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Downtown LA 05.22.2018

Nicole Shante

Fashion has always been such a huge part of my life I feel like I started as a child, But I started my brand in 2013 shortly after my father passed, I found a video of my 9 year old self doing an interview with Block Buster the person doing the interview asked what I wanted to be when I got older and I answered Fashion Designer, when i saw that my heart filled with so many emotions. Read more>>

Christian Estrada, Mario Angel

We met through a mutual friend, we call him Mr. Hope. Why Mr? Well, because that’s how it’s always been. Mr. Hope and Mr. Clutch met in Kindergarten. Mr. Hope and Mr. Nature met in high school. As teens we each lived in different parts of town. Read more>>

Rachel Long

My journey to becoming the owner of Pet Project LA has been the result of a series of serendipitous events. About a week after arriving to LA with only my eight-month-old puppy and a place to sleep, I was really close to giving up. But, because of the right search words and my zip code, I saw a craigslist ad for a pet boutique hiring just a block away from my apartment. Read more>>

Tyson Blackney

We have a serious passion for health at Bulkbox Foods headquarters. My wife and co-founder, Bridgette, was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and since then, we have been dedicated to working on healing her in the best possible way through nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Read more>>

Michael Roush

The story of rev’pod™ is a story about four friends with a dream, no seriously! We all travel a lot and we wanted to make the experience of flying a lot more.. COZY. In fact, we wanted to make life in general a more comfortable experience, so we created a new sustainable travel + loungewear garment. Read more>>

Chris Pak

Whenever someone says, “perhaps it was destined to happen”, I also thought it was an old cliche, but there is no other way to explain my journey with Sandast. Sandast was found back in 2010 and I came in as an investor. My ex-partner was a creative director when it was found. Read more>>

Yali Sharon

I used to wake up in the middle of the night imagining the incredible life I could be living if only I could stop putting off doing the things that are most important to me. Those things were exploring and creating. Read more>>

Allen Compton

I received my undergraduate degree in physics but after graduation I decided not to pursue a career in science so bought a plane ticket to travel around the world. After nine and a half months I returned and began to study photography, an early passion of mine. Read more>>

Carmen Zella

This journey to where I am started with my fascination for art that merges disciplines – dance and video, installation and literature, performance and politics. Los Angeles is a fascinating city and, coming from Canada, not at all what I expected. Read more>>

Erin J. Duke

I moved to LA in 2014 from my hometown of Brooklyn, NY to pursue my career as an Actor. I quickly learned that going on so many auditions made it impossible to hold down a job and support myself. I have always been extremely resourceful or a “Scrapper” which my mom likes to call me, so I had to come up with a solution fast so I could keep a roof over my head. Read more>>

Wayne Johnson

My brother Gary and I began selling vinyl in 1979 after attending one of the legendary record swap meets in the Capitol Records parking lot in Hollywood. What began as a hobby 40 years ago quickly turned into a business when we were virtually forced to open a store, if only to house our growing collection! Read more>>

Chad Saechao

I was born and raised in a small valley town in California, (Visalia). Growing up in Visalia, I was surrounded by mostly agriculture and small businesses. Naturally, my parents wanted me to pursue a career in one of those fields, however when I was 16 years old, I got bit by the film bug. Read more>>

Michelle Do

I’m a jack of all trades, for sure. I started out as a musician, and while it’s still my primary focus, I still kept up with visual art and ballroom dance. Sometime along the way, I realized that art and dance were no longer just hobbies anymore, that they were very much a part of my professional image. Read more>>

Cynthia Minet

I started being interested in art as a kid. My family lived in Rome, Italy, and my parents were friends with the artist Dmitri Hadzi. He was a successful sculptor who made monumental abstract bronzes for public spaces. Read more>>

Sukari Reid-Glenn

It was in high school, as a socially awkward teen, that my life and social status changed one day after I played Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” in the Locke High talent show. I went from being that “weird girl” to “that girl who can play that flute!” Playing my instrument did what all the teenage self-evaluations, coping tactics, and fighting in the world could not. Read more>>

Lauren Lotz

As a child, I would lose track of time going through my mother’s photo albums from the 60’s and 70s. I was always so moved by the photos and the stories she would share with me. She also shared with me a book called The Family of Man by Edward Steichen (1955) which is a collection of some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking photographs I’ve ever seen. Read more>>


I live and work primarily in San Francisco. When I moved here in 2011, I did not find much of a street art scene. There clearly had been one, but most of those artists had moved or were inactive. I knew what was possible, having followed Banksy, Roadsworth and other artists for several years, and it pained me not to see that here. Read more>>

Daniel Riceberg

I started out as a loan officer in 2003 working for my old college roommate. He was a branch manager at a national brokerage company. We actually worked out of the house he grew up in in Yorba Linda after he bought it from his parents. Read more>>

Danyol Jaye

As an influencer, I’ve always drawn from my life experiences to figure out how my words in music, in a script or even in a post on social media, will impact the people who follow my journey. I have been a survivor all my life; overcoming sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, homelessness and many losses of life of those close to me. Read more>>

Kay Sides

I am so grateful to have had a privileged professional career so far…..I’ve only had 3 jobs and all fated and amazing experiences…On my way to graduate school and a twist of fate landed me at Chanel then to Maxfield, and on to HATCh. I opened HATCh a little over 15 years ago with my former partner and good friend Betsee Isenberg. Read more>>

Raziq Rauf

I’m originally from London and was a journalist for my young adulthood, mainly specializing in rock music. When I moved to LA with my wife in 2014, running a pop-up yoga studio really isn’t where I expected to end up, if I’m honest, but it’s kind of a classic tale of someone moving to this great city and finding a new and completely unexpected niche. Read more>>

Jonathan Skurnik

After college, I worked in environmental education, computer consulting and journalism. In my early 30s, I decided to return to my childhood dream of being a filmmaker. I bought a cheap video camera and just started filming everything I could, got mentors, and met a ton of filmmakers. Read more>>

Cory Hathaway

LAAC was founded in 1880. In 1882 my Great Great Great Grandfather and his son, Frank Garbutt joined. In the early 1900’s Frank Garbutt organized a group of investors to build the 12 story clubhouse on 7th and Olive what we occupy today. Since then our family has been involved in running LAAC and the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey. Read more>>

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