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Downtown LA 06.05.2018

Mariko Lochridge

Where to begin? I was born in Buffalo, New York but moved to my mom’s hometown of Tokyo, Japan to complete my high school and university education. After a short lived career in entertainment I was recruited into journalism, first as an entertainment reporter for the Japan Times and later as a video journalist for Reuters Television. Read more>>

Kianah Jay

I  was raised by my single mom in northern New Mexico just outside Tesuque Pueblo. She had an eclectic taste in music. I was constantly listening to new sounds including tribal chants, Prince, Pantera, Santana, Sade, Erykah Badu, and Destiny’s Child just to name a few. Though I lived in such a tiny town, music showed me how big the world could be. I started dance classes as a toddler and vocal lessons when I was about ten years old. Read more>>

Allison Fallon

I always knew I wanted to be an author, but for a variety of reasons—including a lack of self-confidence in my own abilities, advice from mentors and parents about what was the most lucrative path, an attempt to “fit in” with my peers—I found myself on a different path by the time I finished my schooling. I got a BA in English and a Masters in Teaching (with an emphasis in writing) and taught in the public school system in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. Read more>>

Sean Scott, Shannon Scott, Ryan Gumienny

COMUNITY is a catalyst for change. We are handcrafting premium shoes in DTLA to fulfill our mission of giving back to the community we are a part of and empowering others to lead happier, more sustainable lives by connecting to each other to do great things. We believe that people come before profits and have built a business model where we are able to give back to the community and those in need. Read more>>

Dianne Galindo

I think I’ve always been creative. In college, I taught art in an after-school program in Paramount, Ca. I would also conduct photo shoots with one of my best friends, finding thrifted clothes and taking pictures friends. Soon after I got my first opportunity at American Apparel. I initially started passing out flyers, then helping “beautify” the factory aka helping clean up. Read more>>

Andrew K. Currey

Art has always been a major focus in my life. I grew up in Texas, and received my Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of North Texas. I worked primarily in oil painting for years, but shortly after college my focus began to shift to drawing. I came out to Los Angeles to get my Graduate Degree from Otis College of Art and Design, which helped me to think about my work in a completely different way. Read more>>

Natalia Garcia

I worked to be where I am today, which is something I’m really proud of. I did several internships for school credit, worked really hard and it paid off because it led to several job offers. I accepted my first full time job as a PA and then kept getting promoted. I was fortunate to start out in the business when production teams were small, maybe 5 or 6 people working on an episode, so you had to learn every aspect of production (development/casting/research, pre-pro, post,). Read more>>

Mónica Mendoza

I am originally from Tijuana and moved to San Diego around 10yrs ago to finish my Architecture degree. Aside from always wanting to be an Architect, I also always felt drawn to music and expressing myself through it. I started playing music when i was a teenager and haven’t really stopped since then. When I moved to SD is when things really picked up for me musically and I began playing in bands and booking shows on both sides of the border reaching Los Angeles as well. Read more>>

Jessica Luat

Ever since I was a child, I love art, whether it was done with my hands or it was something that I imagined in my head. Being artistic was something that naturally came to me and it showed in everything that I did. My interest in art eventually led me to design and photograph my school’s yearbook; that was the first time I knew that design and photography would be something significant to me. Read more>>

Keven Stirdivant

I was born in Oakland California in 1982 and moved all over the place from southern California to Albuquerque New Mexico to Arizona. A key part of my story is all the schools I’ve been through. I attended 17 schools in four different states, California, Arizona, Albuquerque, and Ohio. By the time I was in eleventh grade my dad was a bit of a hustler. I didn’t know exactly what he did growing up but he was killing it at something. Read more>>

Roxy Storm

I have been creating fiber art from the age of 12 when I spent a long weekend with my grandma learning to knit. She was always knitting away creating blankets for our large family. The idea that an art form could also provide warmth and comfort was so intriguing to me. I kept knitting after that weekend and began reading knitting, crochet, and weaving books to try to soak up the language. My notebooks in school were almost exclusively knitting and crochet pattern- a foreign language to so many. Read more>>

Lydia Mack

Yes She Can began in 2017 as a curated calendar of events for female entrepreneurs in LA. Like many women in this community, I felt inundated with event invites to co-working sessions, workshops, conferences, speaker panels, and the like. At first I was saying “yes” to everything, but quickly learned that a) that wasn’t sustainable and b) not all events are created equal. Read more>>

Terri Moore

For many years I worked at a large corporate architecture firm working on a variety of projects. After about seven years I started to get burned out and was looking to make a change in my career. I was trying to decide if I just wanted to switch jobs, or if I needed to make a bigger change in my career. My husband had already started a small studio and we decided to see what would happen if we started working together. Read more>>

Dustin Ross

I grew up in Colorado and was always encouraged to pursue my interests. Eventually landing in NYC I worked in tons of different types of business before finally landing my dream gig working for a photo agency (Contact Press Images). My original focus was long-term documentary work but I was photographing everything I could at that point and took any job that came my way. Read more>>

Justine Sophia

On March 3rd 2014 I was sitting at a lecture at Pepperdine University, the night before flying off to India for three months where I would be living at an Ashram and doing some arts outreach at a remote village orphanage. A man tapped me on the shoulder sitting in the row behind me and invited me to visit “his homeless students living at a shelter on Skid Row”. Read more>>

Denise Young

I literally started sewing so that I could make pillows. I bought a really great pillow a while back and was struck by how much it changed the room when I got it home. I started really noticing fabrics – – at flea markets or wherever I happened to be shopping – – thinking “this would make a great pillow” and my obsession began. My friend, Sharon Mann, is a potter and she and I sold at a lot of the same craft sales. Read more>>

Emily Blythe Jones

I still really feel like I’m just at the start of things but I suppose I’ve been trying to crack away at this whole being an artist thing for a little while now! I started off taking a heap load of art classes during high school and at a community college back in the north-west suburbs of Chicago, IL. In 2010, my husband and I moved to the San Fernando Valley. I attended California State University Northridge and earned my MFA with an emphasis in painting and sculpture in 2016. Read more>>

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