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Downtown LA 04.03.2018

Mary Davis

Worthy of Love, founded in 2013 and based in Los Angeles, is a non-profit organization which strives to bring hope to children experiencing homelessness. Worthy of Love believes that children deserve to be reminded of their value, potential, and ability to pursue their dreams, by showing them they are worthy of love. Read more>>

Sashee Chandran

I started Tea Drops in 2015 because I am a huge tea lover but found loose leaf tea preparation quite time consuming, especially while at a desk job or on-the-go. When I was working my marketing job in Silicon Valley, I was inspired to develop a fuss free, bagless tea experience. Read more>>

Patrice Douglas

As a child I knew I wanted to help people that people often abandoned by talking them though life. I had always inspired to work in the criminal justice field without being on the front line of defense such as an officer so I decided I wanted to be a therapist for the FBI or the prison system. Read more>>

Troy and Katie Frichtel

Also, non-profit, corporate, and small business branding; logo development; design fro screens and print; web design; marketing strategy; illustration; and art direction. We like to say we make the world a prettier place in two ways—first, by being good at our job, creating beautiful, effective designs that grab an audience’s attention and communicate our clients’ goals. Read more>>

Lauren and Peter Lemos

We met back in 2012 while working in a restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. Peter managed the kitchen while Lauren served & tended bar. We soon started dating, and eventually were married. Through our love for each other, food, and hospitality combined with a collective 25 plus years of experience, we decided to pursue the dream of having our own place. Read more>>

Denisse Rodriguez

I’ve been playing dress up ever since I can remember. . Playing dress up has always been a way for me to escape -almost like a therapeutic experience! You know you have a passion for something when you can spend hours and hours working on that one thing. That thing for me is Fashion. Read more>>

Moe Noorzai

I grew up in Woodland Hills as the second to youngest child of a family of six. As a first-generation child to parents from Afghanistan, I have always been driven to achieve the American dream. Even as a young teen in high school, I worked hard to become the best …excelling as an athlete in volleyball. Read more>>

John Reid

When I was a kid growing up in Oakland in the 90s, I used to think there was no stronger force in the world than friendship. But one afternoon, my whole perspective would be turned upside down forever. For me, the 90s was a special time in history. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 2Pac and Biggie. Read more>>

Lambert Hahm, Joanna Xu

Nailbox LA started with a concept of combining all facets of the business my wife felt was missing whenever she got her nails done in the US. Having met my wife in New York while working in Finance, we decided to move back near family in Los Angeles and wanted to open up our very own nail salon and become business owners. Read more>>

Vivia Schimming

If you get used to the bumps, you can call it a smooth road…there were many struggles along the way. Still are today! However, with discipline and drive and ambition the struggles are the same and become smoother to manage. Read more>>

Sam Faragalla

I got into the restaurant industry about 25 years ago, I had many different sales jobs throughout my life, as well as owning several small businesses, before ending up in the restaurant world. I began working at a restaurant supplier in downtown LA. However, after several years there, I felt that there was no more room to grow and that I was not being compensate 100 percent for all my hard work. Read more>>

Vicky Garcia

I started my makeup career a little over 5 years ago. Prior to pursuing a career in makeup and the beauty industry, I was a wedding coordinator at a wedding chapel in Downtown Los Angeles. I decided I wanted to be a makeup artist because my favorite part of the job was seeing the brides come in on their wedding day all done up, hair and makeup and in their beautiful dresses. Read more>>

Tomo Muscionico

Tomas ‘TOMO’ Muscionico grew up in a small village in the German speaking part of the Swiss Alps. After attending the Photography academy at Zurich’s School of Art and Design he moved to New York where he got invited to join prestigious Photo Agency CONTACT Press Images in 1989. Read more>>

Ross McLennan

I’m a cinematographer and film photographer originating from Sydney Australia where I started as a camera assistant working on music videos, television commercials and feature films the most notable was the original Matrix that was shot in Fox Studios, then I moved to London in 1999 where I learned to be a cinematographer shooting music videos to start on 16mm film then working my way up to commercials on 35mm then the industry started to convert to digital. Read more>>

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