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Downtown LA 7.3.2017

Shauntelle Sposto

I got started right out of Highschool. I was offered a volunteer position assisting for a wedding photographer in and from the moment we walked into our first wedding together, I knew this was going to be the coolest job. I had always enjoyed taking pictures. I was the kid in class whose parents always sent with a disposable camera to summer camp or field trips. Read More>>

Brian Carter

I was originally working as a salesperson in an electrical engineering role with an electric supplier. I started practicing with photography during the last 6 months I worked there. I received a raise and a promotion at my job and was laid off 2 weeks later. Read More>>

Nick Carver

I was introduced to photography at the age of 13 through an elective class at my middle school in Irvine, CA. I fell in love with it right away and have been pursuing it ever since. In high school, I was accepted to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and planned to get my degree in photography there, however I ditched that plan at the 11th hour because the school just didn’t feel like a good fit. Read More>>

Stephanie Albao

I started my photo journey as a new mom, obsessed with taking photos of my newborn. As soon as I got that DSLR in my hands in 2008, I knew it was something I had to do. Being a Southern California native, Disneyland was my backyard, so I spent a lot of my early days walking around Disneyland, finding new and interesting things to photograph. I quickly became obsessed with learning everything possible about the technical side of photography, so I used my friends as willing models, eventually grew my hobby into a business, and that newborn I started with is now 9 years old. I also photograph dancers quite a bit as well, and it’s the most inspiring to me. Read More>>

Julie Boucher

I always had a love of photography. When I was little, I would tear pages out of the National Geographic magazines, make frames out of paper and hang them on my bedroom wall. I would constantly look through the albums my mom put together of her pregnant with me and my brothers and our childhood. Read More>>

Bob Winberry

As a kid, I was intrigued by Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, in which a narrator tells a story as it is musically “illustrated” by an orchestra. In this symphony, each character in the story is represented by a different instrument. When augmented by narration, the instrumentation and orchestration achieve something unexpected. I knew then that I wanted to tell stories by blending various mediums. Read More>>

Paz Kinnaman

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I moved the USA at 18, when my father ––an internationally known painter –– decided to move our family here. I followed in his footsteps, studying fine arts at La Sierra University, where I graduated in 2007. While an art student, I began experimenting with photography and videography. I gained a fairly successful YouTube following for my early video work, but slowly switched my emphasis as photography became my main passion. Read More>>

Adrianna Ko

I started my photography business in 2013 when my husband and I were newlyweds in Santa Monica. At first, I mostly did head-shots for actor friends, but it wasn’t long before I realized that what I enjoyed most was shooting families and kids. We moved to San Diego in 2015 right before our first child was born, and I discovered the niche genre of documentary family photography. Since then, I’ve become specialized in this unique style. Read More>>

Chris Stanchak began in 2013 when we (husband & wife duo, Chris & Jenny Stanchak) were moving across the country and wanted to start a company together. Jenny has a background in software engineering and previously was the 7th employee at Venmo. I have a background in e-commerce and previously founded TicketLeap. Together we had this idea to build a used furniture mobile marketplace connecting buyers & sellers (like a better Craigslist for furniture). Read More>>

Cristian Coldea

I’ve always been artistic: I still remember drawing at the age of 2-3 with my grandma, and basking in the admiration of adults who said my work was far above my years. I’m sure everyone’s family says that. But in my case, they saved my art work to this day — and I gotta say, I really was good. Read More>>

Jessica Dubrowskij

I started out taking pictures for my mother’s Event Planning business, I always enjoyed taking pictures of details rather than people. To this day they are still one of my favorite things to photograph. Eventually, friends and family members began asking me to take family pictures for them.  Read More>>

Sharon Shalom

I was born in Israel. I came to US 14 years ago following my wife’s work and we settled in Seattle. About 7 years ago we made the move to live in sunny Orange County, California. Throughout my career as a Web Statistical Analyst I always imagined becoming a professional photographer. Read More>>

Dorie Kong

Dorie Kong is a multiple award-winning Designer. She started sewing her own primary school uniform when she was only 10 years old. Later, she was educated in dressmaking and designing in formal institutes in Malaysia, Singapore and further advancement in London, Paris, and Milan. Read More>>

Adam Afara

My career started as a Designer/Artist organically at a very young age! My Mother being an Artist /Painter herself, when I was a kid I use to be intrigued by her mixing paint colors on her Palate and create beautiful paintings of different themes. Also, when she had guests come over I would help her decorate our living room with various flowers and create different shaped arrangements. Read More>>

Gary Westby

While working for The Village Voice in NYC as an Advertising Account Executive, some of my clients were affected by the budget collapse of 2008 and were unable to provide suitable creative to continue their print and digital campaigns. As a way to keep them from pulling their campaigns, I offered to shoot new creative by organizing the concept, models, doing set design and dressing, lighting, shoots, and post production work. It was a lot of work but didn’t feel like it at all. Read More>>

Alexandra Fallon

It all began with my passion for cars; working on them, racing them. I’ve always been self-determined, eager to prove those who didn’t believe in me wrong. While also managing my fiancé’s metal fabrication business, I started doing automotive vinyl wrapping and commercial signage on the side. I simply just enjoyed being around cars and the industry. Read More>>

Dave Cornblum

Blaster Web Services started in 2007 as a one-man web developer and is now a full-service web development team with expert team members for web development, social media marketing, SEO, graphics, app development, content development, customized videos and hosting. We also do current website repair work. We design great looking professional WordPress websites that are responsive and work well in all platforms. Read More>>

Cindy Beck

I have been interested in design work for several years, but always worked a 9-5 office job…until I proved to the company that I could be their in-house designer and I would save them a lot of money…That is where it all began!! I went to a design college in Orange County and earned my degree. Read More>>

Elijah and Julian Ibarra

It all started when my parents remodeled my room and my dad bought me my first guitar, it was a Fender Squire, He told me not to touch it because it was for decoration only…. I didn’t listen. From that point, my dad put me in guitar lessons at Guitar Center. My brother decided he wanted to learn how to play the drums and took lessons there too. We started our own band at that time. Read More>>

Bert Bogomolny

We started as a retailer of Boho-style early 1900 dresses for second time brides, mothers, and alternative weddings. As things evolved, our expertise in the field grew, along with our customer base, and revenues followed. Since then we have opened new categories, and filled out our tried and true ones to establish ourselves as the go-to place online for Special occasion clothing, shoes and accessories with an alternative vintage flair. Read More>>

Leann La

In 2008, I decided to end my corporate career and follow my passion for the beauty industry. I joined my 3 sisters in the industry and we worked hard over the last 9 years to build the company to what it is today. What use to be Spa Fuzion is now Fuzion Artistry. Read More>>

Dali Ma

My first step as a fashion photographer was a sales person in a camera store, my first part-time job. Back then I was always wondering why people would carry those big and chunky cameras around when there are much cheaper and portable ones around. The job really changed my entire view on this, especially when seeing how every single precious moment could be captured perfectly with DSLRs. Read More>>

Rachel Demps

Rachel Demps started as a freelance makeup artist after graduating from Vancouver’s top makeup academy, Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2001. Initially she focused her talents on bridal makeup, and as a former beauty pageant winner she was afforded the opportunity to utilize her past title and talents to be the lead makeup artist for beauty pageants across Canada. She then relocated to Southern California and continued her career in television and film. Read More>>

Pouria Safa

Photography has always been my passion, however I never thought to make a living out of it, I’ve worked in many different fields such as management, sales, customer service also in real estate and etc. Back in 2014, I started Real Estate Photography as a full-time job since I used to be a realtor and I knew how would great quality photos of the property make a difference to sell the property. It would make the property shine and bring more traffic. In the beginning, I took jobs for little money which didn’t even cover my cost from Chula Vista to Santa Barbara; but now I’m covering LA, OC and surrounded counties. Read More>>

Erica Torres

Erica Torres Photography started I want to say… Back in 2013. That was when I took on my first paid gig which was an engagement photo shoot for a friend. I always loved photography, but never really put the thought of making a career out of it until my first paid shoot. Read More>>

Emilyn C

I am a second generation Japanese American born in Honolulu and raised in Tokyo. I have over 20 years of experience in beauty, cosmetics and fashion and am a licensed esthetician and nail technician in California, Hawaii and Japan. Since starting in this business in the late 90’s, the industry has continued to grow and expand here in the U.S. Read More>>

Travis and Pernille Duddy

We are a husband and wife duo, based out of Riverside, Ca. We met while living in Santa Barbara and studying photography. Our first shoot together was on Valentine’s day of 2007 in Newport Beach. Since then we have photographed over 60 weddings together and hope for many more. We love to photograph wedding because it is a very special moment between two people. Read More>>

John Goolsby

My interest began as projector monitor in elementary school and progressed through TV production classes in High School and College to producing training films for Vons Grocery Company before starting my own video production company in 1986. Since then I have filmed in 32 states and 25 countries producing more than 3000 wedding films and hundreds of corporate films for clients such as Costco, Mobil Oil, Penske Motorsports, US Foodservice, TE Connectivity, Kaiser Permenente and the US Army. One of the Highlights of my career was being named “One of the Top 25 Event Filmmakers in the World.” I am now an FAA Certified Remote Pilot and have flown drones around the world. Read More>>

Samantha Lam

It was April of 2011. I was taking classes at Irvine Valley College and working part time for a small salon nearby as a manicurist. I lived mostly off of grants and student loans at the time. I came back from a long weekend and the entire staff was told by the owners to pack up all of their things; the salon, which had been struggling and under its third ownership, had two days to move out before the Marshal would come through to lock up the space (apparently the owners had neglected to pay the rent). Read More>>

Madison Rhoades

Husband and wife team, Luke and Madison Rhoades, were the perfect duo. Madison was a set designer and scenic painter, Luke was a technical director and scenic carpenter. They worked on small and large theater shows all over LA including a few haunts like The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and Haunted Play’s Delusion. Read More>>

Ramses Patino

I recall seeing my first UFC fight at around 12 years old. I saw Royce Gracie fighting and thought it was something I wanted to aspire to in the future. What caught my attention was how he was submitting larger opponents, without throwing a single punch. But, when I told my parents that I wanted to start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), they did not have the finances to fund my interest. Read More>>

Joshua Christopher Crater

Started out as a Surf City Huntington Beach local, had a few referrals to some higher end jobs and things just snowballed from there, they key is to focus on quality and building a good reputation. I can’t say I have faced too many obstacles, but it is hard being a professional photographer today. I will be working a paid job and take a photo of a guest with my $10,000-15,000 camera and lens combo and the image is amazing but they just ask “can you also take one with my cell phone?” Read More>>

Krista Martin

I opened metro FOR MEN September 1, 2004 after never thinking this would ever be a reality. However, I can’t take all the credit. The all-male concept salon originally opened in 1998 under another owner. I started with them at opening and became the lead stylist within 6 months through a grass-roots marketing approach. Read More>>

Julie Lam and Evan Gregory

Both Evan and I started playing escape rooms several years back. We actually met doing our very first one together. As we started to form a team over the years playing these we developed a passion for puzzles. After we had done all the ones we possibly could in our area we decided we were going to take the leap and open our own. Shortly after, we started talking about the logistics of how we were going to do this we started asking for support from friends and family.  Read More>>

Eduardo Ponce

The first time I was introduced to a camera was back when I was a child and I’d grab my mom’s point and shoot film camera (against her permission) I would take pictures of our home at the time and thought it was so cool to see the photo developed and printed at the local Target (when they did still work with film). I didn’t think much about a camera back then but who would’ve guessed that was the beginning of something special. Fast forward to high school, I had terrible grades throughout high school and one day I thought to myself… Read More>>

Carla Lra

I started my photography as a hobby. One day, I just remember telling my mom that I didn’t had the money for the rent. I will never forget she was a little disappointed because I was the only one helping her with all the house expenses back then, not that I didn’t care, but I really wanted to have a camera and I’m sure the rent could wait for my next pay check, those were my thoughts a few years ago, then next thing you know, I bought my camera, I start shooting my friends kids, families and little by little I start getting calls of how much they love my work and if I could do their family portraits. Read More>>

Peter Phun

A former staff photographer at Southern California’s 4th largest newspaper, Peter photographed major professional sporting events like tennis, golf, football, baseball, basketball in the Los Angeles area. He also photographed lifestyle portraits and covered breaking news events. After more than a decade, he decided to launch his freelance business and also pursue teaching photography part time. Read More>>

Kiki Stash

Growing up, I helped my parents sell clothing at flea markets. We sold new clothing, not vintage, my mom thinks old things are totally gross… but I had different ideas. Some of my first memories are of walking around the markets looking at all of the things people were selling. In middle school, I started wearing and collecting vintage, mostly psychedelic 60’s. That was in the late 80’s. Read More>>

Diann Verdugo

I am the owner of a photography business (ShotsbyDiann) in which I mainly focus on couples, graduates, family photos etc. However, through this work a more compelling story was born. In 2014, I was approached about a volunteer position as the lead photographer for a non-profit organization called Pacific Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation (PHPCF). At the time PHPCF was in its infancy and was working to develop a program called “Portraits of Love” in which they sought to offer photography sessions to hospice patients and their families. Read More>>

David Watermeier

I joined the army out of high school to be a medic in 2011 and got out in 2015. I worked as an EMT and went to school after. But I didn’t enjoy being an EMT as much as I’d hoped. So I left that and still just continued with college to try to become a doctor. Read More>>

Crystal Edivan

I wasn’t the type of photographer that was born with a camera in my hand. My passion for photography came in my tween years. My mom was taking photography classes at a local college. She would have me pose for her for her homework assignments. Read More>>

Christine Lee Smith

After spending months silently banging my head on my desk at work, my husband said to me one night, “You’re miserable. You should quit. Go do something you love, like photography.” I resisted until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had always loved photography, and worked in the industry, but never thought I could actually go do photography. For me that was a huge mental leap. Read More>>

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