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Downtown LA 05.29.2018

Michael Westerband

Personally, I think life is so fluid and everything ties together in such a way that if I really wanted to begin at the start of my story it would be shortly after birth when I started playing the drums at three years old. Read more>>

Rob Reiher

My story is based on a lifetime of fascination, with how people make good and bad choices, and how they either self correct or fail to self correct when things go wrong as a result of these choices. Although my formal training and post graduate work earned me the official title of psychologist. Read more>>

Edgar Fabián Frías

I began Our Sacred Web after graduating from Portland State University in 2013 with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and earning a graduate certificate in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology. Read more>>

Alexander Millar

VATTICA is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in early 2014, the band quickly built an impressive local following in Southern California, including on the infamous Sunset Strip, performing at legendary venues such as The Viper Room, The Roxy Theatre and The Troubadour. Read more>>

Stephen Kenn

I started a denim company up in Canada with a friend when I was 20 and shortly after moved to LA. I have been fascinated with the design and manufacturing process ever since that move. As a result of that curiosity I have started a bag company called Temple as well as my current furniture and accessories brand “Stephen Kenn” alongside my wife and partner Beks Opperman. Read more>>

Edie Xu

I moved to Los Angeles almost ten years ago for the art scene out here. As an artist I showed in a variety of locations and eventually started showing at The Hive gallery in downtown. Since then I’d shown at a variety of locations across Los Angeles including Q Pop, Giant Robot and Meltdown Comics (RIP). Read more>>

Mario Rodriguez

About a year ago I was dating someone and she was the love of my life. We started to date in sophomore year of high school in 2012 and continued up to 5 years. Sadly, our relationship ended and we went our separate ways. I was bummed out that our relationship ended after so much time together but I knew things happen for a reason. Read more>>

Oren Katz

We’re third generation jewelers – so it’s a family trade. It all started with our grandfather who was a diamond dealer in Israel. His trade got passed down to my father, who worked under him, learning how to cut and set diamonds in the diamond district in Israel. Read more>>

Diana Chu

I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and was raised by immigrant parents who moved to the US just before I was born. Like many immigrants, my parents’ work options were limited. My childhood memories include hanging out at the flower shop and the car wash, which were among the various small businesses that my parents had throughout the years. Read more>>

Escott Norton

As a native of Los Angeles, I explored all over this city when I was a kid. I rode my bike and took the RTD buses everywhere. My friend Jason and I would make Super 8 movies using all of the cool locations we could find, We spent a lot of time exploring Downtown, and I remember filming the very buildings that I am now working to preserve and protect. Read more>>

Shareen Hakim

Beads Factory is family owned and operated the business for over 34 years. Our United States store opened up back in 1984 here in Downtown Los Angeles, and it is one of 3 stores throughout the Middle East and Canada. Read more>>

Tiffany Kim

My foray into baking began, like many, when I was but a young’un in sunny SoCal. Even so, my baking career didn’t take wing until high school, when I had a need to be productive with my spare time. It was then that I discovered my innate passion for baking. Read more>>

Alma Catalan

Alma E. Catalán is an arts advocate and believes in the value of the arts in all communities and individuals. Ms. Catalan holds a BA from California State University Long Beach’s Film Production Program. Alma’s career has taken her from working on film sets, theater productions, to working with youth. Read more>>

Nick Kruse

I started following fashion growing up when I got my first pair of “Air Bacons” (look them up, no joke) I knew I was hooked ever since at age 8 or 9. Working with various retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Totokaelo (Seattle Flagship) and Barneys New York, opened me up to the creative side of various brands. Read more>>

Christoph Kapeller

I was born in Graz, Austria and, after graduating in Architecture from the Technical University in Graz, I came to Los Angeles in 1984 to study for my Master of Architecture degree at the University of Southern California. After finishing my degree, I worked for several architectural firms in the city such as Franklin D. Israel and AC Martin. Read more>>

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