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Downtown LA 7.10.2017

Kristin Eldridge

As a teenager, people would always tell me I was good with kids. I should be a teacher. I baby sat all the neighborhood kids every summer, never tiring of singing silly songs and giving piggy-back rides. I did end up being a teacher. My first graders were my children before I had my own. Fast-forward through having my own three children and I decided to stay home with them. Read more>>

Candi Girardi

I’ve always been a builder and have done multiple house renovations. I built a barn door and did a wood wall in my last house. When I sold my house a lot of people asked for a referral and I saw that there was need for my work. The real catalyst to starting Urban Wall Design was when my husband told me I needed to save money for the various projects I wanted to do. Read more>>

Breana Pulizzi

I had always had a love for photography but I never thought about working towards owning a business. I grew up with a general love for art and my dad who graduated from film school, this really passed on the knowledge for capturing the perfect image and looking for the real moments in everything. I started 2 weeks after my daughter was born in 2014. Read more>>

Andy Templeton

I always had a love for photography. So after high school I started taking classes at a community college. I was going to be the next Ansel Adams. While there I was introduced to works by photographers like Robert Frank (The Americans) and Larry Clark (Tulsa). I lost interest in photographing rocks and clouds. People were much more interesting. I got hooked on journalism. Read more>>

Arin Farhadian

We are proud to present our 60 years of experience and history which was inherited from father to son, and use that skill to make the most particular and special artworks for our special and fashionable clients. Creativity has been the key to Farhadian Gold’s success. Read more>>

Patricia Chiu

For as long as I can remember, there were only two things that piqued my interest to pursue as career possibilities, architecture and acting. At around the age ten or eleven, I had a fortunate opportunity to audition for a part in a John Lone film however with absolutely no acting experience and shaky nerves, it did not fare well. At the same time, I was also very much into Legos and drawing up mock floor plans of my dream home out of many sheets of college ruled paper taped endlessly together. Read more>>

Sharon Pulcino

One of the 1st presents I requested from my parents was a Polaroid camera. My subjects were mostly my siblings, catching them in funny situations. Like sleeping with their mouths open or eating spaghetti; with 10 siblings & both parents being Italian, pasta was a staple. Read more>>

Moustapha Ndiaye

An artist by heart, Moustapha holds a degree in Finance from California State University of Northridge. With a disciplinary attitude gained while playing NCAA Division 1 soccer, Moustapha is a designer, hat maker and jewelry designer, who draws inspiration from artist like Rick Owens and Bob Marley. Read more>>

Füreya Ünal

I was born in Istanbul where I started playing the piano at the age of 3 1/2. My formal music education began at five years of age at Istanbul University State Conservatory with Sibel Kudatgobilik. In 1996, I was granted my bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Conservatory.I have been awarded two masters degrees. My first masters was granted from Istanbul Conservatory, my second from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. Read more>>

David An and David Kim

We both have been friends since our college years, but oddly enough were always surrounded by formal wear. Whether it was from working on weddings, going to events, meeting for clients for our legal company (we used to fight traffic tickets), we always found out that getting a properly fitting clothe were always a challenge to come across (I have a football body from my high school football days). Read more>>

Inez Ramirez

I was born and raised in Mexico City, came from a very hard-working family. I decided to move to California when I was being abused by my daughter’s father when my daughter was 3 years old. I have a degree in business administration but when I moved to California I had to start from zero. Not knowing the language and being a single mother was very difficult. Read more>>

Michael Gerolaga

My mom was shot dead when I was 3 years old and my father spent the following 3 years in prison because of it. I know, this probably wasn’t the most inspiring way to open up my story. However, if you’re going to ask me how I got to where I’m at today, my voyage if you will, I think it’s only fair that we go back to the beginning from where it all started. Read more>>

Andres Londono

Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always been artistic and creative as well, and my whole life I’ve been told I have a keen eye for photography. Why not combine the two and do what I love? I started by studying as much as I could on my own, creating a plan, and then acting upon it. There’s always something to learn. Read more>>

Larissa Blintz

I am the owner, designer, vintage buyer, and stylist behind Miracle Eye. Miracle Eye kind of came about as a result of feeling very anti-social topped with a passion for vintage and handmade clothing and entrepreneurship when I was 15 years-old. Funnily enough, I’d actually had 5+ years of experience in running a business by the time I created Miracle Eye. Read more>>

Karen Estremo

Started in 2009, 11 months after the accident that claimed the life of my daughter Arielle Rose. She is the Rose in The Dragon and The Rose. Our intention was to create a living memorial to her and be of service to the Pagan Community in Orange County. Read more>>

Eva Lempert

While studying photography and studio arts in college, a friend of mine asked me to photograph her wedding. I always knew I’d do something in visual arts, but never really thought about what I would do with a photography degree. So, what would any starving college student do? I offered to shoot it for the cost of my film and a free dinner. Read more>>

Keisy Hernandez

I was born in El Salvador and at the age of 16 I moved to USA. As i migrated to this country with no knowledge of the English language, I knew I would come far by accomplishing and working hard for what i always dreamed of, be a successful person. After graduating from High School and College I decided to enroll in beauty school. Read more>>

Jodie Knott, Ph.D.

I have been a licensed psychologist since 2005. I first started utilizing experiential learning approaches that included team building play-based initiatives for children for their therapeutic value in graduate school at the University of Oregon when I worked with chronic youth offenders who were in youth detention. Read more>>

Azad Kaligi

While completing my degree in geology, I worked as an intern for the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. At age 20 (ambitious as ever), I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona amid the financial crisis of 2008. The job climate was stiff, but I was grateful to start working at a reputable firm right away. Out of college, I worked for some of the best professionals in the industry. Read more>>

Carolyn Staples

I started OC Waxing in 2008. This was a crazy time due to the economy crash just a few months prior to opening the company in Ladera Ranch, one of the highest foreclosure towns in the country. I was looking on Craigslist for a home to rent when I stumbled upon an ad that read, “Room for rent for a massage therapist or esthetician.” At first, I thought, “That’s weird, do they think they’ll get free services for renting a room in their house?” As I read further I realized it was an open room (a closet actually) in a Pilates studio. Read more>>

Vin Weathermon

I’m originally from Long Beach, and in my youth, I tried many different paths until I stumbled into photography. I was working at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft which is a military facility, and ended up taking photos of WWII era machinery that was going to salvage, stored in huge, dark warehouses with giant racks of strange old stuff. Read more>>

Katelyn McCullough

Growing up, my mother and I would attend parties and black tie events, as my father was a member of a golf club. For these events, we would want to get our hair done, our makeup, and/or our nails, and we just found the process to take a lot of time. Researching the artists, finding out the best one to go to, the timing, the payment, etc. was a lot of hassle. Read more>>

Khoa Nguyen

I have always been interested in art and as a kid I would spend a lot of time drawing. The few classes that I actually enjoyed in high school were art classes. My journey through photography didn’t begin till my daughter was born. I wanted to take pictures of her so I bought an entry DSLR and we would take it everywhere. Read more>>

Jackie Mena

My photography business started out in 2011 when I used my mom’s camera. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but I knew I loved it and whatever it took me I would follow. A little after 2 years of using my mom’s camera, my dad let me use his and thus JackieMenaPhotography was born. Read more>>

Kazuya Kimura

When I was 11 years old, I learned in my science class that blueprints could reproduce the original images by having photographic papers exposed to the light. It was a stunning new discovery to me, and it blew my mind. Since then, I became very fascinated in photography, and asked my parents to get me a SLR for my 12th birthday. Read more>>

Summer Berriel

My photography journey began when my youngest daughter was born, my obsession with capturing every moment turned into a passion. Now 13 years later, I photograph other people’s special moments, from weddings to families. Learning my camera was the easy part, starting a business and actually turning a profit took nearly 3 years. Read more>>

Nick Nguyen

When I was a teenager, I always knew that I would someday run my own business. I opened up my first cell phone store in Dallas, TX back in 1999 when I was 27 years old. I eventually sold my store in 2007. I moved back to California in 2009 and decided to open up a cell phone repair shop. We’re coming up to our 9 years in business mark in a few months. Read more>>

Marcos de la Cruz

I’ve been into music my whole life. Started playing drums at the age of 14. Grew up in England. Played in a cover band there. Moved to CA in the early 80s. Played in various bands in LA and OC, most notably The Tickets (OC), Tijuana Dogs (OC) and The Andersons (LA). Started recording with Pro Tools in ’08. Read more>>

John Ramirez

During high school, my first job was at a small urban farm in long beach. I was working there around 8-12 hrs. a day for 7 days a week. Having to help my parents while we were in a tough time. Next to the farm was a non-profit organization called Long Beach Community Action Partnership that help youth and low-income families. Read more>>

David Truog

During the fall of Vietnam, my parents converted everything they had into diamonds in order to sell and start a new life in America. During one of our failed escapes, we were sent to jail – mom and I were released early, before we left, my dad gave me a cigar tube and told me to keep it close and not to let anyone know. Read more>>

Karla Purificacion

I actually went to fashion school for product development and completed my bachelor’s in business right after. Working in the business side of the fashion industry for 6 years was amazing but life presented a different opportunity for me and I took it. Coffee was always a passion of mine. Frequenting all the coffeeshops in downtown LA while working in Fashion definitely had something to do with it. Read more>>

Steven Angel

I started playing the drums at 3 years old. Played with Buddy Rich at age 6 and recorded with Jimi Hendrix at age 16. In my early 40’s, I had an epiphany where drumming and psychology came together. I first created the Life Skills Drumming program and started helping at-risk-youth in detention camps and juvenile halls. Read more>>

Danny Frechette

40 years ago, I worked at a summer job with my dad at Thomas Cadillac in Downtown LA, he taught me everything there was to know about cars including repairing and painting them. In 1985 he took a chance and opened his own business in Bellflower, JRF Collision. In 1987 after graduating college I decided to help build and grow his business. Read more>>

Mimi Basseri

Mimi A La Mode was established in San Francisco in 1989 with a black and white stripe shower cap with a big bow and daisy flower. (Located in Los Angeles since 2004!) I wanted to make sure that I would look pretty while taking a shower, just in case my BF peeked behind the shower curtain. He never did do that because he was a perfect gentleman but the pretty shower cap came into being. Read more>>

Candace Hanna

I’ve been working in the fashion industry my entire career. However, I’ve always worked in the numbers/financials. While I love my job, there’s always been a creative inside of me bursting to get out. Years ago, I noticed my friends and family always asking me to shop for them, or help them put looks together because they loved my style. Read more>>

Kip Barry

I’m a performer who grew up in the Midwest and has traveled and entertained all over the world in more than 60 countries. My love for eclectic entertainment and Magic led me to putting together this beautiful CABARET old world style, yet hip variety entertainment theater called Kip Barry’s Cabaret. Read more>>

Erick Avila

I started working with professional boxers as a strength and conditioning coach/nutritionist. In the process of that I also started writing for major fitness sites on topics like athletic training for improved performance as well as nutrition and supplementation strategies for improved health outcomes. Read more>>

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