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Downtown LA 03.27.2018

Amber Marie Chavez

During high school, I went to TRI Photography School which enabled me to graduate early. I started going to a Fullerton State University as a 17 year old. At that time, my twin sister Ashlie and I were making very similar work, so for the last 2 years of our fine art major we were graded as one person which still till this day blows me away! Read more>>


PRARRI is a Los Angeles based Fashion Photographer/ Filmmaker. PRARRI has been shooting for over 9 years and has traveled to many cities across the country. Working with top modeling agencies as NEXT and Wilhelmina, also being published in magazines in the U.S.A and across Europe. Read more>>

Lien Ta

I attribute my first love for food to my first visit to New Orleans. I was 18 — exposed for the first time to fried oyster po’ boys, turtle soup and sips of fine wine, thanks to my friend’s mom, who was running the most famous restaurant in New Orleans at the time. Read more>>

John Constantine

I’ve been performing since I was a kid. Some of my earliest memories are of first grade talent shows and putting on concerts in the rec room of the mobile home park I grew up in. Luckily I have a mom that encouraged me to pursue music and I’ve been on that course ever since. Read more>>

Jaime Morales

Back in 2004, Jaime Morales started working with rapper Chris Leon putting on live performances where Jaime arranged Chris’ original music for the band MDJs. Meanwhile, Jaime produced additional music for MDJs where he took the music he wrote and turned them into musical phrases – or loops – that he would launch live while drumming, and along with a bass player and guitar player put on a full live show. Read more>>

Tamar Halpern

Seeing films as a little girl that little girls (or little boys for that matter) shouldn’t see. That’s how it started. The bug for acting turned to the fever for writing and directing. I banked on myself, hard, getting into USC for an MFA in film production, carrying my four year old kid on my hip as I studied, made films, worked in restaurants, took PA and production coordinator gigs. Read more>>

David Yoo

My interest in holistic medicine started as a child. I was brought up in a Seventh Day Adventist community. Seventh Day Adventist are very health and wellness oriented. The community observe a vegetarian and Kosher diet accordingly to the old testament dietary guidelines. Read more>>

Catherine McCord

I started Weelicious in 2005 after the birth of my first child. It started as a resource for parents looking for homemade baby food recipes and feeding tips, but quickly turned into a family food site offering fast, fresh and easy recipes for the entire family. Read more>>

Elvira Arslanova

Born and raised in Russia, I grew up around the Ural Mountains. I am hence quite connected to gemstones and their mystical auras. Known as the world gemstone kingdom, I recall traveling with my parents to the outskirts of the city in the mountains area and stumbling upon colorful stones that shimmered under the clear water at the riverbed. Read more>>

Mychaela Hardy

I learned to sew when I was 13, during the first year of high school. The fashion trends at the time were based on 1960s mod which I was really attracted to… I wanted to copy it. My dad was happy to buy me fabric and supplies and my godfather frequented yard sales and brought me a dress form. Read more>>

Matt Guzman

Around Summer 2014 my best friend Steven Lay introduced me to a GoPro camera and wanted to film me doing some skateboarding around the neighborhood. He ended up knocking out a complete video edit in a couple of hours and the idea of inner city kids creating unique online video content blew my mind. Read more>>

Ruth Montes

My pursuit in Medicine was quite the journey. I believe my interest in sports growing up, taught me resilience and determination. Graduating Franklin H.S with honors, I ultimately completed my studies at UCLA with a B.S in Psychobiology. Read more>>

Kenya Mathews, Cyndrea Mathews

We often found ourselves vibing organically in our home, one singing while the other played the keys and recording videos to post on social media. Soon our friends began to join us and we created a series called “The Couch” where we would have our talented friends and other local artists showcase their talent in an acoustic setting. Read more>>

David Bren, Taliea Mueller

Curation for our members to Thrive and build Relationships. We deliver dynamic Leadership to propel our members forward. C – Curation T- Thrive R- Relationships L – Leadership We at CTRL Collective were born outliers – we are the creators, innovators, artists, inventors that push the boundaries of what limitless potential is within each and every one of us. Read more>>

Kort Havens

I worked in a bank to get through college. I would go to work and feel like my brain was numb, staring at my computer. I had no idea what I would rather do though, and anything I felt remotely interested in felt out of my reach. Read more>>

Samantha Beuscher

I’ve always known that I wanted to create spaces that make people happy. In high school, that was theatre, in college that became interior design and themed entertainment design. Homes, theme parks, museums – they’re much more connected from a design standpoint than people might realize. Read more>>

Casie Goshow

In 2012 both my partner and I got fired from our jobs in NYC. We had no idea how we were going to make rent next month so we walked to a bar and drew up the logo that day for Goshow Yourself on a napkin. I am a professional dancer and I travel all around the country teaching kids dance year round. Read more>>

Carrie Cheung

Originally from New York City, I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to Palms/Culver City and in 2009, made the move to Downtown LA. At that time, Downtown LA was changing and re-developing – there weren’t as many residents and businesses as there are today. Read more>>

Pete Waimrin, John Seffker

John and I have been playing in bands in L.A. for a long time. At some point our bands started to share a lockout rehearsal room in North Hollywood. The rains would collect in the walls and we would find mold in our speaker cabenets and we were getting sick a lot. Read more>>

Abie Aguiar

Growing up things that looked esthetically pleasing always intrigued me and those images would stick in my mind. Before I would go to bed, when I would get ready in the morning, in class, I would recall all the interesting scenes or one of those moments of life that is just pure art but only for a second. Read more>>

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