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Downtown LA 8.7.2017

Joel Dessaules

I grew up in a custom home building family in southern Rhode Island and I learned a lot about how homes are put together from a very early age. While other kids may have been at camp or working as a life guard on summer break, I was working on site. When I was young, I would clean up the job sites, vacuum between stud bays after the plumber and electricians made holes for their systems, clean and organize, etc. As I got older and more capable, I was there for all phases of construction and learned the basics of all the trades. I spent an entire summer as a teenager doing millwork prep, so you learn a thing or two about how things should be done. Read more>>

Joseph Henry

I initially began shooting photography at 12 years old with 35mm disposable cameras by taking pictures of my dog and getting the film developed at Wal-Mart. In high school, I discovered film photography with real 35mm, 120mm, and vintage plastic toy cameras like Holga’s and Fisheye Lomography cameras, then developing it myself in a dark room in my high school. Directly following high school, I began my career as a musician and during that time traveled world-wide full-time and I set my camera aside to shift focus. Roughly a year into traveling, I decided to invest into convenience and I purchased my first digital camera. Read more>>

Pamela Johnson

I originally started as a teenager, my mother saw that I had an interest in training our family German Shepherds and she would send me to the classes or have dog trainers do private lessons with me. I didn’t think much about that prior experience until I was laid off in 2008 when the economy took a slump and I was an accounting assistant in a home building company. I loved the company and people I worked with however, I knew there was something else I was supposed to do with my life. While I was trying to figure out what that was, I purchased my first 8-week-old Havanese puppy and that puppy changed my life. I started taking classes and the hunger for more began so I looked into doing an apprenticeship at the best training facility in my area (Wags and Wiggles). Read more>>

Nathan Cool

I remember my first camera, I was just 8 years old. I always loved photography and as time and technology marched on my love for all things photo grew. I was fortunate to have a 30-year career as an engineer, 20 of which I also worked as a part time Forecast Meteorologist, which I still do today for Surfer Magazine. I also ventured into writing and published a few books along the way. My technical career helped to launch my photography venture and support my art, both financially and, more importantly, aesthetically, giving me an eye for how things are made, displayed, and perceived by the human mind. Read more>>

Sean Butler and Stephen Garcia

Solid City Coffee was started with the dream that a coffee company could be about far more than just selling great coffee. In 2015, I (Stephen) met with Tommy Nixon, the Executive Director of Solidarity. During that meeting, he presented me with the opportunity to create a coffee company whose goal would not be just selling a quality product, but forming a company around the idea that a business can have a profound effect on the communities if it is built with intention. We wanted (and still do) Solid City to impact low income neighborhoods of Fullerton by creating the Workforce Development Program, designed to work with youth from at-risk environments, teaching them the skills necessary to navigate and thrive in the workplace. Read more>>

Colette Coffman and Duane Greenleaf

We started from humble beginnings. A one-woman operation, that began in 1992 by our namesake Colette Coffman, focused on cakes and small catering jobs, delivering the finest products and services in the industry. Before long, Duane Greenleaf became co-owner & word spread that Colette’s expanded to meet customer demand with our wonderful cuisine & impeccable service. We handcraft menus, source locally and customize creative cuisines according to specific event needs, styles and desires. At Colette’s Catering & Events, we are known for putting a twist on classic dishes and enjoy creating our own take on traditional favorites. Read more>>

Russell Mayes and Frances Canola

Russell was raised from a family of hairstylists in Kentucky and moved to California to become educational director for a growing salon chain. 15 years ago, while still in beauty school Frances took an apprenticeship position for one of the salon locations and that’s where the two met. They became business partners and opened up Bauhaus Hair. Russell’s expertise in haircutting and Frances’ expertise in hair coloring makes for a brilliant creative partnership. As with any business, there will always be challenges. In hair salons it’s always building and training a qualified staff, but we overcame that obstacle by building a close-knit team that has the ability to work together. Read more>>

Lourin Blair

I have learned just about everything from my mama, her sisters and my old earth (my grandma). The last 7 years I begun to understand their decisions and way of being in a way I hadn’t been able to before. There is no doubt that they paved the way for me to get this far, to just do things and see where traps lay before I fall into them. As a child I saw many injustices, I used art to bring out what was within, which I still do to this day. As far as videography + filmmaking goes, it was a favor for a friend, a borrowed camera and a glowing review that lit the way to the creation of Lourin Blair Films. Read more>>

Terah Tidy

I started out as a hairdresser and quickly became an educator and product developer for Sebastian International, the hair care and beauty company. Working closely with the company owner and creative director, I helped create some of the company’s most renowned products. As an educator, I traveled the world, which became an education for me as well. When the company was sold to a conglomerate, I went back out on my own and began to pursue a passion I had developed for natural and essential body oils. I created Madflowers, my signature line of body indulgences, featuring the oils I discovered on my travels. Read more>>

Sarah Sotro

I picked up my first camera when I was about 7 or 8. I had been digging through boxes and found my Dad’s old Minolta film camera. There was no film in it, but that didn’t stop me from running around “shooting” just about everything. My parents eventually bought me a few rolls of black and white film. I had no clue what I was doing- the results were far too many out of focus blurs of grey and white, but in my mind I romanticized the idea of one day being a photographer. All through elementary and high school I had an affinity for creativity. I loved design and making things with my hands. I wanted to dabble in just about every form of art; sculpting, sketching, painting, graphic design, etc. I wanted to make things I just wasn’t sure what that would look like in my future. Read more>>

Alma Batista

My journey started in the island of Puerto Rico, where I was born and lived for 20 years. As a young girl, I would fall asleep listening to my older sister’s Spanish guitar practice. When I was given a toy xylophone I was able to play songs by ear on it, and when I was old enough to start music lessons and was asked what instrument I wanted to learn, to my mother’s surprise, I chose the piano. The funny thing is that we didn’t have a piano at our house. We did have an organ that someone had given us and I would spend time playing pieces by ear on it. For me it was a defining moment when I went to the piano store with my mom to pick a piano. I started piano lessons at 8 years of age with Alba Rosa Castro and from that moment on the piano became more than an inanimate object, it became my friend. Read more>>

Dr. Melinda Beck

Dr. Melinda Beck grew up in Portland, Oregon. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Beck graduated from Creighton University Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. After dental school, Dr. Beck completed a residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry in Chicago, IL. The program consisted of focused rotations in simple and complex tooth extractions, root canals, gum surgeries, minor orthodontics, and full mouth rehabilitation. She was then commissioned as a Lieutenant in the US Navy, working as a dentist in Sasebo, Japan for 3 years and providing care to the 8,000 shore based sailors, marines and family members stationed there. Read more>>

Sherri Callahan

My love of animals started when I was very young, but I didn’t have pets because my mother had a fear of all animals. I started “borrowing” neighbours’ dogs to take for walks and would spend time with friends’ pets. I was actually afraid of cats until I was in my 20’s—-hard to believe now! On a side note, I did have guinea pigs and a rabbit in my later teenage years. I started pet sitting after moving from California to Maryland. A friend recommended it because I was helping take care of her kitties. I worked for a pet sitting company for a while and then decided I was ready to start my own business in 2003. Read more>>

Cyndie Kasko

Old World Village, Huntington Beach nestled between the 405 freeway and Goldenwest College, has always been synonymous with Oktoberfest. Over the years, thousands have witnessed the pulsating beat of oom-pah-pa bands direct from Germany, the cheers and laughter of dachshund races, as well as the bizarre but delightful ritual of the “Chicken dance.” The aroma of freshly baked rolls, bread and European pastries fill the air. German specialties such as sauerkraut, bratwurst, sauerbraten, potato pancakes, schnitzel and apple strudel delight guests daily. Overflowing mugs of ice-cold European beer and shots of Jägermeister top it all off. Visitors flock to Old World during the months of September and October to participate in the festivities. Read more>>

Sherri Loomer

My dream job was to work with dogs since I was a child. I have always felt drawn to them. I have been very fortunate to achieve my dream after 20 odd years working for other people in various industries. About 16 years ago, I lost my mother to depression and then suicide. After this happened it motivated me to make sure that I was happy because life can end at a moment’s notice. I started my company Your Animals Best Friend and never looked back! I started by offering services to my clients in their home and neighborhood such as dog walks and pet sitting visits and overnights when they went out of town. This has evolved since starting to having a location in addition which we call The Dog House where we offer day and evening care, socialization and dog sleepovers. Read more>>

Lizzeth Bastarrachea

My history began in Mexico, I went to the architectural school in Merida Yucatan, Mexico. After graduate, I flew to Spain to take a master degree in Sustainable Architecture. Everything about renewable energy. My parents were living here in California and I was living in Mexico, I used to come to see them every summer and every Christmas. Until finally 4 years ago I moved here with them. When I decided to moved here, I thought in everything like an adventure, I never imagine the hard it would be for me. Emotionally it was complicated, the first year I was kind of sad, I missed everything about my country, I missed the food, my friends, etc. Read more>>

Angel Mead

It all began, when I had this brilliant idea of using my amazing gift that the Lord has blessed me with. Ever since I was a little boy, I always had a camera in my hand. Taking pictures of sunsets was my favorite. When I was about 15 years old, I was having these dreams of taking pictures for a living. At first, I just believed it was some sort of fantasy and never thought real deep on it. So the following day, I went to church and my pastor was talking about how we have to embrace our gifts that the great Lord has blessed us with. So within a couple of days, I started thinking of how I could embrace my photography skill. Read more>>

Cynthia Wright

I opened CM Hurt 24 years ago and it has been in the same location for 20 years. A single parent most of my life, I decided to escape from the corporate world and develop a business that allowed me to finish raising my sons and then I adopted a little girl as well. I needed control of my schedule and I needed to fulfill my artistic cravings as well as make money. My oldest son suggested Body Piercing and Tattooing as it was something we all had an interest in. We have 3 generations of adorned people! All our piercers are Association of Professional Piercers and I am also a member of the Alliance for Professional Tattooists. Read more>>

Cherry Sessions

My passion for makeup artistry began in 2009, when a friend approached me to assist her sister (who was in the industry) with makeup. I remember walking into her studio, expecting to meet her and go over what she had planned for me. Little did I know, as soon as I walked in to greet her, she asked me to grab a client and start working. From that point on, I started a whole new love affair for makeup. I was born and raised in the Orange County, where I am still located today. I am licensed as a Professional Makeup Artist. I am gifted with the ability to create beauty and art. My career began when I started working in 2009 assisting another Makeup Artist. Read more>>

Sarah Kaempfe

I started working as a graphic journalist for the Associated Press in New York City in 2000. After creating art for such as major events as 9-11 and the war on Iraq, I knew ultimately I wanted a more personal creative outlet. I made the decision to move to Boston and work for the Boston Herald. I grew up in the Boston area and going home was a great transition into more local work. After the birth of two of my three daughters I was inspired by birth and my husband had a job change which moved us to Southern California. While still freelancing, I started to teach childbirth classes and became involved in the birth community. Read more>>

Lana and Salvador Farfan

Sal and Lana were college sweethearts but took jobs in different states upon graduating, each in the field of engineering. After 2 years apart they realized it was time to tie the knot and begin their lives together. Salvador gave up what he considered his dream job in the Midwest to move to Boston and be with Lana. His new job was not what he had envisioned and they began to dream about what would come next. Salvador had put himself through school working as an event photographer and had a strong passion for his creative hobby. Months later, Lana was offered a job in textiles on the West Coast and they began the year 2000 in Long Beach, where Salvador launched Caught in the Moment. Read more>>

Hallie Kelsey

I went to school at Golden West College for floral design and also studied in New York during that time I also went to school at interior designer’s institute for interior design. After working for some of the best floral designers in Orange County, I bought Dave’s flowers in 2008 at the age of 22… I sit on the board of directors for Golden West College and have built this shop to be one of the best in Orange County. Any small business has struggles. I did buy the shop in 2008 one week after my father passes away when the recession happened. That was a hard time but made me more motivated to make this shop amazing. Read more>>

Agnes Grumslys

It has been a long road, about 12 years since everything started and slowly got me where I am today. Originally, I am from Easter Europe, Lithuania. I came to California 2003 and started to build my life here. As a teenager, started high school. At the same time went through ROP program and got my cosmetology license, even though I always knew my passion is skincare and make up. Therefore, after graduating from cosmetology, I worked at the beauty salon for some time as a hairstylist, but I didn’t feel like in my own shoes. Read more>>

Wendy Dailey

International Sanctuary was founded in September 2007. We’re celebrating 10 years in September! Founder Stephanie Pollaro moved to Mumbai, India to work with girls escaping human trafficking. They needed opportunities to build their lives. She enjoyed jewelry making and created a social enterprise to empower girls and young women. Five years in, we realized the model was working. Girls healing from the trauma of human trafficking were now living reintegrated in society, financially independent, able to support themselves, and had a community and network of support to rebuild their lives. Many of the girls went on to get married and are now having babies. Read more>>

Amanda Brown

I’ve always been a creative person. It was something I was drawn to as a child and it continued as I became an adult. When I became a Mom, I really wanted to find a way to make money that allowed me to have a flexible schedule and be more present in my daughter’s life. At the time, my full-time job in advertising and having my daughter in daycare didn’t give me that balance. That’s when I decided to start Driftwood Studio in 2015. I started my business with a folding table, hand sander, brad nailer and miter saw. Since then I have added two more saws, a belt sander, two work benches and opened an Etsy shop. Read more>>

Sarah Strader

There is something to be said for creativity. No matter where I am, whether it’s going from client to client, driving in the car, or walking the dog I was compiling patterns in my head all of these glorious patterns. Round robust patterns, striped patterns, graphic patterns. I take photos everywhere I travel, even around my own city. Inspired by color, pattern, and natural occurrences. This inspired me to create my first textiles collection. After we traveled to India for a wedding, seeing five people on a motorcycle and the beautiful women wearing sari’s and the unparalleled colors are blowing in the wind. Whitinishing people printing fabric on the street was shocking to me. Read more>>

Mathew Jenkins

After nearly twenty years in the security sales and consulting market, I found myself traveling 75 percent of the time covering North America. I was making great money, but I was never home and was missing moments. In the fall of 2015, I decided to start my own company. As a Coast Guard Veteran, I wanted to get into an industry that was focused on helping veterans. I have always loved weapons so starting a business making improvised weapons was a natural fit. Owning a small business is a challenge. The largest challenge we have faced is that weapons are not popular in all circles. There are some companies that do not want to associate with weapon manufactures. Read more>>

Blendi Reynolds

In the 80’s in LA, I was on the other side of the camera (modeling for about 10 years), then received a BA in Art / Photography & Communications. Haven’t put down the camera since. Started my business in the 90’s in Ventura. Always ups & downs – but mostly a great ride  : ) Dealing with personalities & egos of other photographers is always a challenge – I have had between 8 – 20. Photographers working for me at any given time – throughout the years. Some are good listeners & can handle a critique (those are the ones still with me) Also, when looking for creative photographers, being artistic & technical with the camera doesn’t guarantee that someone is professional. Read more>>

Rickey Brillantes

I have always been fascinated watching wedding videos and photos on the web. Videography and photography was a hobby at first, I have a small camcorder and DSLR camera that time which I use to record videos for my kids as they grow up. Fifteen years ago, a relative of mine was getting married, and I told her that I could videotape and take photos of her wedding as a backup. She already hired a videographer and photographer for her wedding, but I insisted that I can be a second shooter just in case something fails or the videographer and photographer didn’t show up. Well, to cut the story short t both of them showed up and both were wearing all black. Read more>>

James Lott

I first got interested in photography in Jr. high. I only had a cheap Instamatic camera and the pictures we pretty bad. Later I moved up to a 35mm camera and took it all over the world with me. I have been to 5 of the 7 continents and my camera was with me on every trip. That is when I really fell in love with photography. Around 2007 I got my first digital camera. It was great. I could take as many pictures as I wanted and did not have to worry about paying for the film to be developed. My daughter was involved in sports and I practiced my photography skills at her games. The camera was not the best, but it worked as I developed my skills. Read more>>

James Lau

I pretty much started my photography journey as a hobbyist. My earlier images mostly were landscape, nature, wildlife and street photography of people. From time to time I would capture images for friends and relatives at their events. People would describe my photographs has a photo journalistic element to them. Fast forward, my husband retired a few years and was looking into setting up the garage for portrait photography for friends and family…as a hobby. From the moment I took my first portrait shot of our friends in our garage, everything was history! What I didn’t expect and what I love about portraiture photography is the trust and connection you have to build between you and the clients in a very short time. Read more>>

Kori Strobl

In July 2016, a corporate yoga studio closed its doors at our current location. The location has been a yoga studio for over 15 years. The community was devastated to lose their yoga home. When I suggested that maybe I could re-open the space the students began writing checks in the form of prepaid memberships and micro-loans. It was amazing to see the confidence, trust and support from the community. During the initial renovations, former members of the old studio would stop by and volunteer their time to help us get the doors open. Only a month and a half after securing the lease, we opened on Thanksgiving morning to a full house! Read more>>

Brad Olsen

I started my Food Truck Organizing Business 8 years ago sitting at my kitchen table. I had a friend that wanted to get a Food Truck and I was going to book the truck for events. He did not follow through on the Food Truck part so I thought I could still book the trucks myself with other trucks. I thought my wife runs a lot of 5k events and every time I went with her to a 5k Run there were no Food Trucks and after a few 5k runs I thought what about me setting up the Food Trucks myself at the races. So I started reaching out to several 5k Organizers and my first event was the Long Beach Marathon! I sent them an email asking them if they wanted Food Trucks and they said yes! Read more>>

Francisco Sandoval, Branden Vasquez, and Matt Fiala

Francisco Sandoval’s first gig as a DJ was playing at a friend’s graduation party shortly after completing high school. After a string of events as an independent DJ, he created Famous DJ Agency in 2007. The first event the agency ever booked was the Industrial Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. If Francisco had any doubts about the future of Famous DJ Agency, they were all laid to rest when he was asked to be the celebrity MC for the Paramount Christmas Parade. In just ten short years, Famous DJ Agency has branched out and has surpassed many milestones. Today we are comprised of a hardworking, determined team that strives to bring only the best entertainment to Southern California. Read more>>

Ryan Hanstad

I grew up playing a lot of sports and was always getting banged up. My uncle is a Chiropractor in San Diego and he would always fix me up and get me back to what I loved to do. My passion to do the same started in high school and I was determined to be a chiropractor. I have always been interested in the body and how all the systems worked together as well as healing the body naturally without drugs and surgery. I love when I can educate people about this innate ability to heal and see their lives change for the better. My road to becoming a chiropractor has been pretty smooth. Grad school was challenging but I was always so determined I sacrificed whatever I needed to succeed. Read more>>

Linda Nguyen

Daze Spa reopened in January 2017, though our establishment started in 2014 this new journey allowed us to update our identity. We have since renovated our interior to create a tranquil and serene ambiance, Our nail technicians and staff understand how to provide quality service as well as build a connection with clients, resulting in a pleasant and relaxing beauty lounge experience. Challenges are a given in everyday life, whether it is business or personal. I’ve found it to be an opportunity to learn through the mishaps of day to day business. Specifically, learning to plan and schedule. Read more>>

DJ Guy Worden

Trevor “Guy Worden” began his professional music career while studying electronic music in college at San Diego State University. He soon gained success in the underground house music scene in Southern California playing at clubs, parties, and festivals. His newest endeavor is “Brilliance & Bass” a boutique company that specializes in creation, production, and event management. Guy is known for his ability to mix musical styles that you might not think would fit together. Not many DJs can blend house, hip-hop, rock, pop and other genres and keep an energetic crowd dancing, but when Guy Worden is behind the decks, he makes it all fit together. Read more>>

Sunny An

I started my career in 2004, assisting a celebrity makeup artist based in San Diego. I bar tended at night and would get off at 3AM, to wake up in a couple of hours, to drive down to San Diego for a 7AM call time. I would drive 2 plus hours to assist for free and work on 10 hour day commercials. I did that drive for a few years, eventually it turned into a paying assisting job. I then started to test shoot with local photographers and developed my own portfolio and clients. It definitely was not easy networking and marketing yourself, like it is today. Read more>>

Jonathan Pauley

During the late 80s and early 90s I was racing triathlons, marathons and other running events, as well as had a career in private training for Sports Club LA. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Sports Management from University of San Francisco. As part of those studies, I had an internship with an event management company that produced running and triathlon events. I found my passion for sports merge with a gift for event management. I took something I truly loved and blended it with my education to create Renegade Racing. Read more>>

Juan Garcia

Born and raised in Santa Ana CA, I started playing baseball at the age of 4 and earned a scholarship to play baseball in college. I was always pretty athletic and in pretty good shape. At school, I was studying Business. It was at this time that my father got very sick and that changed the direction I was headed in. My father was diabetic and had high blood pressure. He went through a very traumatic last few years. There were some good times in there but way too many ugly painful times. Seeing this first hand made me realize it was a terrible way to go through life and most of it could have been prevented with better education and better decisions of what we put in our bodies. Read more>>

Katey McCausey

As a little girl growing up in Michigan, my dad was a wedding DJ and I’d go to events with him. It was inevitable that I’d also end up DJing. I became a certified DJ through Scratch DJ Academy in 2014. I don’t think anything in life worth attaining comes easy! I love challenges and DJing has and always will be one! Looking back, I think initially I was naive to the time and cost involved. You don’t realize how much speakers cost, plus stands, carrying bags, microphones, ceremony systems, reception systems, computers, music, and then back-ups of everything because technology isn’t always reliable. Another challenge I find is being a female DJ in a male-dominated industry. Read more>>

Louis Katz

I’ve been shooting photos since I was barely a teenager. My dad taught me all about shutter speed, f-stops, and film speed, and he used to take me to the LA Photography Club downtown, where I learned a little bit about developing black and white film in the darkroom. I mostly lost interest over the intervening years, until the first iPhone came out in 2007. Between that and having a young son, I caught the shutterbug again. One of my clients, an amazing photographer named Robert Caughron, took notice, and he started encouraging me with generous gifts of his time and camera equipment. First, it was little point and shoots, then a couple years later he gave me my first DSLR. At that point, I told myself I really better get serious so I could be deserving of Robert’s kindness. Read more>>

Alex Kemp

My culinary endeavors started as a kid when my sister gave me a book called The Soul of a Chef. There was something about the loose discipline behind culinary arts that attracted me. Up to this point, I had loved art, but had never found a medium that mixed creativity with intense perfectionism. I credit most of my early training to Food Network, occasionally supplemented by my favorite. The creations began pouring out of me. My first original dish was an ancho grilled chicken breast stuffed with roasted peppers and onions that I topped with a lemon béchamel. That was in Seventh Grade and I kept going from there. Read more>>

Kerry Porter

I’ve always been a very artistically inclined person throughout my youth which led me to excel in art and music growing up. I can remember loving music from the early age of 6 or 7 when my parents would always have classic rock playing on the radio and I realized I just loved to listen to music. I loved the way it made me feel and the places it would transport my mind to and I just loved everything about music. My passion for music growing up ultimately led me to write music and play in bands throughout high school afterwards and we even recorded a couple albums on an independent record label as well as do some short tours throughout the states during one year. Read more>>

Danny Kang

I pursued my degree in Occupational Therapy and graduated from USC in 2003. Afterwards, I joined the U.S. Army as a medical specialist and served for 4 years before returning back to Southern California. I then completed my rigorous training as a Certified Hand Therapist and worked in an outpatient clinic. In early 2015 my vision became a reality when I opened up my clinic specializing in hand therapy and manual therapy techniques which is also known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). I created a business model focusing on assisting clients with varying diagnoses to continue engaging in their meaningful occupations through a client-centered approach. Read more>>

Juan Carlos Baselli

I have been an Entrepreneur all my adult life. I enjoy conceptualizing, developing and marketing products and ideas. After my second year of college I decided to start my own sport accessory line of sport products and launched Baselli Pro Gear whereby I developed a unique bike cover called Cycle Glove, for transporting high end racing bikes, transition clips for bike peddles and cool down visors, wristbands and neck bands to keep you cool during active sports. I had a I successful run and then sold the company. Since then I have been involved in many projects from film locations, 3D Screens, Events and Concerts to putting ATMs in hotels internationally. The ATM Business is what brought me to where I am today. Read more>>

Wenjia Zong and Man Xu

LIMVI {lim’vi} noun. 1. Less Is More Visual Identity. 2. Any business with a well focused brand statement that appeals to the masses. Our Belief. Less is more. These three words are the core of what we believe in and the basis of how we simplify things to make your brand stand out from the rest. By utilizing our creative talents and specialties, LIMVI acts as the brand stylist for your business. Elevating the brand appearance directly relates to increased market value and has a positive impact on impressionable customers. Our Mission. LIMVI is a fun, independent, female operated creative consulting company rooted in Orange County, California. Our quirky little agency’s mission is to provide professional marketing, communication and design services with affordable prices. Read more>>

Amelia Durham

I started working with dogs when I lived in the Bay Area 28 years ago. I always loved dogs and cats and would find them and bring them home and give them a bath immediately. When I got a part time job as a pet bather I realized I had found my calling of working with animals. For many years I worked as a pet groomer and really learned a lot about dogs and cats, their hair, faces and bodies, temperaments and personality traits. It’s amazing what you notice once you know to look! When I took up photography as a multimedia college course in the Temecula Valley, again I realized that I would naturally specialize in photographing pets. Read more>>

Petra Strand

I have been a make-up artist for over 25 years and I started Pixi in London 18 years ago. I opened my 1st store in Soho London and it stocked Pixi Color & skincare. Pixi was a passion project for me as I was continually searching for products that were cruelty free with botanical extracts in the color as well as the skincare. I wanted products not just for my kit but for me, that were multipurpose pro-quality but super flattering, essentially products that comprised of quick fixes and formulations that were beneficial to the skin. I remember the 1s’t message we ever put on the window was *I just want to look like I have had a good night’s sleep* and it just really resonated with people. Read more>>

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