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Downtown LA 1.20.17

Jeremiah Chiu

Studio Chew is a creative studio authoring and collaborating on identity systems, interactive experiences, installations, publications, performances, lectures and workshops. Read More>>

Armando Cepeda

I got into photography through a friend of mine, Angel. He was an acquaintance in high school and I noticed that he was getting into film photography. I really admired his developing skills and I became a friend of his soon after. I had a few ideas that I wanted to shoot and asked if he’d be up to shoot a few portraits of me and he accepted. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but when I saw the pictures, I was in awe. I, then, told him that we should shoot with some people some ideas and soon enough, we found ourselves doing a beach shoot with a few people who were starting out in modeling too. He submitted it to an editorial and it got accepted. I couldn’t believe it. A collaboration of ours had made it into something people would be able to see. Read More>>

Julian Lozano

I am a 25-year-old Mexican-American from Phoenix, Arizona. Raised by Mexican immigrants, I was taught the virtues of respect and opportunity growing up. These led me through my college experience and to “Silicon Beach” where I currently work as a creative designer for a digital product development studio – Fishermen Labs. Read More>>

Nolwen Cifuentes

I started by photographing friends of mine, just creating little “photo shoots” around my apartment. I also had a lot of friends in the film business, so I got on their sets and shot stills for free. From that, I was able to get a portfolio online. After getting my work up, it was all just about trying to get my images seen and published on larger online platforms. I kept trying to photograph compelling stories and contacted photo editors to get them published. Read More>>

Erika Serrano

I never really liked taking photos growing up because I am scared that I might cut off someone from the photo. However, during college I had to take photography as a class and from there I learned and enjoyed it. I applied for a photojournalist position in our college newspaper and became a sports photographer. I did a lot of sports photography for our school and also as a summer job for a Nike league. Read More>>


Cameron Devon

In 2006, My business partner Gabriel Shah and I founded Devon Advertising Design Group, LLC. We developed a boutique advertising design agency with a network of website designers and developers with a primary focus towards the fashion industry in Los Angeles. Some of our recent progress in creative advertising and media marketing include our Pre-FW16 Campaigns, Tom Ford AW15 Women (LA)  | Escada AW15 Editorial Photography and marketing promotions. We’ve been quite busy in the LA Fashion Market… so proud to announce our Hollywood Chic Design Projects: An Interactive Website Platform | Design App | Web-Series Production. Our overall objective is developing an Interactive Website Platform | Design App to advertise brand labels, marketing campaigns, and seasonal promotions for Los Angeles-based fashion designers. The site features designer collections, apparel & accessories, online shopping, fashion news, fashion shows, fashion trends, street style, fashion events, fashion blogging, social media, beauty, arts, and Southern California culture. Read More>>

Wylder Flett

Growing up in the diplomatic world overseas, I had the privilege of a great education and exposure to unique experiences. However, I was the daydream doodler in school, drawing cars, shoes, houses, album cover, caricatures of teachers, you name it I doodled it. After graduation, I attempted the conventional route of what my upbringing expected but couldn’t escape the quirkiness of my artistic side. While studying architecture, I traveled to Ethiopia to visit my parents, who were stationed there and wound up working for an aid and development organization, designing a roof structure, which ended up being implemented in housing developments across Eastern Africa. At 20, I was made an honorary member of the board of engineers in Addis Ababa, my future seemed set but secretly I pursued performance and art classes. Finding my passion lay more in the theater and arts, I discontinued my degree program, abandoned the life preplanned before me, and became a full-time bohemian. Read More>>

Joyce Park

I fell in love with photography at the early age of 12, when my father handed me one of his vintage cameras. I took my first photograph, and I was hooked. I learned that life behind a camera lens opens the world to so much more detail and beauty than we see with the naked eye. I knew that photography was going to be a big part of my life. Read More>>

Michelle Gani

Since I was in high school, whenever I and my friends are going out for a party, they always asked me to do their makeup, and I always feel happy when I see them look pretty. so after I graduated from college, I took makeup course for a year and I love it since then I’ve been doing makeup as my profession until now.Read more>>

Michael R. Moore

At the age of six. There was a gentleman Mr. Johnson (his son was in my class) he came to our elementary school and take photographs of us kids. One day I asked him how he did them. He said magic. He said for me to get permission to come to his darkroom. I asked my mother to get me a camera. I did and when I saw the image come up in the developer it was Magic. By the age of seven, I was in the darkroom learning how to mix chemicals, develop film and how to print iPhotos. Mr. Johnson taught me valuable lessons. How to See and Feel it. Read More>>

Nikolitsa Boutieros

For photography, I think it all started with my mom always watching those black and white movies when I was a kid. I guess I secretly had a love for them as a young girl myself because I now see how my photographs have a similar style as those movies. How I got my first camera was by fate actually. I bought a laptop that was on display at an electronic store, but after taking it home I changed my mind. I think there were some issues with it.Read More>>

Jonnet Taylor

Well, it all started in middle school when I was going to the 6th grade. I had to choose an elective for school and didn’t have much to choose from, I thought photography would be an easy “A” so I took it. Read More>>

Michelle “Mimi” Cox

I discovered my passion for Makeup Artistry and Photography at an early age. My junior and senior year of high school I attended Cosmetology school as an R.O.P class and soon after began working my first job at Glamour Shots. I thought I had the coolest job, to do someone’s hair and makeup, help them choose outfits to wear and watch them get their portraits taken. I started off doing hair and makeup and after working for the company for several years even after graduating from high school worked my way to the top as I became a photographer then assistant store manager. This was the best job a 17-year-old could start off with and has led me to where I am in my career now. Read More>>

Peter Lefevre

I studied photography in high school shooting on an old Canon film camera. I only shot black and white at the time. Over the years I was the only friend in my group to bring along my camera to parties and concerts. I loved capturing moments and memories that would have been lost forever, this was before everyone had a cell phone camera. Once digital came around I had a new found passion for photography and I threw myself into it. Since then I’ve shot concerts/festivals, band photos, red carpets, and lookbooks. I’ve never looked back. Read More>>

Lisa G Artistry

I always knew I would work in the beauty world! My mom had a degree in fashion design and made all of my clothes growing up- I remember we would spend every Sunday afternoon looking at all of the latest national and international fashion magazines. I was always more drawn to the makeup and hair trends and would try to repeat them on myself and my friends. After I graduated from Sonoma State University, I tried 9-5 conventional jobs, advertising, and restaurant management. I quickly realized that my true passion was working with women and making them feel beautiful. Read More>>

Meg Webster

I fell in love with photography in the darkroom. It was an incredibly stimulating space where I found two of my passions colliding–scientific experimentation and art-making. The first time I mixed chemicals and watched an image I had created slowly appear on a blank sheet of paper, it seemed like absolute magic…and I was forever hooked. Since then, I have had the good fortune of working and developing my skills alongside some of the best creative teams in the photo business. Read More>>

Norma Wesolowski

Corporate Marketing Background with a love for fashion and beauty and holistic approach to healing
Avid Sun Worshiper in my 20’s – tried UV beds and automated spray booths (didn’t like them) Read More>>

Carla Abruzzo

I didn’t read books, I read vogue and w. recreating these images whether on paper or on faces, was my expression of artwork. I always loved doing makeup but didn’t think this would actually be my career. realizing there was a huge gap in the market, starting a makeup line sparked my interest but thought it was nearly impossible. so at the ripe age of 19 I started at a makeup counter. Read More>>

Stefanie Cuesta

I began my journey in Los Angeles after being scouted to become a styling intern for fashion powerhouse BCBG Max Azria/Herve Leger. My days were spent sending clothes to many Hollywood A-listers, Beyonce, Pink, and Fergie just to name a few. On my off days, Emmy nominatedI started branching out on my own working with production companies, photographers, and other stylists to begin the foundation of my fast growing business. After a year of primarily wardrobe, I decided to return to my roots in hair and makeup and beganEmmy-nominated and star of ”Peter Perfect” Peter Ishkhans at JosephMartin Salon in Beverly Hills for about 5 years. During that time, I moved my freelance base to the ever growing DTLA and started splitting my time between Beverly Hills and Downtown. Read More>>

Ramiro Arvizu

We opened our first restaurant 18 years ago in the city of Bell Ca with the intention to promote traditional Mexican food which was unknown to many people in Los Angeles Ca. Read More>>

Tak Hau

I am the designer/owner of Aria Brides. I and my business partner started Aria Brides in the Fall of 2014,I have been designing dresses for almost 20 years, started out by designing a private label collection for Cache’, a famed chain dress retail shops who’s known for their formal dresses. Came to California from NYC to start a bridesmaid dresses manufacturing company with my business/life partner in 2006, seeing brides were having such trouble finding fresh, sophisticated wedding gowns that are semi-customizable at an affordable price, we had decided to transition from a being bridesmaid dress manufacturer into a strictly bridal gown design company. Read More>>

Jenn Hallak

I LOVE everything weddings! From dating to the oh so adorable proposals, to the dreaded wedding planning, the hectic wedding day, and the many anniversaries to come! Being in the industry for the past eight years, I have had various roles that have brought me to where I am today! Read More>>

Kyle Pascucci

After both my business partner and head instructor Artin Saginian and I were injured from previous sports injuries, we were looking for a way to help our bodies recover without using traditional medicines (prescription pain pills and surgical procedures). Read More>>

Tessa Young

I started my first business 2003, it was an art-inspired clothing and gift boutique in Reno, Nevada. There, I bought my first pair of Technic 1200 turntables and a Vestax PMC-05 Pro mixer and would play music in the shop all day. Read More>>

Susie Hansen

The Susie Hansen Latin Band has been playing 110 to 150 events in Southern California for the past 25 years. We are a popular and well-known band. Our specialty is Latin dance music — Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata, Bolero and Cha Cha Cha. We also play a wide variety of pop/rock/oldies — disco, classic rock, funk, R&B, swing (like Frank Sinatra), Motown and more. We’re great emcees! We’ll emcee and coordinate your event! Read More>>

Delmy Sweets

We started as a balloon decorating company servicing bday parties, baby showers & private parties. We continued to grow & we now have expanded our services & added Wedding & Event Decor, Floral Arrangements, Customized Props, party rentals etc. Read More>>

Ronald Turner

Ronald Turner II, known as DJ R-Tistic, is a DJ and Producer hailing from Gardena, CA. He is based in Los Angeles, CA, and was introduced to music at a very early age by his father, Ronald Turner, a Jazz Drummer and Producer who has worked with the likes of Ray Charles, Freddie Hubbard, and Dizzie Gillespie. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University, which is where his passion for DJing came to fruition. He is managed by Naledi Nyahuma. Read More>>

Scott Kamalski

BUZZ wine beer shop is a bottle shop and bar concept created in 2010 opened in 2011 in DTLA. Curated Unique and Natural is our tagline. Read More>>

David Skale

When I was seven years old, I came across the magic trick “How to Pour a Glass of Milk Into a Newspaper”. It was part of a series of magic tricks. Of course, I was hooked. I had to have them all. Read More>>

Chris Alves

Back in 2007, I had signed up to play dodgeball with my friend, Craig Fower, in another rec dodgeball league. As the season progressed Craig and I had noticed that there were local kids hanging around the gym watching us warm up before our weekly dodgeball games. It quickly became apparent to me that the time we were spending playing dodgeball was taking away from the local youth. If we weren’t playing dodgeball, they would most likely be using the gym to play basketball or indoor soccer. We were essentially displacing them. Read More>>

Danielle Baker

I was born in South Africa to British parents and started gymnastics when I moved to the States at 4 years old. I was told I was “talented” and was put in an accelerated gymnastics program- gymnastics has been my life ever since. I was a competitive gymnast, working out before and after school at one point. As with most gymnasts pushed at a young age, I burned out at the age of 14 as a level 10 and started coaching. Read More>>

Chris Medinger

In 2003, my apartment in Marina Del Rey was remodeled and, on a YMCA salary, I was unable to afford to stay there. In order to stay in near the beach, I decided to try living on a boat. Within only a few weeks of looking, I fell in love with The Blue Moon, a beautiful trawler (fishing style boat) with wooden trim. I was 23 at the time and my dock neighbors all called me junior and took me under their wing. The oldest neighbor, Captain Ed, told me that the boat had not been regularly used for 12 years and I had a lot of work to do. Read More>>

Dimitri Komarov

We started 1933 Group in 1999 with Big Foot Lodge in Atwater Village with the intention to revive the art of bartending and cultivate places for people to find respite from the rigors of life. Bobby Green (Co-owner/Designer), who approached us originally, wanted to build a bar so that he can entertain people on a nightly basis. Aside from that general idea, Dima Liberman (Co-owner) and I were drawn to his vision to build a place that felt like home- cozy, unassuming, and genuine. We now have nine bars across Los Angeles that span different aesthetics and ambiances that embrace that concept, including Harlowe in West Hollywood, Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood, La Cuevita in Highland Park, Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village, Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake, and Culver City’s Bigfoot West and Oldfield’s. Read More>>

Judi Shapiro Thiel

I have a love affair with bikes! In fact, I started cycling right out of high school in 1983. For over 30 years, I have been an avid outdoor road cyclist. Through cycling, I found empowerment. I tapped into something that I knew was there, but had never been seen…. The more I cycled, the more confident I became. A once shy, high schooler, I was now racing as both a USCF and USA Cycling licensed racer and competed in sanctioned races and time trials. Hill climbing, specifically, is my challenge and my love. There is a sense of power, both physically and mentally, that one gets when climbing higher and higher to reach the apex of a hill stage. There is nothing like it! Read More>>

Thomas Wheatley

When I was 11 years old I used to go down to Nortrup and Johnson Brokerage office and Hang out with Freddie Heklinger at his office and bug him. That’s how it all started. I started cleaning boats, then I started painting and coiling anchor lines. Once they finally let me do all the gopher work they let me go up mast and that’s when I was in heaven. They were paying me to work on boats. It was like a dream come true. There was a Swedish man there at John Trumphy and Sons shipyard. He showed me how to correctly rig boats. This all happened before I was 14. From there they had me sanding the bottoms of the boats making them smooth and fast. It wasn’t fun. I had to start at the bottom and work up to the part where I wanted to work. Read More>>

James Lawson

For more than 22 years, I with my wife Renee by my side have owned and operated Sky’s the Limit Ballooning Adventures and I’m proud to say that we are a family owned and operated company. I have been flying all types of aircraft since I was 16 years old. I have flown hot air balloons in Mallorca Spain, Hawaii, Tanzania, Africa and Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got my inspiration one night to fly hot air balloons when I noticed one fly over me in the city of Encinitas. I then got my pilot’s certificate and later became an instructor for student pilots that are looking to obtain their pilot’s certification. In addition, I am one of 24 pilots in the nation that is allowed to fly passengers in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Read More>>

Robert Hamilton

When I moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles over 10 years ago to pursue a career as a professional poker player, I wanted to find a job with a flexible schedule to work on my other interests and help provide stability. That’s where I met the owner of a local kiteboarding shop, where I worked for 5 years until the shop eventually closed down. Since I had all those years of experience and had made so many connections in the industry I decided to open up my own business and school over 3 years ago. With the support of the local community and the great word of mouth we have received, we have grown each year and are expecting another great season. Read More>>

Mark Hicks

After 25 plus years in the automobile industry, owning and managing car dealerships, I was looking for a change. In 2005 I took my girlfriend Donna on a 7-day Hawaiian cruise. It’s a great way to visit the islands. Each night the cruise ship would travel to a different island and we would wake up to a new adventure. We spent one day in Maui where we swam and snorkeled with giant turtles and went whale watching. Another day we woke up at the island of Kauai. Read More>>

Jessica Frump

If you’ve ever dreamt of flying high above a city or even a desolate landscape, soaring with birds while taking in a beautiful view, Soboba Flight Park can show you how. Soboba Flight Park is a world class paragliding and speed flying destination that was established and is owned and operated by pilots with a passion for flying. Read More>>


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