded by lots of art and culture. My mother owns an art store, where I had my first job. I’ve always liked being able to create with different mediums and using my hands. With makeup, I love that you get immediate results and the possibilities are really limitless, especially with all of the product innovations today. Read More>>

Duke Shoman

In 2005, Duke started to forge a career for himself. Always drawn by the arts, he dropped out of college at 19 and moved to Italy in pursuit of a career as a fashion photographer. His work gradually turned away from the fashion scene and toward that of high concept art and depictions. Duke Shoman is now a commercial photographer in Los Angeles with a strong focus on celebrity and conceptual photography. His lens has reflected such A-list celebrities as Dan Rather, Michael Irvin, Chris Kattan, Donna Karan, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Read More>>

Monica Guzman

Fresh out of high school, I landed my first job as a makeup artist at the oh-so-famous MAC Cosmetics. That start would give me the opportunity to build my skills and allow me to soak up as much knowledge as I could. After several years I began to seek opportunities with photographers and models, this is where I would find a whole other world of makeup. Read More>>

Ramon Garibaldi

I’m in the military and one of my assignments required me to do a lot traveling, so since I was always on the road I took advantage of being in New places and capturing the beautiful places around me. The hobby quickly turned into a passion for me and it is what it is now today. Read More>>

Katelin Gan

I have always been interested in beauty from a very young age. Growing up in a small town of IL my brother (who later went on to school for fashion design) and I were in need of a creative outlet. Using fabric from old couch cushions or curtains; anything interesting he could find really; my brother would make flowing silhouettes and dress me in them. I would do my hair and makeup and we would have impromptu photoshoots using disposable cameras. From then on I was obsessed with beauty and makeup. Read More>>

Justin Gill

I started my photography career when my son was born. My camera was just as new as my son, and I had a lot to learn about both of them. My photography education was all self-taught through reading books, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. I had some prior standup comedy experience, so I mostly photographed my son and comics at shows. Now my services include Weddings, Headshots, Family Portraiture, Sports and Comedy Shows. Read More>>

Jen Summers

I have been working independently (freelance) in this field since 1997. I started out as a designer, designing urban streetwear in San Francisco. The demand for me to make dancewear and costumes kept calling me and soon I found myself with a little boutique as well as custom making dance costumes for several locations in SF. Read More>>

Adam Franz

I developed an interest in photography pretty early on- probably more so around Junior High. I got my first camera (a point-and-shoot) right at the end of 8th grade and immediately started to shoot EVERYTHING around me. A couple years later, in my sophomore year of high school, I decided to get a little more serious about it, got my first DSLR, and figured it was time I actually learned how to use the camera functions to create the images I wanted. Read More>>

Irida Mete

Well, drawing was my very first love. In high school, I ended up taking an art class that included drawing, graphic design and a little bit of photography. By complete accident, I started getting into photography all because of how much I loved playing with Photoshop. Read More>>

Taylor Eacuello

I gained interest in special effects makeup when I was about 6 years old. I used to watch all the classic Universal horror films with my father and would read thru my DK a Special Effects in Film and Television book like a bible. I was fascinated by transformations both grotesque and beautiful. Read More>>

Rachel Melanie

I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember! I got my first camera for my tenth birthday and started taking photography classes in middle school. I’ve worked with both digital and film photography, and have found that my love for the art continues to grow everyday. Read More>>









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