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Downtown LA 05.08.2018

Tabitha Andelin

Hi Everyone! My name is Tabitha Andelin. I am a Los Angeles based designer and a California native. In 2011 I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Apparel Design and a minor in Retail Merchandizing. I previously worked for a fast fashion company called Lovestitch as well as Under Armour and Gucci. Read more>>

Suzanne Lummis

I am a writer — a playwright with a few productions in L.A. and beyond, an essayist and reviewer, but I’m best known as a poet. My poetry has appeared in well-known literary journals across the country and in The New Yorker. Read more>>

Erin Detroit Vesey

Since I can remember I have cooked. My first signature dish I ever made was an “Erin Sandwich” when I was probably 4. It was a grilled Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms on white bread with the crust cut off and a side of fries. I am pretty sure one of the cooks at my families restaurant in Utah was the one who came up with it but he gave me the credit. Read more>>

Amanda Yates Garcia

My journey to becoming the Oracle of Los Angeles started young, you might say it started in utero. When my mother’s water broke it was black, meaning the baby is in distress; it was a traumatic birth. My heart stopped for five minutes. I was born already having been to the other side and back again. It’s a common experience among healers, witches and shaman to have had a near death experience. Read more>>

Kimi Recor

I started playing music when I was 17. I wanted to be a poet, but my friend convinced me that more people would listen to my lyrics than my poetry. Once I started playing music I was hooked. Draemings started off as my first real solo project. Read more>>

Benh Pham

I started making jewelry as a hobby in 2011. I had a very intense, fast paced job in marketing at that time and I used jewelry making as a way to get my mind off of the corporate life. One year I surprisingly started taking orders off of instagram during the holidays. After that I decided to take my “passion project” to the next level and make a website. Read more>>

Eric Rader

Art was introduced to me when I was in elementary school. Not in the form of your typical 2nd grade art class with macaroni necklaces and finger paintings but as therapy and an alternative to expulsion. I learned at a very young age that my Dad at the time was not my biological father, but instead he had bailed and was never heard from again. Read more>>

Mandy Ellen was founded in 2000 as a way to incorporate philanthropy into our families life. We wanted our children to grow up philanthropic, kind and compassionate to others. Our mission is to instill a sense of philanthropic responsibility in our community. Read more>>

Erik Murray

Growing up I never thought I would be a fashion designer. My mother is an interior designer so I grew up with fabric swatches all around the house and was always going with her to various showrooms. I didn’t quite understand interior design like I now do, but I was intrigued with fashion and the world it created.  Read more>>

Daryl Twerdahl

I grew up in the South where stories matter. And this is my story. In 1989 my much beloved Grandfather became ill and needed to be placed in assisted living for a short period of time until we could arrange support for him in his own home. Read more>>

Phoebe Dawson

I grew up in a small beach town in New Zealand, when I was 17 I moved to Australia to go to Makeup School, then at 19 I moved to Los Angeles alone to pursue my dreams and goals as a Makeup Artist in Hollywood. I have now been working freelance in LA full time for about 7 years and I have worked on some incredible jobs and have been flown all over America and internationally to Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico to do what I love! Read more>>

Ilene Squires

I started my career in Education Reform in NYC, after spending a year abroad after college. At the time, I was very much into community organizing and activism and wanted to use my youth to help others. So I applied (and was accepted to!) a program called Teach For America where I was sent to the South Bronx to teach Bilingual, Special Education Kindergarten and earn an MS in Bilingual Early Childhood Education. Read more>>

John Patterson, Jeff Valdez

The creative team of Inspired Living Interiors (ILI) has long been a staple of the los Angeles design scene. We were widely recognized for our “retro” furniture showroom Sunset ORANGE, located in SilverLake’s Sunset Junction from 2000-2007. Read more>>

Monika Demmler

After I have finished my PhD on “Biophilia and the Aesthetics of Blues, Jazz, and Hip-Hop Music in African-American Prose Fiction,” I decided to start producing music, art, writing myself. It has not been a smooth road at all, especially regarding finances. Read more>>

Michael Sapir

I’ve been a commercial real estate developer for over 30 years. I started with very small projects and eventually got to 150 M to 2 B development projects by 2017. Real Estate Development has been a long and hard road for me. In the recession we owed 758 M in commercial real estate positions. Read more>>

Jon Rannells

My art originally emerged out of an urgent desire to get some more interesting art on our own walls. Years ago, we bought and renovated a house in East LA, After which I just couldn’t stand to hang back up our old, worn out, Ikea prints ( no offense Ikea). Read more>>

Calipso Aranda

I am a an On-air Radio personality for Dash Radio on FUEGO & a Producer for iHeart Media I started in radio more than 11 yrs ago started from the bottom to working my way up to on-air and hosted Morning drive , then did News,Traffic , Weather & Entertainment News, now I host my own shows On Saturday’s live 1-4pm a Latin Urban Format. Read more>>

Hannah Miller

I was lucky enough to have been raised in a family of creatives: architects, carpenters, sculptures, glass blowers, authors, and musicians. My family offered an amazing, supportive platform, allowing me to truly discover my love of design. Read more>>

Emani Johnson

My name is Emani. I am a 19 year old artist. All my life, art and self-expression has been everything to me. So ever since I was younger, I was always finding ways everyday to share my thoughts and visions or just anyway to make them tangible somehow. Read more>>

Heidi Luerra

Since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to be in fashion. When I left Northern California for Los Angeles in 2003 I was on a mission to go to fashion school and live in that world. I started my own clothing line in 2004 and after about a year trying to market and sell it at any place that would let me set up a booth, I was defeated. Read more>>

Miller Duvall

My family has been farming in California for six generations. As I started to do more work on our Bakersfield farm, I realized that, after my visits, whenever I went to a bar back in Los Angeles, it felt like something was missing. All of the beautiful tastes and smells (and even, metaphorically, sights) of our citrus orchards weren’t being represented. Read more>>

Kieran Roberts

Green Grotto Juice Bar was conceptualized by my self, my youngest brother Chad Roberts and our father Linwood Roberts. Together we launched Downtown’s LA’s juice lounge in 2015. We adopted the name Green Grotto from the historic caves in in our mother’s native home, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Read more>>

Mariko Iwata

I’m freelance nail artist based in Downtown L.A., specializing in Japanese nail art. I was born and raised in Japan– I first started working as a nail artist in the Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Gel nails with intricate designs are very popular in Tokyo. Read more>>

Monica Gordon

I started working in the fashion industry in my early 20’s. I went to FIDM in Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in Product Development. Starting out I had worked in the wedding industry as a sales assistant and then worked as a Brand Ambassador for Spanx when the company was new. Read more>>

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