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Downtown LA 4.17.2017

Donegan McCuaig

After getting fired from an apartment management job in 2008 I wound up in the Fashion District of Downtown LA staying with my friend. He was living in a warehouse. Read More>>

Kim Downey

When my husband and I decided to get married, he wanted a present Mom. I left my job in corporate and took my experience in dance and the NFL to create a dance company. I wanted something nurturing to kids that was focused on the love of the sport/art instead of a focus on “competition”. Read More>>

The Meal Prep

We started The Meal Prep because there was a fundamental problem growing in our society, people often sacrifice their health for convenience. We noticed that many people often have poor and inadequate choices for convenient meals. Read More>>

Richard Mieir-King

I think you could say that my beginnings in martial arts began, in some regards, before I was born. My parents were in the military and spent some of their time in Asian countries. Read More>>

Mike Arreola

It all started with a fascination and a dream to be like my childhood hero, the bodybuilding icon, the action superstar and fitness legend ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! As a kid and a teen, sports science, the human body and strength has always intrigued me. Read More>>

Elvina Beck

I was born in the Soviet Union to liberal non-secular parents who immigrated to America in 1990 when the wall fell. In Brooklyn, New York we were hosted by a kind Russian family as we learned the culture, language and earned some money to live off of. Read More>>

Rachel Foti

I grew up in Boston, MA as the eldest of three sisters. At a young age, I had to look for ways to help my single Mom raise and support my younger siblings. Being raised in this environment, developed a desire to have more in my life. Read More>>

Brooke Mason

I started when I was very young, in Sydney Australia, around 12yrs old. I didn’t know at that stage this was going to be my life long profession. Read More>>

Tian Liu

A waving ray of the red light went tore the deep darkness of the room. That was the most impressive memory in my childhood when I used to print the photos from the film in the studio. Read More>>

Cesar Rios Rico

It all started with middle school. I needed a class, decided to sign up for guitar class. From there Mr. Vasquez had an opening at San Fernando Middle School Mariachi Los Halcones. Read More>>

James Byun

What is most surprising to us is how quickly we got busy with events after we launched our company and how many people have supported us along the way. Read More>>

Jennie and TJ

TJ and I met working for one of Los Angeles’ largest restaurant groups. Our restaurant was centrally located in downtown so the owners decided to start catering to the nearby offices and asked us to spearhead the project. Read More>>

Alicia Whitney

Restaurateur Alicia Whitney is one of the hottest rising stars transforming Southern California’s culinary landscape. At her seven coastal-themed dining destinations, she presents reinvented regional cuisine for modern palettes – all while elevating the local food scene to embrace gourmet flavor profiles and artful presentations. Read More>>

Stephanie Navarro

I was born and raised on Chicago’s South side from a humble, hard working Mexican family. I was just 17 years old when I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my makeup career. Read More>>

Matthew Caligiuri

I founded Environdental to address the excessive waste that is so common in the practice of dentistry, and to provide an option for patients looking to minimize their impact on the environment. Before Environdental, I worked in a traditional dental office that had been around for over 3 decades. Read More>>

Robert Jefferson

I first learned basic massage techniques from several practitioners while living in Maui, Hawaii. Maui is a very special place. Read More>>

Vicky Alba

I was born and raised in Bucharest Romania during the very tough times of communism and dictatorship. The lack of freedom to grow, express myself and achieve my dreams inspired me to leave the country. Read More>>

Brian Girgus

I opened the shop on Feb. 14th, 2013. After working at different shops in SF, NY, and in LA I knew I had what it took to run my own shop. Read More>>

Terry Abrahamian

Signograph USA was established in 1997. Primary business being vinyl graphics and large format printing. Over the years we expanded our business and started fabricating signs & neon with addition of machinery Laser cutter we gradually became a full production house, capable of fabricating all sorts of displays, full colour graphics, custom fabrication for window displays, acrylic work, steel work, and wood working. Read More>>

Bill (William) McILVAINE

I have been fixing clocks professionally for over 25 years. It seems to be a vocation that followed me through life. When I was in 7th grade my neighbor decided I should help him fix his anniversary clock. Read More>>

Julie Karatzis

I’ve always loved paper and stationery, and had a special interest in letterpress. I love moving between graphic design and getting my hands dirty. Read More>>

Andrea Damian

In college I wanted to do a double major in Art and Business and they told me it was a silly idea so I left the University I was attending to attend school in London for a year. I was able to put together a portfolio that got me into Art Center College of Design. Read More>>

Sue Young

I started my business 6 years ago by creating and selling party favors. I exhibited at a bridal expo and as I was doing my follow up calls, one bride asked if I did invitations. Read More>>

Annette Gladstone

I was a single mom working in preschools throughout Los Angeles. I always had a vision of what I thought was appropriate for young children. Read More>>

Jamie Wroten

I have always loved children since the first time I interacted with my first niece at the age of 10. I loved feeding and playing with her every day. Read More>>

Stephanie Moran

I’ve been working with seniors since 2006, but I believe my passion for it began to germinate in my childhood. I had always had a strong attachment with my late grandparents, all through elementary, middle, and high school summer breaks I would live with them in Mexico. Read More>>

Szilvia Gogh

Szilvia Gogh started scuba diving when she was 13 years old (quite some years ago), as a member of a dive club in, in Budapest, Hungary. As a diver, she competed in orienteering diving for several years. Read More>>

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