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Downtown LA 9.18.2017

Andrew Schundler

Paintbrush began when myself and my two partners, Jeff Prosser and Micah Malinics, were going through film school. There was a trend in the wedding film industry to create very stylized and directed wedding videos. All of us agreed that this was not the point of a wedding video. Read more>>

Jan Miller

I have been an artist since I can remember growing up in Downey, CA. In high school, I was very active in art but almost failed my computer class. After high school, I spent several years in retail management and mostly for the Music Industry. In 1996, I decide to go back to school as I was making no money and working ungodly hours. Read more>>

Kate Biber

My husband Peter and I were born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. 8 years ago, Peter was offered a job in NorCal so we moved from Sydney with our 2 yr. old and a 7mth pregnant belly. When our 2nd child was about 6 months old I was low on energy, feeling homesick & searched for a fun class I could take my little ones to. Read more>>

Dan Beltran and Tyler Rose Ratzlaff

Tyler and I both picked up cameras at a young age and decided to pursue photography as a career in high school. We met our freshman year of college in a photoshop class and I knew I had to talk to this girl named Tyler. We began photographing our assignments together and soon started assisting each other on our photo shoots. Read more>>

Joe Vidito

I first entered into the pool industry in August of 2008. At that time I was involved in network marketing, Audio video, retail clothing and I was a personal trainer. Needless to say, I was doing everything I could to make a living. After my hours at the AV job and retail job were cut and my clients no longer wanting training, I decided I needed to search for something new. Read more>>

Greg Moe and Jenni Johnson

Jenni and Greg met about 9 years ago as training partners. Jenni was training to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon and Greg was training as a competitive triathlete. We were introduced to each other by the original and previous owner of RoughFit, and in 2010 we bought the business from her. We both have a love for the outdoors, and are passionate about health and fitness, helping people and encouraging a spirit of adventure in life. Read more>>

Laura Valle

I am a vocal coach, singer-songwriter, producer and studio owner. Singing, writing, playing music and sharing my knowledge and experience with others is my passion. I lived in many places and travelled around the world until I settled down in California, certainly one of the best places on earth! Read more>>

Devra Swiger

I started to teach Pilates in 2000. Prior to that, I was teaching a variety of fitness method and got very tired of it as I felt the movement was sloppy and ineffective. I first wrote an article about Pilates for an on-line fitness journal and as part of the article, I interviewed the only Pilates teacher at that time in Charlotte, NC. Read more>>

Victoria Martinez

Bellflower Beauty College of Lakewood was once Bellflower Adult Cosmetology. When the Bellflower Unified School District closed all of the adult programs, in 2012, I opened my own private beauty college through the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education and the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Read more>>

Renee Davies

My very good friend Heather Jaeger founded CutiePaws Pet Sitting Services in Atlanta, GA in 2008. Heather and I met in 2012 when she became my pet sitter. I am a long distance runner. At the time that I met Heather, I had two older labs who were no longer able to run with me. Read more>>

Scharrell Jackson

Leadership in Heels was started because I believe that if you have one person in your life then you have the power of influence and if you have the power of influence then you are a leader. Being an African American woman, COO, CFO and partner of a CPA Firm in Orange County I’ve faced a number of adversities. Read more>>

Ashley Jacobs

I’ve been an animal lover my whole life and a pet sitter for almost 20 years, but it wasn’t until 2013 when I fostered a shelter dog that I truly understood the dire situation in animal shelters across the country. Every year in the U.S., 1.5 million homeless pets are euthanized. Read more>>

Marissa DiNucci

Growing up, I was an athlete. I played soccer, and basketball, but I HATED the gym. Even as an adult I tried the Big Box gym, and personal trainers, but I would never enjoy it, and I would eventually quit. After the birth of my 4th child, I was in chronic pain, and the baby weight was not coming off. Read more>>

Donna von Hoesslin-Pu’u

In 2002, after 17 years abroad (Berlin), I returned to California. You see, I had recently taken up surfing and discovered a deep desire to start a life by the sea. I started my company in 2003 with the intent to create a product that keeps people connected to the ocean. Read more>>

Steve Morris

We have been in business selling vintage mid-century modern furniture for 20 years. We started out selling at southern California swap meets and eventually moved into a showroom in Long Beach. Since we’ve been in business, there has always been a market for mid-century modern design. Read more>>

Om Bleicher

I am half Australian and have lived there most my life. I fell in love with the Wild West LA art scene when I was visiting family in Southern California and decided to stick around. I noticed a group of artists that didn’t fit into the academic vs low brow divide at the time and started attempting to bridge that by managing them and getting them shows. Read more>>

Noel Austria

I am a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Major in Accounting. I used to work as a banker for years, but my love for dogs led me to pursue a career in dog training. I started training dogs since 1993 and have attended various seminars in different parts of the world to improve my craft. Read more>>

Melody Pacheco

In 2012 I decided I wanted to transition into sales. I knew I had the gift of gab, but no prior sales experience. However, I knew that if I found a great product or service to sell, and a reputable company I would eventually do well. At this time, I only had experience as a hostess at fine dining restaurants and as a front desk agent at higher-end hotels. Read more>>

Mark Nguyen

When I was 3, my family and I escaped the country of Vietnam in time of communist oppression. My parents owned a small business that was taken from them by the government, leaving us with only a few small possessions. This gave us no choice but to seek a better life. Read more>>

Marika and Mark Matson

Go Wine Tasting with Old Fashioned Horse Power! I love taking people wine tasting with our Horse Drawn Carriages. We started this company in 2007, we wanted to share our love of horses and wine country with others. Read more>>

Daniel Chesher

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I accepted a position as a software engineer in the defense industry. Over the next 7 years, I worked with a lot of very talented people on a wide variety of systems for the United States military. Read more>>

Lydie Livolsi

I am the proud founder of My Dental Wig. Born and raised in the West African nation of Cameroon, after graduating from high school I had set my sights on becoming a Judge or Surgeon. I only knew that I wanted to help people. My focus narrowed significantly following a discussion with one of my older sisters who was a dentist at the time. Read more>>

Toby McDonald

Worked for several record labels including Geffen Records, Atlantic Records, and a few others doing internet marketing and ended up in website development. I got out of the music industry and moved to Temecula. My wife worked for a local brewery and I made a website portal for all of the breweries in the Temecula area. Read more>>

Michael and Nasira Burkholder-Cooley

I am originally from Yuma, Arizona, a small agriculture border town known for its winter vegetable crop and abundance of sunshine. As an undergrad, I studied biology at Chapman University in Orange, California, where I also played varsity football. Read more>>

Bethany Michaels

My story begins in Reno, NV ~ the biggest little city known for its short-lived mokumentary series on Comedy Central, Reno 911. From a young age, I knew that in order to separate myself from the comical image of my hometown, I would need to forge my own path to success. Read more>>

Clark Moon

I studied sports medicine in Korean and acupuncture in America. I have been training since 2007 and open my first MK Fitness studio in Buena Park 2015. In 2017, I open second studio in LA. Include me, we have 5 trainers now. They are knowledgeable and good athletes. Three of them got first place in Muscle Mania. Read more>>

Derrick Carr

Being born in the city Los Angeles, growing up with the skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles at my front door, I began to notice the difference in the view after a good rain, so beautiful, clear, you can see the details in the buildings… But, the next day a peculiar brown cloud would engulf the buildings. Read more>>

William Klein

I knew as early as high school that I was going to be an audio engineer. After receiving my degree as a Recording Arts major at LMU, I interned at a top-level post house, a multi-room recording studio, and finally at the A&R department of a major label in Hollywood. The internships provided a broad overview and exposure within the audio industry. Read more>>

Alexis Maron

I’ve always loved theatre and anything that had to do with communication styles and emotions. I was bitten by the “theatre bug,” as they say, when I was five and sang and danced my way through elementary school, eventually landing at the Orange County High School of the Arts. Read more>>

Ryan Kooklan and Faraz Motlagh

Faraz and I started out as two individuals looking to make a difference in the health care community. We both had grandparents that have needed personal care and through that experience is when we realized the lack of genuine help that is available. Read more>>

Catalin Marinescu

OBGYN CARE was founded in 2013 on the idea of high quality personalized care. The concept is basic, just like people eating from “Whole foods” or driving electric nonpolluting cars. It is more than medication in medicine, it is the human touch, the warmth, the empathy, the understanding. Read more>>

Desiree Stimson-Greek

I started out as a buyer and clothing store manager of an international chain, and realized there was something missing. I needed a creative outlet. So I decided to start over and applied for an Jr. artist position at a local automotive advertising agency. Read more>>

Daniella Patterson

I’ve always had a passion for makeup, ever since I was a little girl playing with my mother’s eye shadows and lipsticks. After college, I decided to pursue a career in nursing because well, my Persian parents told me I could not make a living as a professional makeup artist, and I had to be either a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Read more>>

Anne Saller

I have collected mysteries since my teens and am an avid reader. During my corporate career, I always attended annual mystery book conventions such as Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime. When I retired, a favorite bookstore of mine was being sold because the owner had passed and his children did not want to run it. Read more>>

Spencer Wilson

Spencer Wilson Financial Management Services has been a family business for the last 40 years. Spencer’s involvement began as an internship of sorts. After graduating college, he helped his father-in-law, who had a thriving tax practice. Read more>>

Piera Blodwell

Fashion has always been my passion of mine. Being Italian, I started at 16 working for Giorgio Armani in Italy. I started developing a passion for style and beauty. Moving to LA in 1992 I realized that all celebrities needed access to beautiful couture clothes and I started my PR company with high end designers from Italy such as Missoni, La Perla. Read more>>

Michelle Fong

I have a multi-faceted beauty career. Currently, I manage my eyelash extension clients, private makeup clients for wedding and special occasions, lead artist for a major cosmetics company. Today, my primary focus is building my cosmetics line, Dial M Beauty, based on teaching women how to confidently do their own makeup. Read more>>

Greg Montano

Dexter’s started in 1960 and was founded by Dexter Halpert, and is currently one of the longest running businesses in Ventura County. Dexter’s has changed ownership a hand full of times over the years, and I became Dexter’s started in 1960 and was founded by Dexter Halpert, and is currently one of the longest running businesses in Ventura County. Read more>>

Peggy Holt

I have to say I started my business on a wing and a prayer. When I opened my doors in the year 2,000 I literally had $20,000 in the bank and had to put my condo up for collateral when signing the lease for the building. I figured I had 3 months and if the business didn’t fly, I would be a bag lady. Read more>>

Allie Christensen

I am originally from Utah where I was born and raised. Being raised in a state that is predominately Mormon, and I not being of that faith, is something I am so grateful for. I have amazing friends who are Mormon, but I had a fair share of being stereo typed a certain way for not being the popular faith. Read more>>

Ardes Abad

From a provincial town and without any means to study, this young boy with an inclination on the arts had the desire to learn music. One summer, he had an opportunity to take summer piano lessons when his parents gave him a break. This started during his late teen years and almost a few more months to graduating in high school where each student is all ready to pursue their collegiate ambition. Read more>>

Victoria Johansson

You could say that I fell in love with photography before I could even talk. My mother, who was a photographer herself, had a dark room when I was growing up, and I spent countless hours in their seeing the negatives come to life and become colorful prints. Read more>>

Leilani Hailey

The beauty industry is in my blood. My mother’s family is very artistic, and many of the people in my family chose career paths that are creative; some even in the beauty industry. When I was 16 I started my first job as a receptionist at a hair salon. Read more>>

Jeff Page

It’s kind of simple, I grew up in Orange County and I always wanted to be a farmer. I took agriculture classes in high school when I could. At that time schools were phasing out horticulture and agriculture programs but I was lucky enough to attend a school that still had FFA. Future Farmers of America. Read more>>

Marisa and Tim Peterson

We first started this business in April 2011, and combined we have over 15 years of photography experience. Marisa has a bachelors degree in Fine Art and Tim has a bachelors degree in Business so naturally those two degrees work hand in hand to create a photo business! Read more>>

Virginia Biven

Following 10 years of virtually no exercise, Virginia needed a realistic and easy plan to become fit and stay motivated. “I did not want gravity and age to dictate the shape of my body. While I was less concerned about being skinny, I wanted to focus my attention on being fit, strong, healthy and TONE my body! Read more>>

Manny Aragon

I was born with scoliosis which worsened as a teen. In my mid-20’s I began to get pain that never went away. My wife made an appointment for me to see a chiropractor who eventually sent me to a Rolfer. After 3 sessions, I experienced profound improvement in my pain levels (almost completely gone) and I could move better than I was able to in years. Read more>>

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