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Downtown LA 2.20.17

Elizabeth Bachner

Becoming a midwife was the farthest thing from my mind while growing up in Connecticut. In fact, it was the farthest thing from my mind while at Tufts University, when I had the corporate job in San Francisco, when I was living in Europe, while I was traveling through Africa… honestly, it was nowhere in my consciousness. Read More>>


I’m a pretty lucky individual, but luck is something we make. Following entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris and Chris Guillebeau inspired me to quit my day job as a pharmacy technician of 8 years and follow my dreams. I cashed out my 401k and invested in my photography tools. Read More>>

Portia Wilson

Holistic Medicine is something I have been interested in since I was a child. As a kid, whenever I would come down with a cold, it was the weird tasting herbal medicine that I preferred over popular cough syrups. It always baffled the adults in my family. Read More>>

Heather Atles

Babaloons and Toons Singing telegrams was founded in San Francisco over 20 years ago by an Opera Singer and a Comedian. We have expanded to include cities across the country, most notably, Los Angeles. We originally started serving the LA area when one of our top performers moved to the area to pursue his music career. Read More>>

John Hennessy

Our parent company, Race/LA has been creating and producing scavenger hunts and adventure races around the greater LA area since 2005. When I first heard of escape rooms, which was in early 2014, I thought it would be the perfect next step for us to take since solving clues and puzzles has always been a big part of all of our events. Read More>>

Ivan Lopez

I began studying photography a little before graduating High School. I took courses at Santa Monica College and found that I enjoyed shooting portraits more than most other things. After a year or two of getting some practice, I started attempting to photograph professionally; shooting head shots, or family shoots where ever I could find them. What I do now, is quite different, but I still do portraits. Read More>>

Delton Davis

I grew up in the south in an environment in which there wasn’t much of a diversity in culture. When I say “culture” I meaning, people from various countries, thought backgrounds etc.. I realized the bias I had on people from various countries based off what I saw on T.V. Read More>>

Kevin Break

Born and raised in Glendale, California, I discovered in the 80s that girls at school would pay me for photos I shot of them. Kind of a win/win as far as I was concerned, I carried photography into college and there, decided to pursue it as a career. Read More>>

Charlie AKA Party Charlie Scola

As Time Change, the Economy Changes you must Change with it. Yes, there were bumps in the Road
I remember when Desert Storm Happened. Biz was tough being people were unsure of the outcome. Read More>>

Suzanne Down

I spent many years on stage as an aerial acrobat, fire-eater and dancer. I had many magical years touring all over the US and parts of Asia with the band and stage show Mutaytor; who became like a 2nd family to me. In 2004 I was out at the burning man festival with my then boyfriend Kevin Bourque and fellow Mutaytor band mate; we were trying to perform his multi-media music project out in the middle of a 50 mile an hour dust storm. Read More>>

Seun Lim

did ballet thru high school and due to a serious ankle injury (torn ligament) I had to give up my dreams. And then I switch to fashion design and started James Jeans.  I was able express my creative curiosity much of the way. Read More>>

Sarah Nelson

CLUBWAKA was founded in 1998 as the World Adult Kickball Association and in recent years has exploded as CLUBWAKA, the country’s premier social club providing adult sports leagues, social activities, vacations, and events. Read More>>

Jenn Weishaar

It has been a smooth road, however, there are always challenges when building a business. It is the challenges that teach us and enable us to grow. Read More>>

Jessica and Jonathan Steier

We imagined a laundromat designed to be a clean and comfortable space to do your laundry in a modern and aesthetically pleasing environment. The idea was to create a unique type of laundry experience. Everyone has to do laundry and we didn’t understand why most were forced to do their laundry in an unsafe, unclean space with poorly maintained and unreliable washing machines. Read More>>

Stephanie Schestag

I became a yoga teacher out of my obsession with yoga, with no intention of ever actually teaching yoga. I’ve trained to teach Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. In 2004 my life went through some major changes. I had been a very adventurous traveling young person but I was ready to settle down and start a family. Read More>>

Randi Ragan

I started my company in 2006 at the height of the burgeoning green movement. I first intended to create a mobile spa experience that would address the traffic situation inherent in LA by providing an in-home experience for those wanting to avoid the stress of driving (particularly after experiencing the soothing effects of a great spa treatment!). Read More>>

Fuad Phillip Alan Osceola

I came across the 18th century French Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau ‘s observation about the human condition, “ Man was born free but everywhere he is in chains”. Read More>>

Maryam Farr

My mother had a beauty school in Iran and I spent countless days helping out with operations. It wasn’t until I moved to Connecticut, via the Philippines, that I began my journey as a cosmetologist. I started at The Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue. It was here that my insight on beauty became deep rooted. Read More>>

Sasha Rene

Well it all started in my dorm room at San Diego State. I used to teach the others girls on my floor how to give blow jobs with Big Stick popsicles. I had started giving head in high school so I kind of knew the basics when many girls knew nothing. Read More>>

Rifko Meier

My name is Rifko. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. At 17 I went abroad to be an exchange student at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills (Orange County). I even made it into the Football team, which was an amazing experience since I had never played American Football before. Read More>>

Marcin Bieniek

I started my company because I knew how important education is. I had a lot of ideas which helped many players so I decided to share these ideas with the world. I started with almost no budget so I had a lot of work to do. I created hundreds of tennis video drills to show players, coaches, and parents how they can improve their practice sessions. Read More>>

Jessica Rosen

My story: I started practicing yoga while working on my master’s thesis. All-nighters, minimal showers and an overall lack of self-care finally got me onto a yoga mat. Since then, I have completed two 200hr teacher training programs, level 1 yoga therapy through Loyola Marymount’s Yoga Therapy Rx program, and a 300 hour teacher training at Yoga Blend. Read More>>

Yung Kim

Our e4Hats Table Tennis Club first opened in summer 2014. Table Tennis is one of Olympics’ Summer Sports, but most people don’t really have a chance to overlook this sport. Table tennis is beneficial in so many ways such as improving coordination and balance, developing mental acuity, burning calories, and keeping your brain sharp. Read More>>

Nzazi (Master Zi) Malonga

Dharma Health Institute is the result of decades of intense training, study, practical application and sincere commitment of Master Nzazi (Zi) Malonga, a lifelong yogi and martial artist. Along with several other talented holistic healthcare professionals, all of which train under Master Zi, the vision of a cohesive, multi-disciplinary, integrative wellness institute has manifested – a Wellness and Educational Institute where each client is seen as an individual. Read More>>


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