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Downtown LA 05.15.2018

Justin Sky

This is heavy haha! Let’s see, I started writing stories in elementary school, which lead to writing poetry. I remember seeing a freestyle rap cypher in high school and I fell in love with the art form. My friend and I then spent countless hours each week teaching ourselves how to rap and how to play with language. Read more>>

Sabina Gault

I grew up in Romania and moved to the U.S. at the age of 20 to advance my career in public relations. I didn’t know a single person aside from the woman who hired me. Having a deep dedication to clients, I soon realized that I was not a great employee, as my biggest concern was for the brands I represented, and not the corporate engine. Read more>>

Gary Nguyen

As former Sous Chef at Melisse Restaurant in Santa Monica, and former Chef de Tournant at Alma Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Gary Nguyen has shown to be a versatile member and key aspect on any culinary team. Read more>>

Amanda Riley

I grew up doing hair, it was something I was always passionate about. I started cosmetology school when I was 17 so quite honestly I grew up doing hair, I started at a reputable salon straight out of school when I gave a year of my life to learn from Denver’s best. Read more>>

Heather Lowe

My story is an L.A. story through and through. I was born in Santa Monica when the sidewalks were so clean you could walk around barefoot. My parents bought land up the coast when it was dirt cheap and built their own house. Read more>>

Rachel D. Wilson

Women’s Empowerment, Social Impact & Entrepreneurship . My entire life is dedicated to finding ways to make these things happen. From dreams of building resource centers in South Africa to teaching women how to build brands that meet the triple bottom line, I have committed my life to this work. Read more>>

Carla Roda

My best friend from university and myself we founded Pamplona 89 in 2015 in Barcelona. At the beginning was just a space for friends to work together. But little by little we discovered that more and more people wanted to join us. So we decided to look for a bigger space, a warehouse. Read more>>

Josh Keeler

I’m a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in the East Bay there was so much opportunity to discover art, from local music and theatre to dance programs and art classes, I was easily influenced as a kid, I’ll never forget my drama teacher freshman year of high school sitting me down and explaining that I had a natural gift for the stage. Read more>>

Abigail Forsyth

Like all the best kinds of revolutions, it started in a café. I was a solicitor for years, but was always interested in the hospitality industry, so when the opportunity to open a café with my brother in Melbourne’s laneways presented itself, I couldn’t turn it down. Read more>>

Scott Cresto

Music Alternatives is a synchronization agency & publishing company run by Scott Cresto. Cresto and his team have placed the music of their talented & diverse line up of artists in numerous films (The Fault In Our Stars, Love And Mercy, Downsizing, Dumb And Dumber To), television shows (The Blacklist, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, This Is Us). Read more>>

Maggie Moore

I was born in New York, but grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have always loved jewelry, even from a young age. My mother would joke me that as a young girl, I would dig through her jewelry box and try on her jewelry, avoiding her costume jewelry and zoning in on ‘the real thing’. Read more>>

Kaye Freeman

I’m originally from Hong Kong, Thats where I was born but my family moved to Tokyo when I was three so thats where I grew up and I consider to be my real home. I went to school with many Americans and we listened to the far east network radio so I had this weird kind of affiliation with the US. Read more>>

Kitty McNamee

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, my escape from country life was watching movie musicals. There was some magic in them, a secret language that spoke directly to me. A door to that magic opened when a second company of The Joffrey Ballet came through town. Read more>>

Yves Spinelli

I designed my first linked ring in 2008, and people kept asking me if they could order one. After we sold a few, my wife and I decided to start a company, and founded Spinelli Kilcollin in 2010. We designed variations of connected rings which could be worn across several fingers, or stacked on one. Read more>>

Mona Molayem

As an adjunct social media marketing professor, a digital strategy business owner and consultant, a travel blogger, and a beauty and lifestyle influencer, the path that got me to where I am today can be most attributed to a life In pursuit of continuous education – both formal and informal/self-taught. Read more>>

Tad Louder

MurderCycle was founded in 2016, after Natasha Kalashnikov and Tad Louder folded the tent on their previous band – Anger Transfer. In need of a lead guitarist, they approached the enigmatic Banks to add his considerable talents to MurderCycle. Read more>>

Anne-Marie Corley

Samarasa was born from sister-brother duo Susan and Nick Marrufo. I think they’ve already sent you their stories. I joined the team through Susan. Three years ago we both lived in Dallas and she was my teacher for Yoga, Sex + Death. Read more>>

Tim Gledhill

My design career began in 2005. After a brief career in politics in the UK, I moved to Los Angeles to open and manage The Rug Company’s second US store. I was subsequently promoted to Development Director and charged with overseeing and building sales in all of their 16 showrooms around the world which gave me a unique experience of design and the business side of retail across the globe. Read more>>

Ameena Maria Khawaja

The Potion Shoppe was inspired by my experience as a makeup artist, a love for plant-based beauty products, and most importantly, my family’s history in naturopathy. Utilizing information and knowledge I’d gained from years of personal research into the healing and beautifying properties of plants, I began developing recipes for natural skin care products. Read more>>

Ericke Tan

I was born in LA but I grew up in the Philippines. I was 14 when I first moved to the US, ever since then I’ve been moving between my two homes. I finished the latter half of high school at Bishop Conaty in Downtown LA. After graduating, I went to nursing school in the Philippines. Read more>>

Leon Halfon

I started life on the island of Djerba, in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia. This French colonial outpost had no running water, no electricity, and no cars. When I was seven years old my hips and back were crushed by a runaway truck, paralyzeing me, unable to walk, bound to a wheel chair, incapable of to relieving myself and in coma for weeks. Read more>>

Lauren Gropper

I know this sounds cliché, but I’ve always been driven by the opportunity to create a positive impact and to do well by doing good. I’ve been passionate about sustainability my whole life and I spent my career in the sustainable design field — in architecture, film, and TV production. Read more>>

Kuo Yang

Historic Restoration has set us apart; Clifton’s Cafeteria -restored entire frontage, and moved oldest working Neon in world. Restored 90 year old – Freehand Hotel, Commercial Exchange, 12 story, tallest, largest blade sign in SW, perhaps entire west coast. Only Vegas has larger neon blade sign. Read more>>

Sonia Smith-Kang

The inspiration for Mixed Up Clothing came from my diverse multicultural background. I was born to an African-American father and Mexican-American mother on the island of Puerto Rico where we were based while my parents proudly served in the military. Read more>>

Marva Stokes

I learned how to braid when I was around 7 years old and literally used my cousin’s and friends for practice. I braided hair all throughout elementary, junior high, and high school. I remember sending girls home from school with different hairstyles than what they came to school with. Read more>>

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