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Downtown LA 6.19.2017

Claudia Endler

I didn’t start out as a jewelry designer, but as a sociology business major I did love trying to understand people and culture and how everything is connected. I’ve always been fascinated by the human spirit and how we persevere through difficulty and change and it seemed to me that aesthetics is part of this. Beauty can lift us up, enhance our environment, make us feel good. It makes us happier and healthier. Read More>>

Austin Baffa

I have had a passion for visual storytelling since I was a kid, and throughout my youth I would take pictures and make short films with friends. When I transitioned from High School to University, I made a decision to study Cinema Arts at Vanguard University of Southern California, and there I was able to develop a foundation in the arts and in cinema that helped me gain direction for where I would want to go in the future. When I graduated from University in 2015, I moved to Northern California to spend a year working with and mentoring youth in Santa Cruz County, and while I was there I began to save up for the equipment I needed to help launch my freelance business. Read More>>

Anthony (Tony) Williams

When I founded Global IT in 2008, my focus was to start building data centers and hosting environments. Some industry experts criticized this decision at that time, saying that I was building the company backwards. However, looking to the present day and seeing what is needed for a cloud environment, the decision to invest in our infrastructure has been proven a viable plan and has allowed Global IT to keep up with the demand of cloud based services. Read More>>

Araceli Rodriguez

I started babysitting when I was working multiple positions for a non-profit organization. The first family I worked for had just recently moved to California, and had no relatives living in the state. They had to go a business trip, one which their child could not attend. I recall greeting the mother and her child every single day, and holding baby L every time. Read More>>

Nilo G. Low

I started Kapture at the age of 25, feeling fueled by the love of creating experiences. It was never my dream or passion to be an entrepreneur or business owner, I honestly thought I would just climb the corporate ladder and one day hope to make it to an executive level of leadership within marketing or events. As a college student, I planned small gatherings and once organized a breast cancer fundraiser in the backyard of my parents’ home. Read More>>

Cristian Munoz

Though I am from Chile and lived there for twenty years, I started my career as a graphic designer in Canada. After working there for a little while, I moved to Los Angeles to work as a graphic designer at a fashion company. I had a good sense of how the industry worked after one year, so I decided to move closer to the fashion district. Read More>>

Andy Shah

Ever since I was young, I was fascinated with photography and visual images. Around 10 years ago, I decided to convert my passion into a business. Initially, I started off with fashion photography and slowly moved into the wedding and engagement industry. I landed my first client came through as a referral from a friend who is a videographer. Read More>>

Cheryl Townsend

I started as a product designer after I graduated from UCLA. My design concepts were primarily in three dimensional so I went into a field that allowed me to use 3D, such as ceramics, contrary to painting. I built the business from the perspective of creating unique designs in lighting that were forward thinking and moving with the technology of the times. For example, we are leaders in the LED market for contract fixtures. Read More>>

Elida Tsou

I didn’t get into jewelry designing until I was a student at Northwestern University, enrolled in graduate studies for my Masters in Marriage Family Therapy. I learned the basics from my roommate who I later discovered was the jeweler for Jennifer Beal’s jewelry line (old flash dance queen of the 80’s!). It was simply a fun creative outlet for me but before I knew it, Jennifer’s buyers started purchase my designs for themselves. Read More>>

Steve Belleville

Finding reliable resources in the industries and try lots of research online 3 years’ worth. Mystery Heart Jewelry Designs proprietary and unique style in jewelry. I like to call myself an Entrepreneur, I have been self-employed all my life and love to be creative. I manage, develop and research new products for the future. Read More>>

Vincent Jacquard

I was born in the North of France and grew up in between Paris and the Normandy coast. As collectors, inventors, industrialists, travelers, physicians, and intellectuals, my family strongly influenced my foundation in design. The homes I was raised in were old and layered with collections of eclectic things from distant civilizations. Read More>>

Josephine Villaseñor

I got into the Party Supply and Party Equipment Rentals business when I was 15 years old and ever since then, been in it for 21 years and doing balloon creations. I have built up my client list, my vendor list and my reputation as being honest, paying attention to detail and excellent customer service and I provide the best party equipment and party supplies to my clients. I was in a partnership with another business, it was going great until the environment became hostile, negative, abusive and constantly lying. Read More>>

Jeremy Lucero

Lead up to the year 1992, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to college part time, playing in a rock band, and in a job that didn’t have much of a future. An old friend of mine told me about his job as a portrait photographer and said that he’d bring me on board if I were interested. Read More>>

Amanda Grothe

As a young kid, I always enjoyed taking pictures. My mom would take us on vacations every year and I remember always loving to take pictures. In 2010, I got married and that was my first time we ever had to hire a photographer. It fascinated me so much the way our photographers worked and how creative they could be. Read More>>

Oliver Nazaryfar

After receiving my Master’s degree in Environmental and Petroleum university in the United Kingdom, I wanted to pursue my own environmental firm; one which would uphold strict environmental standards, honesty and objectivity from a more academic standpoint. After acquiring a number of years of experience in the environmental field, I felt confident enough to begin my journey and exercise my formal training and academic prowess. Read More>>

Joe Piombino

I was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida where I spent my entire life in the restaurant business – this is where I learned the value of hard work and a strong work ethic. My parents owned a couple of very popular Italian restaurants and I was involved in every aspect of the business but primarily, I was head chef. I moved to LA in 1999 to join my then girlfriend and start a new life. Read More>>

Erica Reiner

My background is a weird-but-cool mixed bag. I studied environmental science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. One of my first jobs upon graduation was at a solar energy provider, where I filled my creative side by studying for my certification and course completion in interior decorating. Thinking my two worlds, or halves of me, would never combine, I kept working in the environmental field and eventually went back for a Master’s of Marine Science and Management. Read More>>


I live in Pacific Palisades. I sold my pharmacy in the valley and was looking for a location close to my house. I found my present location by walking around trying to apply for a job. The store looked pretty empty and only one person working there. Read More>>

Joseph Shuldiner

The Institute of Domestic Technology was originally conceived as an educational adjunct to a renegade backyard farmers’ market in Altadena, California, an unincorporated township nestled against the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains just northeast of Los Angeles. Originally billed as the Altadena Urban Farmers’ Market University–I conceived this market activity as a value-added contribution to the monthly, under-the-radar guerrilla gathering of 30 backyard farmers and home foodcrafters. Read More>>

Jason Gant

I’m a New Orleans native which is where I attend the Tulane School of Architecture. After completing a five-year Master of Architecture program, I moved to San Diego where I worked in a medium size Commercial and Residential Architecture firm for 4 years. After interning for 4 years in San Diego and getting my hours for architecture licensure, I moved to Los Angeles where I began to do architectural drafting software teaching and consulting. Read More>>

Molly Webb

The business started out with just me running voice and piano lessons out of a studio in Costa Mesa. My dad helped me put up my first website, and I went through the awkward growth period of driving to the studio for one client and then driving home. Over the years, business grew until I was teaching a full schedule of students six days a week, sometimes getting off as late as 10:30 PM. Read More>>

Stoney Michelli

Stuzo originally began in 2008 as mere sketches as I was working on my B.F.A. I designed logos based on true thoughts, emotions and events occurring in my life. As I looked at the designs, I realized that I had to put them on t-shirts and get them out to the world. As a native of N.Y., I began to sell my designs at parades and events. Read More>>

Jason Vigil

10 years ago I found this little quaint vacation home in northern California on some river front property called the Trinity River. After a few trips, it didn’t take long to discover the art of fly fishing and how passionate I was about this new-found hobby. It wasn’t just the fly fishing, it was more about getting away from the daily grind and recharging my body and mind while getting outdoors and doing what I love. Read More>>

Eve-Marie Bilodeau and Guy Simard

My husband and I are originally from Montreal, Canada and had been art collectors for many years. More than 7 years ago, an artist we were collecting and that wanted to expand his exposure, asked us if we would be interested in promoting his work throughout the world in art fairs. We were excited to imagine that we could travel the world promoting artists we loved, sharing their visions and their artworks and meet fascinating people from different cultures. We did not hesitate and took the challenge. Read More>>

KamaL Muhsin

I started weight training in 1976, in Pontiac Michigan after I got cut as a freshman from my high-school basketball team, with my first girlfriend, brother Chip Williams & his best friend Angelo. Then I met a lady from Los Angeles California visiting in Detroit, I went to visit, I ended up moving with my cousin. My mother, may she rest in peace, gave me $500, so got some business cards printed, to specialize in Personal Training, Bodyguard/Bouncer, Modeling…so I began to furious in PT. Read More>>

Marissa Bass

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I attended the Archer School for Girls. I was a three-sport varsity high school athlete while pursuing a professional career in ballet. While receiving Chiropractic care, I changed majors from dance to human biology. Read More>>

Bruce Gray

I was previously working as an art director and graphic artist at an ad agency in Boston, but wanted to do my own thing. In 1989, I moved to Los Angeles and started making sculptures and furniture full time. I started off working in wood, but quickly realized that metal would be much better for the kind of things I wanted to make, so I bought a welder and taught myself to use it. Since then I have sold around 4000 pieces over three years, and absolutely love what I do. Read More>>

Nathan Wills

Torch began as a personal design project after I began commuting by bike several days a week. My ride was 14 miles each way from Los Feliz to Culver City and back. The ride home was especially stressful because it was usually already dark by the time I left work and I never felt that my bike lights made me any safer because they disappeared into all of the other lights on the road. They were simply too small and at the same height as all of the lights on the cars. Read More>>

Gina Novish

When I was five years old I started flipping through the pages of my mother’s copies of Vogue. My mother was an anthropologist and fashion enthusiast (rather like Etheline Tennenbaum) and subscribed to several style publications. Vogue lead to Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Times Style Section, etc. Growing up in the heart of the Midwest I loved seeing the world of fashion, style, art and parties. Read More>>

Oscar Vasquez

My story begins with a forgotten dream that became a breakthrough reality. I know it sounds weird but it was just that. After 13 years behind the chair and countless opportunities to open up a salon, a dear friend of mine pulled me aside and asked me what my vision for life is? I was taken aback by this question and felt silly answering. I was at a loss for words and he reminded me of my dreams of having a shop and that’s where my vision became a reality. Read More>>

Judy Irwin

I started working for The Den Salon roughly 3 years into their opening as a two day a week part time receptionist. I was in my last semester at CSULB as a marketing major and no plan. Being the broke college student I was, I needed a haircut so I replied to an ad about being a hair model for the ISSE convention that happens every year in Long Beach. Read More>>

Sifu Paul Lewis

The International JKD Comparison, or IJKDC for short, is the creation of certified Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gung Fu instructor and 2011 Masters Hall of Fame inductee Sifu Paul S Lewis. After having studied under the direct tutelage of noteworthy original first generation students of Bruce Lee’s, such as Larry Hartsell, Patrick Strong and Richard Bustillo, Paul then noted the lack of a proper public platform to fully showcase this unique method of fighting. Read More>>

Marcus Williams, Asia Esterak, and Omar Kelly

The Happy Cat Collective was started by cousins Asia Esterak and Marcus Williams. The shop was shut down for a year due to regulations and changes within the Cannabis industry. During that time renovations were being made. In October of 2016 The Happy Cat Collective re-opened. Marcus reconnected with his friend and former business partner Omar Kelly from San Diego State University. Read More>>

Carol Takakura

As the oldest of 5 children, I learned early on how to be both a cook and a nurturer. In a big family, there is always cooking to be done and my Mom was more than willing to hand off that “task” to me, especially after it was discovered that I happened to excel at it. I loved showing off my cooking skills and received lots of encouragement from my family even when I experimented and made mistakes! Read More>>

Tammie Bernal

Capturing memories of people, places, and special occasions has always been important to me. I have an identical twin sister and we only have a handful of photos from our childhood. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart. Read More>>

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