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Downtown LA 2.13.2017

Deisy Suarez

As a little girl, I began concocting mud masks and making home scrubs to make myself more beautiful. Now I am a licensed Esthetician & Certified Massage Therapist, and entrepreneur. Read More>>

Ivan Salanueva

I am a second generation barber, I was born and raised in Mexico City.I come from a extended family of barbers. Growing up watching my Dad and uncles doing magic with scissors, clippers ,shaving brushes, soap, straight razors and after shaves. Read More>>

Heather Roach

I have almost 10 years of experience as a Makeup and Hair Artist.  I work in Film, Commercial, Fashion, Theater, Private Clientele and anything that does not fit into these categories. Read More>>

Krystal Walden

Krystal Walden is the Founder/CEO of KRYSTAL SPA®, a health and fitness spa devoted to the healing arts. Her remarkable commence into entrepreneurship resulted from a career boomerang. Read More>>

Joel Arquillos

826LA is a nonprofit writing and tutoring organization that serves over 9,000 under-resourced youth throughout Los Angeles every year. We have a location in Echo Park, Mar Vista, and a Writers’ Room inside of Manual Arts High School, and we provide our free services to over 100 schools throughout LAUSD. Read More>>

Nick Drombosky

Previous to being in the bicycle industry, I was COO of a small multi-store specialty automotive retailer in Pittsburgh. After leaving that company, I started Fiks:Reflective, a company that specialized in reflective bicycle accessories and clothing . Read More>>

Bobak Roshan

I used to be a corporate lawyer. At the time, I was drinking a ton of coffee. A small group of us at the firm formed the “coffee club” and we ordered coffee from all over the country, ground it fresh in our office, and rated it on a spreadsheet. Read More>>

Tina Pellegrino

I’m a second generation Italian, born in Brooklyn. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in businesses and how they work. As a young girl I’d often tag along with my mother who worked with my grandmother in a sweater factory and was fascinated by how things were designed, made, sold and the crazy machines that were running non-stop. Read More>>

Dante Marshall

I got started almost 10 years ago now. I am originally from Detroit and I was taking photos of friends and family. Honestly not sure how it became my full-time profession. I didn’t really know that money could be made off photography. I figured it was just a cool thing to do. Read More>>

Vreny Van Elslande

Vreny was born in Belgium in the 70’s. He grew up listening to the Beatles, The Bee Gees, soul music, disco and whatever else he heard on the radio that was constantly playing in his parent’s house. He was 17 when a high school classmate started playing guitar and got Vreny interested in playing himself. Around the same time, he discovered Jimi Hendrix and was awestruck. Read More>>

Casey/Ren Goch/Fuller-Wasserman

Shreebs Coffee began as a backyard project in the summer of 2012 in Venice, CA. We wanted to do something fun that would bring our friends and neighbors together in a genuine way. It was also an outlet for us to share our love for coffee and the connection that it brings to a community. Read More>>

Heather Klenk

I have loved music since I can remember and have wanted to play an instrument since I was 6 years old but it wasn’t till I was about 10 that I was able to take up the recorder at a local church where they were giving free lessons. Read More>>

Scott Shelton

I am barista and my wife, Kenia, is a chef. Kenia manages all the styling/the look of our business, as well as the food. I manage all the business operations of our business, as well as the coffee. Together we created Urban Espresso. We are only LA’s only coffee+breakfast truck. Read More>>

Jennifer LaGrow

My husband and I are both USC Trojans. We lived in Los Angeles after we graduated and bought season seats for the USC football games. We tailgated most every home game with our friends and family. Read More>>

Joshua De La Cruz

Five years ago a friend suggested we rent out furniture, only because we were already manufacturing upholstered furniture for high end clients and hotels through our first company named Creative Comfort Designs Inc. Creative Comfort Designs Inc. was founded by my father Manuel De La Cruz nearly 16 years ago when his ex boss (owner of Sheffield Chair Corp. Ernest Warsaw) gave him a huge head start. Read More>>

Amy Jordan

I was wrapping up a difficult divorce and started taking Pilates in 2006. I found that one hour to be incredibly healing and head clearing every time. So, getting bitten by the ‘Pilates Bug’ is exactly how I got my start in this rewarding and dynamic work. Read More>>

Rian and Alyssa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rian and Alyssa Heim. Soccer Shots was started 10 years ago in Los Angeles, by husband and wife team, Rian and Alyssa Heim.“We both wanted to run a business together that impacted youth in our local community. Read More>>

Knekoh Fruge

Back in 1999, an artist friend and student who was living in a loft at 1st and Vignes in what was then called the Industrial Zone now known as the Arts District asked if I’d like to teach a Yoga class in her loft. It was a perfect setting and a perfect class.About a year into our growing class my friend, being an artist she felt the call to study in Paris. Read More>>

Matthew Kenney

Matthew Kenney graduated from the French Culinary Institute and, after working in upscale New York City kitchens, opened a number of his own highly regarded restaurants in New York and along the East Coast. He has earned several awards, including being named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food and Wine Magazine and was twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the James Beard Foundation. Read More>>

Dalton Best

I’ve always been passionate about the ocean and being in or near the water. I am a former lifeguard for the City of Laguna Beach and also have a long history of working in customer service. I found a way to combine my skill set to provide a one of a kind experience for my guests. Read More>>

Miguel Diazleal

I am the Chairman for Pack 75 for the Cub Scouts. I am also the Scoutmaster for Troop 75. In addition to these two positions, I also volunteer at the district level to be the district webmaster and Membership Chairman. I started about five and a half years ago when my son joined Cub Scouts. Read More>>


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