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Downtown LA 11.27.2017

Bao Vo

I’m a refugee from Vietnam. I grew up in Southern California and went to a performing and visual arts high school in Houston, TX. Like a lot of immigrants, I was raised with the philosophy that we had to work at least twice as hard to achieve the same success as people who’ve been in the US much longer. Read more>>

Eric Steele

Studio Concepts started in 1997 by the grace of chance… I had just recently joined the Local 44 Set Carpenters Union and was building movie sets for big Hollywood features. It was always a dream of mine to be a part of the movie making industry. Read more>>

Megan Marcus

FuelEd’s began when Megan Marcus, FuelEd’s CEO & Founder, was training as a therapist at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. At the same time, she was serving as a researcher for the book, The Social Neuroscience of Education by Dr. Louis Cozolino. Read more>>

Mary Laura Krabill and Asia Forbes

Mary-Laura and Asia first crossed paths in the fall of 2015. Asia was easing her way back into working as a freelance graphic designer and event stylist. She had taken a few years off from art directing in advertising and corporate branding in order to focus on raising her children with her husband. Mary-Laura had started her career on the east coast working in marketing and advertising. Read more>>

Fayrouz Ftouni

I love offering my services to clients and a big part of that is because I love making people happy! I remember when I was still in school getting my Bachelor’s degree I always took my work very seriously and if I had to work on a pitch or presentation I loved the idea of dealing with clients. Read more>>

Abboud Khallouf

My story started in June 1989 when I asked to help my family with their travel business during summer, then I fall in love with the travel industry, went to the travel school and was learning and going into new experience every day till 2007 this is when I felt that it’s about the time to start my own business and here when Premier Travel Services was born. Read more>>

Robert Berryman

I was already using essential oils when I received my massage therapy certification in 1994 from the Massage School of Santa Monica. Soon afterwards, I was hired as a massage therapist for Burke Williams Spa, and within a year’s time, the spa manager asked if I would create essential oil blends for their spa menu. Read more>>

Qingjian Meng

I am a Los Angeles Based photographer. I have been working as a commercial photographer ever since I graduated from college. I came to New York City and start working alongside top photographers in NYC for international publications and gallery exhibitions. Meantime, I also worked as a studio manager in Sun Studio NYC and immersed myself in the technical nuances of the latest photographic techniques. Read more>>

Alexandria Norman

I grew up always trying to find where I fit in. I was having problems in high school and found myself downtown exploring the fashion district most days instead of going to school. I eventually decided to intern at two showrooms downtown. After interning I realized I loved fashion but this wasn’t the right fit. Read more>>

Anthony Navarro

As a cinematographer, my admiration for the film industry stems to early childhood. Movie nights were what would get me and my family together on Friday evenings in the same room, which was rare sight considering my parents were very busy. I had no desire to make videos or films as a child. I just knew I loved movies and it wasn’t until 5 years ago when I first started making small videos off my phone and putting them together on an app that sparked my interest. Read more>>

Lisa Maree

Lisa has been dubbed the Aussie label to watch by virtue of signature crochet worked beachwear. Lisa Maree brings Australia’s beach culture and the spirit of an Australian summer into her glamazonian aesthetic. Launched in 2009 by designer Lisa Maree, the first collection favored crochet swimwear and day-to-night beachwear. Read more>>

Linda LaRue

American Fitness Couture was created by founder, Linda LaRue, RN, MEd, ATC, a core guru and Hollywood A-list celebrity fitness instructor with over two decades experience. She has developed a very successful line of fitness videos and fitness equipment to help her clients and others stay on top of their game. Read more>>

Alessandro Gentile

6 years ago, I was introduced to a local art organization in Highland Park and it’s where I met Mark Reitman, who would later become one of the founding members of The Highland Park Independent Film Festival (HPIFF). Together we planned out a short film series, where local filmmakers could submit their work for selection. Read more>>

Emanuel Benji

As a second-generation jeweler, it is my ‘Legacy’ to maintain my family’s reputation in the industry. My family has been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. I founded Wedding Rings Depot in 1999. We specialize in customized bridal jewelry and offer 100 % price match guarantee and can produce a custom piece within 3 business days. Read more>>

Rebecca Brooks, Phil Dance and Angela Woo

Alter Agents is a full-service market research consultancy founded in 2010 by Phil Dance, Rebecca Brooks, and Angela Woo. We are industry veterans who felt technology had moved the consumer beyond the traditional tools researchers used to uncover consumer insights. Our business began on the premise that established research methods were out of step with how consumers see the world. Read more>>

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